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The Form DS-11 it is vital for Apply for the United States Passport. It is intended for all people who meet a series of requirements and who, consequently, need to present this form and not another. It is a very important document, of which you should know everything if you are interested in filling it out.

For this reason, today we will explain to you what the format of the form is, the aspects that you must take into account when filling it out, who it is addressed to and what it is for. At the end of the article, you should have no doubts about the presentation of this document. That is, you will be ready to take action. Stay with us!

Format of Form DS-11

Let’s start by talking about Format of Form DS-11. This corresponds to a description of the document, with which you will be able to know what data is included in it and what to expect in a more general presentation. You will even have an idea of ​​how to fill it out, which you can complement with the following section.

Do not worry! Filling out this form is not difficult at all. They will only request information about you and you can fill it out online or by hand, always looking for the user’s comfort. However, we will talk about this later.

For now, what you should know is that the PDF form consists of six (06) pages, of which only two are completed (02). Yes! As you heard! The others are instructions that you must follow to obtain your US passport.

The online form it is more didactic, as it is divided into sections. In fact, the system will ask you questions before taking you to the form, to verify that this is the one you need and not another. However, the data that is requested is the same as in the format to be filled out by hand.

These data are, in essence:

  • Type of request. The first thing you should answer is what exactly you are requesting. You can ask:
    • US Passport Book. If you select this, you will have to select between the standard and the extensive. This second is intended for people who make great use of the document.
    • US Passport Card. This option will not allow you to travel outside the United States by plane, something that you must take into account.
    • Both of them.
  • Basic data of the applicant. They will simply ask you:
    • You full name. Last name first, first name first and then middle name.
    • Date and place of birth, just like him sex. If you were born in another country, you must indicate: country, city and province.
    • Social Security number. If you do not have it, it is up to you to put zeros. However, keep in mind that all citizens require this.
    • Primary email and phone number.
    • Postal address.
    • Other names that you have used, either because you have been married, because you changed it, and so on.
  • For the next page, the applicant’s name must be entered to continue.
  • Then they will ask you for Your Parents’ Data. Likewise, these are basic data.
  • Then they will make you Technical Questions. Basically, you must inform if you have been married before, what is your home address (if it is different from the postal address), information about an emergency contact, occupation, travel plans, physical characteristics, etc. You have been
  • If you have been married or are, then you must provide the person’s details.
  • The spaces that we do not mention must be filled by a Authorized person or under its supervision.

The PDF form It must be printed and completed, as we told you before. Likewise, you must follow a series of guidelines so that it can be accepted. Guidelines that we will mention in the next section. The online form you just have to print it. For this you must click on Print your form> Create form.

The advantage is that, whichever route you use, you have little chance of getting lost. In both cases, the appropriate instructions are provided on the same page, including with respect to the order in which you must provide the information in the same field.

Instructions for Completing Form DS-11

Now let’s talk about Instructions for Completing Form DS-11. As we told you before, there are four pages of instructions that you will find directly in the PDF form. These refer to the process of obtaining the passport, as well as the completion of the document.

We will list the points that have to do with filling out the form, so that you can keep them in mind. Of course, we will refer mostly to the one that you must fill out by hand, because for the other there are no major guidelines.

However, before we start, we would like to tell you how you can access form DS-11. The truth is that you have two ways: entering the page in Spanish or in English. Once you know how to get it, we can explain it to you. Let’s see!

How do I obtain Form DS-11?

  • The first thing you have to do is enter any of these two links.
  • Both will redirect you to a new page, where you can get the form. You just have to decide if you will fill it out by hand or electronically. In the first case, you just have to select the option in PDF, download the document, print it, fill it out and present it.
  • On the other hand, if you decide to fill it online, then you must click on Form Filler. In this case, you must accept the privacy and fraud policy, and click Submit.
  • When you enter the form page, then again you must press the first option, in Submit, to start filling out the form, print it and submit it.
  • As a result of the process, you will have obtained Form DS-11.

Even if the form is from 2016 and has already expired, it is still valid. The official page is the one that has not updated the form, but it is still useful to request the passport. Likewise, you must follow these steps and you will get the latest published.

Guidelines for filling out Form DS-11

Now that you know how to get the form, let’s go on to list the aspects that you should take into account when filling it out.

  • If you do it by hand, then you should keep in mind that:
    • It cannot have amendments or erasures.
    • Black ink pen is used.
    • The letter used is the block letter. You must put a letter in each space.
    • It is recommended that you read the entire document before filling it out, especially the specific instructions for the most conflictive sections.
    • You have to complete and deliver the form in person to an authorized agent (if you are in the United States) or an official of the consulate or embassy (if you are abroad).
    • It is printed on different sheets. Double-sided forms are not accepted.
    • Make sure it is printed completely.
    • You must not sign until they tell you. You cannot touch the blank sections.
  • If you process it online, the guidelines are:
    • Once you fill it out and print it, you will not be able to make corrections by hand. Using the online form will generate a barcode by which authorized personnel can access the information. As a result, writing about it will delay the process.
    • Using this method is most useful if you are in the united states.

If you are in Mexico, go to the Consulate to complete the procedure. Preferably do it with the PDF form, although it is at your disposal.



What is it for?

The Form DS-11 is used to make the United States Passport Application. It is used only for first-time applicants, under the age of 16 and those who do not meet the requirements to renew it.

This document allows the applicant to expose all the data about himself. You will be able to identify that you have the right to obtain this passport and where it is permanently located.

This, in turn, makes it easier for the government of the United States to keep track of those who carry a passport and its derivatives. Why? Because it is a document that contains in a summarized way all the data of who, if approved, has this international identity document.

It is not the only form that exists to complete the procedure. For renewal the Form DS-82 and for the issuance of temporary passports or corrections of errors the Form-5504.

Who should process it?

To finish, you should know that the Form DS-11 It is aimed at a limited group of people. We have already mentioned it to you before, but to make it clearer, this document must be processed by the following people:

  • Applicant for the first time.
  • Under 16 years old. These cannot renew.
  • Those people who do not meet the characteristics to be able to renew the passport.

If you fall into this group, then it is correct that you must fill it out. Of course, with the rest of the documents that support what is established in the form and which are established on the page of the Department of State.

What is Form DS-11?

The Form DS-11 is a document that allows the interested party Apply for the United States Passport. You can find it to fill out online or to print and fill by hand. The latter consists of two pages that are very easy to fill out.

The form can be found on the page of the Travel.State.Gov, in its section of US Passports> How to Apply> Passport Forms. Obviously, this is and must be completed in English.

You will find the instructions to fill it at all times, so don’t worry! Now that you’ve read this entire article, you should have no problem filling it out.

Until next time!

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