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If you are one of those people who are trying to improve themselves and want to have their talents and abilities duly accepted, in a legal way, in the way that they can be applied in the field of work that you want, what you need is a Certificate Know, which will open new doors in labor fields according to your performance in the evaluation.

What is the certificate?

The assessments of the different work competencies is a process by which a certified evaluator collects evidence of a person’s performance, knowledge and product in order to recognize the level of expertise or level of competence. (advanced, intermediate or basic).

Which has to develop different productive functions, establishing itself in the real capacities of the person and comparing it with a standard level, which are included in the Labor Competition Standard and/or the certification scheme to which they apply.

Who can process it?

Those responsible for this evaluation are the Competency Management Committees, which are also in charge of accrediting other institutions and organizations so that they can carry out the evaluations based on the Competition Standards.

They become part of the network of Service Providers for the National Competence System (SENAC).

What is it for?

The person who is certified grows in their personal and professional development, they position themselves as employees with greater opportunities, since every day companies are looking for experienced, collaborative and skilled personnel. With this way of certifying your skills, they will be able to fulfill the tasks assigned to them.

Requirements for the certificate

In the event that a person wants to be certified in various labor competencies, he or she must attend one of the Assessment Centersor any dependency or institution accredited to carry out the Competence Standard of your interest, and in this way, start the evaluation with the goal of being accredited.

What body should I apply to?

The body in charge of applying and presenting these certificates is the National Council for Standardization and Certification of Labor Competencieswhich also certifies different people or institutions, which could apply said certification test legally.

Steps to follow

  • First step: You must identify the Competency Standard against which you wish to be assessed. To decide, you have these two lists Provided by RENEC which divide the Competency Standards in two, one for the productive sector and another for all the others: List of Competence Standards by productive sector.After choosing which one you want to apply for, a box will be displayed with the pertinent information belonging to the chosen option.
  • For the next step, the person in charge or Accredited Certifier For said certification, by selecting one from the drop-down list, you will be provided with the necessary information and you must contact it to clarify the nearest certification center, the costs and the time it will take.
  • You must go to the center you have chosen to begin the evaluation process in order to certify your knowledge.

Next, we will provide you with a video that will explain a little more how to certify yourself.


Among so many possible benefits provided by having a Certificate KNOW they find each other:

  • Access to the workplace will be successful.
  • You obtain a document with educational competencies, recognized by the business and productive sectors that will support your knowledge throughout the country.
  • Access to labor field throughout the country
  • Options for salary increase and professional growth in any area in which you work.
  • It gives you security by adding value as an employee.
  • Elevation of the constant personal challenge to improve, performance in the workplace and motivation.
  • Public acceptance of the competencies you can offer.

The certificate meet Officially corroborates the skills that otherwise they would not have a way to take advantage of, exploits your attributes and skills, which will make you grow in the workplace.

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