Form DS 160: How it is, Data and MORE

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The Form DS – 160 corresponds to the Non-Immigrant Visa Application. Managing it is a fundamental step to obtain the US visa, and it is processed completely on-line. Such is its importance, that the applicant must know how to fill it out correctly in order to continue with the process, as this is another of the requirements.

As a result, we have put together this article, so that you can know everything about the Nonimmigrant Visa Application. We will talk about the data it contains, how to access it, what to do once you complete it and what it is for. Also, we will tell you about the most common mistakes people make when filling out this document. Do not go!

How to Access Form DS 160?

Let’s start with the Access to Form DS – 160, so that you know where you can start filling out this application. This is a very important aspect, because the first step you must take when applying for the visa is to fill out precisely this form. And before this, you must know how to get to it.

Very well, let’s proceed to explain the steps you must follow to access the form and start filling it out. Let’s see!

  • To begin, you must enter the web portal of the Assistance service in Mexico for the processing of visa applications.
  • Once there, you will find that you can make the visa application and information about it. However, you must go to the section of Request and click on the link that appears on the screen, as indicated in the image.
  • That is all! You will be redirected to the page of the Form DS – 160. Unfortunately, this is only in English.

There you can find the filing instructions, the documents that you must have on hand to fill it out, and the types of visas that exist and that vary with respect to each applicant.


The form is only completed in English. Otherwise, the request will be denied. However, you can get questions and answers in Spanish during the process.

To fill out the form, you cannot use Safari or Mirosoft Edge. The system only accepts browsers starting with Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome 58 and Firefox.

Fill out Form DS 160

Now let’s talk not only about Completion of Form DS – 160, but also of the documents that you must have on hand to fill it out. These are two points that complement each other, which is why we will explain it to you right here.

As you can see, we will almost finish touching the most important aspects about this form. The truth is that there is a lot of information about it, so if you take some time it shouldn’t cost you to fill it out.

Necessary documents

First of all, the documents you should have while filling out the form are:

  • Travel itinerary.
  • Passport.
  • Dates of the last times you visited the United States.
  • Resumé or Curriculum Vitae.
  • Depending on the purpose of the trip, you will need other documents. For example, students or exchange visitors will need the SEVIS ID (I – 20 or DS – 2019). Temporary workers will require a copy of the I – 129, as well as information from the employer.

With these documents you will be able to register the necessary information.

Fill out the Form

In the form the applicant must indicate: basic personal data, travel data (purpose, financial solvency, etc.), address and telephone number, passport information, contact information and work information. You will also need to provide job information, if applicable, and safety details.

The latter correspond to possible illnesses, criminal records, participation in practices that violate the provisions of the United States Constitution and if you were helped by someone to fill out the document. Finally, you must sign with the passport number.

Some questions you should answer in English, while in others you should only indicate Yes or No. Either way, there are a number of aspects that you must take into account to fill out this form. These are:

  • To access the form, you must select your country (Mexico) and enter the security code. Then you must click Start an Application.
  • You must have on hand the necessary documents related to your trip to the United States to fill out the form.
  • Then you must proceed to write on a paper the Application ID, which is in the upper right hand side of the page. In the event that you need to close the browser before saving the application, you will need it to go back and finish filling.
  • Follow the instructions that will appear on each page and read the Instructive Form DS- 160. Also, make sure that you do not leave questions unanswered, because if that happens the form will not be accepted.
  • All responses must be in English. You cannot use letters like ñ, é, ü, or ç. The only exception is your full name, which must be written as is.
  • When you finish answering all the questions, you can review them all to confirm that they are correct. Read them calmly so you don’t make mistakes.
  • You just have to click on Sign Application to sign the document.
  • Finally, when you have reviewed all the answers, you can click on Submit. There you will see a confirmation page with a barcode. It is vital that you print it, as you will need it to schedule the appointment.
  • The request must be made at least two days before the appointment.
  • If the field in the form indicates that it is optional, you can leave it blank. If not, you must indicate Does Not Apply, if it does not apply to your case.

If you take all this into account, you should have no problem filling out the form.

I already filled it out, now what?

Once you have your Confirmation Sheet with the barcode, the steps that follow are:

  • Schedule the appointment and pay for the application online. You do this on the same page that you provided to access the form.
  • Go to the CAS to submit the application, take your photo and fingerprints. You must arrive 15 minutes before and do not charge electronic devices.
  • Attend the interview, if necessary. You must bring the supporting documentation.
  • Finally, if your visa is approved, you must go to the DHL office to collect the passport with the visa.

If you are interested in learning more about it, you can review the Instructions that has the page of the Embassy and Consulates of the United States in Mexico on obtaining the visa.

Common mistakes

Almost done, let’s talk about the Most Common Errors When Completing Form DS – 160. Knowing it will allow you to be careful when you are filling it out, and thus be able to avoid setbacks in your application for the American Visa.

Next, let’s see the most common mistakes made during the process:

  • Type of visa requested. Before filling out the form, make sure you know the type of visa you need. You can find out this in the Visa section, on the same page of the United States Embassies and Consulates in Mexico.
  • Current home address. Place it correctly, following the grammar rules in English.
  • Previous trip to the United States. You must write down the correct date.
  • All the trips you have made in the last five years.
  • Name of the person and organization, if applicable, that filled out the form for you.

Keep in mind that if you stop filling out the form for more than 20 minutes, your session will be closed and you will have to start over. At least, of course, that you’ve saved your Application ID or you have already saved the form in a document on your computer.

All the data you enter in your form must match your application and what you show in the interview. If not, the visa will be automatically denied. For that very reason, you can’t make mistakes.

What is it for?

The Form DS – 160 It is an electronic application that is used to start the application process for the American Visa. It is not only requested in Mexico, but it must be filled out regardless of the nationality of the applicant.

This formulary was launched in 2010, in order to make the visa process more efficient, so that applicants and officials can optimize the processing time. This is free and is filled out online only.

From this, a confirmation sheet is obtained, with a barcode that will allow those in charge of the procedure to know all the information of the application. This is not the only benefit, but it also allows:

  • Place all types of visa in a single form.
  • There is no need for the applicant to look for which form is right for him, because there is only one.
  • More privacy. This can only be seen by certain people.
  • The process is faster and not only for the applicant, but for everyone.

Without a doubt, this document is very important.However, its use is limited to providing the necessary information to the authorities for the process. application for the American Visa.

What is Form DS 160?

The Form DS – 160 corresponds to the Nonimmigrant Visa Application Application. This must be processed by each and every one of those who want to obtain the visa, regardless of whether they are Mexican or of another nationality.

It is located on an official page of the United States government. It is filled out completely online and is the first step in completing the process. What proceeds is to make the appointment and attend the interview.

We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for. Now you have all the tools to fill out this form and do not hesitate to ask for help if you require it.

Until next time!

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