Form to Enter a Recreation Center: Requirements, What it is and MORE

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The Form to Enter a Center Recreational It is used precisely to request admission to a Recreation Center in Mexico. This may vary depending on the place, but it is very important that you have an idea of ​​what it is about when you go to carry out this affiliation process.

Consequently, today we will be talking about the requirements to obtain the form, what it is for and how you can get it. Likewise, we will give you some recommendations for the process and we will mention some of the recreational centers that you can access in the country. Stay with us!

Requirements to Obtain the Form to Enter a Recreation Center

Let’s start with the Requirements for the Request Form to Enter a Recreation Center. These are very important, since thanks to them you will be able to have access to this document and, thus, fill it out.

The truth is that this form is hardly found on the internet. Normally, the centers issue it when the person submits the necessary information to request affiliation to the center.

This person approaches the place, expresses his desire to enter the center. You are given a sheet with the background to gather for the process. Once you get them, present them. When the person authorized to attend you reviews the documents and confirms their validity, that is when they will give you the form to fill out. That easy!

However, if it is necessary for you to know what are the most common requirements when entering a Recreational center in the country. Let’s see!

  • Letter indicating the desire to enter the Center. It must be addressed to the General Management.
  • Identification document of the owner, spouse and children of legal age (original and copy).
  • Birth Certificate of the holder and who will be the beneficiaries.
  • Marriage or cohabitation certificate.
  • Document that allows evidence of the address. It can be a proof of payment, a certificate of address, and so on.
  • Likewise, a document that allows accrediting the income level of the holder. It can be a certificate of income, bank statements, employment contract, and so on.
  • Letter of recommendation of a person who is part of the center. Sometimes it is unsolicited, but it can be very helpful. Likewise, from another institution or recreation center to which it has belonged.
  • Copy of the proof of registration to the ISSSTE or IMSS, or the equivalent to the medical expenses insurance.
  • Medical certificate
  • Finally, recent passport-size photographs, in color, of the holder, spouse and beneficiaries.

These are normally the requirements of Recreation Centers so that people can join them and enjoy the services they offer. They can be more, they can be less. Our recommendation is that you see if the center you want to enter has a web portal, and if there is the Entry Request.

If you cannot find it, then it is because the procedure is done completely in person, following the procedure that we mentioned above.


If you want to enter the center by just one day, then these requirements are greatly reduced. It is very likely that they will only ask for identity documents, payment and fill out a separate form. However, this option is not offered by all centers. General admission is common.

What is the Use of a Form to Enter a Recreation Center?

Obviously, the Form to Enter a Recreation Center is used to request membership to this. This must contain the data of the owner, spouse and beneficiaries who will use the recreational spaces, so that those in charge of managing the income area can do so in a more organized way.

This will allow them to keep an efficient record, whereby they can access affiliate data quickly. Consequently, the applicant uses it to request admission to the center, and the center requires it as a tool to have its data in a concise, clear and organized manner.

It is not the only document that is requested, however. As you could see in the previous section, other documents are always requested that give support to what is reported in the form and others that allow the applicant to be put in greater context.

In conclusion, the form is a document that is used to request entry to a Recreation Center in Mexico. It can be anyone, everyone requests it as part of the affiliation process, along with some others.

Recreational Centers in Mexico

Now that you know all this, we can move on to tell you about the Recreation Centers in Mexico. The truth is that there are many, either recreational centers or parks, that families can access and enjoy their day in them, with all the attractions that they bring.

That is why we have decided to list some of them, so that you can have a guide with which to guide you and thus see which one best meets your expectations and what you are looking for.

Recreation centers

  • The Potrero Valley. It is located in La Marquesa. It has green areas, activities such as archery, ATVs, etc. It is a fairly green place and well recommended. Entering is extremely simple, they only request the most basic documents.
  • Community Recreation Center. It is located in Xalapa-Enriquez. It has a soccer field, exercise machines.
  • SUSPE. It is located in Juárez, NL It has a swimming pool, open spaces, courts, and so on. You can enter with general admission.
  • Family Recreation Center. It is located in Fray Sebastián de Aparicio, Vasco de Quiroga. Perfect for outdoor parties, it has parks for children.
  • Moon. It is located in Durango and has open spaces.
  • Bicentennial. Ideal for exercising, it has soccer fields. It is located in Camino Parque Central.
  • Iztacalco Cultural and Recreational Lighthouse. It is located in Agrícola Oriental. A good place to exercise, it has an outdoor gym with a roof, games for the kids, a library, and so on.
  • SPLASH. Located in Tampas, it has covered swimming pools.
  • The Mezquite. Recreational center located in Apadoca. Excellent place for family entertainment. Gay games, pools and grills. Also palapas and television. Nature, small stream and animals that are calm.

All of these have general admission. Consequently, you only need to pay, fill out a very simple form and deliver the identity documents.

Recreational parks

Just as a recommendation, you can also go to parks, such as:

  • Hippodrome of the Americas.
  • Kidzania.
  • The Chapultepec Fair. We are talking about the largest amusement park in Latin America.
  • Mega screen of the Papalote Children’s Museum. You can watch short and very entertaining tapes.
  • Chapultepec Zoo. You will find a variety of animals. Perfect to spend the day.
  • Piccolo mondo. It has different services.
  • Magic Ranch Amusement parks. Another fun park, with spaces for children and a great diversity of animals.
  • Six Flags Mexico. It is an amusement park, where shows and areas for families and children are presented.

As you can see, you have many places where you can go to have a good day or join and enjoy exclusive benefits for members.


To finish, we bring you some recommendations for when you go to the center or recreational park. And it is that no matter which one you choose, you must have all these things that we will tell you below for greater security and ability to attend to contingencies.

  • Carrying water with you is always essential. Although you will find where to buy it on the spot, sometimes we need them in an emergency, so it would be best to have it from the first moment.
  • Don’t forget about the Identification documents. In places where there is general admission, the rates usually vary for adults, children and the elderly. In these cases, it will be necessary to verify the age of the person who is going to enter in some way.
  • Keep your phone with you at all times and with credits. It is always important to have it on hand in an emergency.
  • Sanitary utensils. Avoid surprises and always carry toilet paper, wet wipes and napkins with you.
  • If you are accompanied by boys or girls, keep them always in your sights. Centers are generally very open spaces and children like to run around. For added security, be vigilant.
  • If you go with your dogRemember to collect their feces and dispose of them in the trash.
  • Before going, investigate the opening hours. You don’t want to arrive too early or too late to enjoy nothing.

If you consider all aspects, then you will be prepared or prepared to go to the place safely. Remember that the purpose is to have fun at all times, whether the process is to join or to spend the day.

Ultimately, it’s about spending time with family, friends, or yourself. These places have been created to have a moment of fun, leisure and tranquility. Always keep it in mind!

What is the Form to Enter a Recreation Center?

The Form to Enter a Recreation Center It is a document in which all the data of the owner, spouse and beneficiaries are entered when talking about an affiliation to the place. This is obtained in the office of the same center, once the additional documents necessary to complete the procedure are presented.

However, sometimes it is not necessary to carry out the p

affiliation process. Some centers give the alternative of paying a general admission and just spend the day in the place. In these cases, generally only the identity document is requested and a small form is filled out with the data of the people who are going to enter.

In either case, the form is filled out by hand, with a blue or black pen. It cannot contain deletions or amendments.

We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for and now that you know your options, you can make a better choice.

Until next time!

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