GNP Seguros Insured Death Form: Format, What it is and MORE

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This article will explain everything related to GNP Seguros Insured Death Form. This Mexican company is very prestigious in that country.

It has approximately 115 of its foundation by which they are dedicated to meeting the needs of the insured. If you need insurance, you can trust this company. We recommend that you keep reading.

GNP Seguros Insured Death Form Format

The person who needs the GNP Seguros Insured Death Form can download it at ehe web portal of Grupo Nacional Provincial, SAB. Also, you can download the document and have it as a PDF file.

Filling out the GNP Seguros Insured Death Form

The GNP Seguros Insured Death FormIt must be completed by hand by the Physician who issued the Death Certificate or by the treating physician of the insured.

The doctor in charge must fill in the following information:

  • Name (paternal and maternal surname, names).
  • Policy number.
  • Residence at the time of death. City and state.
  • Age at death.
  • Place of birth.
  • Type of insurance.
  • Sex
  • The date of death, highlighting the day, month and year.
  • You must highlight whether the death occurred in the hospital or in a sanatorium.
  • You must answer what was the time you served the insured.
  • What diseases or conditions, operations did the insured have. From this question you must complete the table

The table should highlight the disease, the number of times it helped, start date (with the day, month and year). The duration, severity and sequelae. In this case, another doctor treated the insured must include the name, address, city, state and telephone number.

Causes of Death

In the form, the specialist must fill out the document where he must explain the causes of death in the first part of a table. Also, the approximate interval between the onset of the disease and death.

In part 2 of the table you should explain the significant disease states that contributed to the death but not related to the disease.

When you have completed the Form, it must be signed by the treating specialist. You should take into account that if you need information you can contact the 5227 9000 for the Federal District, at 01 800 400 9000 free from the interior of the Republic or you can enter the GNP Seguros web portal.

What is the GNP Seguros Insured Death Form for?

A Life Insurance, it provides citizens with protection. Either in national currency or in dollars, you can choose the period of time for which you want to be protected: 1,5,10,15,20, 30 years and even up to 65 years of age.

Being insured by the Mexican company GNP Seguros, results in the person feeling protection due to death during the period they choose.

The form is used when the citizen dies, the beneficiaries will receive the insured sum free of taxes, through the Income Tax law.

In addition, this form must be filled out by the treating physician by hand.

Who should process it?

Citizens who find benefits with the insured must process it in the event that the insured has died.

GNP Insurance

GNP Seguros is an insurance company with more experience in the Mexican territory. It has been on the market for approximately 115 years.

This Mexican company is part of one of the largest conglomerates in that country, Grupo Bal that includes institutions such as Grupo Peñoles, Profuturo, Médica Móvil, among others.

It provides each Mexican citizen with the greatest financial protection for their belongings. They protect at least 4 million professional insurance policyholders, being considered the most important insurance company in the country and a team of approximately 4 thousand employees distributed in the 35 offices nationwide.

GNP Seguros Insured Death Form: Mission

The mission of a Mexican company as important as it is GNP Insurance is to satisfy the needs of protection, financial forecasting and the best health service to all Mexicans who are insured.

GNP Seguros Insured Death Form: Vision

  • Have the best people.
  • Orientation towards profitability.
  • They always care about the customer.
  • Consider yourself to be the best and the largest company.

GNP Seguros Insured Death Form: Securities

  • People and Cultural: They have the best talent to be able to collaborate and help people.
  • Cost effectiveness: Be a reference in risk management, make the best decisions and risk control.
  • Technology: Create a secure platform that demonstrates your assessment and differentiation process.
  • Exemplary Service: They want to provide their customers with an excellent quality service, thinking of each one of them.

What is the GNP Seguros Insured Death Form?

The GNP Seguros Insured Form It is a document that must be submitted by the doctor who issued the death certificate or by the treating specialist of the deceased.

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance offered by the GNP Seguros company covers the following:

  • Death Coverage: In the event that it fails, your beneficiaries will receive the insured sum contracted by adding the basic coverage.
  • Support for last expenses: In the event of death, your beneficiaries will have an advance of the insured sum to cover the funeral expenses that are necessary, including the basic coverage.
  • If you want to opt for a Life Safety, is for people with advanced disease and can help meet the needs.
  • Coverage if a person dies in an accident. If before the chosen time you will be absent as a result of an accident, your beneficiaries will receive the insurance sum contracted to qualify for this benefit, having the coverage options but with an additional cost.
  • Woman Coverage: For insurers they can obtain an amount to face frequent or exclusive crises of their gender, such as: Cancer, serious illnesses, among many other things.
  • Joint Lives: accepting this option insures your spouse under your same protection for death and disability.

Hiring Requirements

  • You must be domiciled in Mexico.
  • You have to fill out the insurance application.
  • The age of acceptance is from 18 years up to citizens who are 70 years old.

The offices

Citizens can go to the different offices that are distributed throughout the Mexican territory. In any of the offices you attend, you must fill out the GNP Seguros Insured Death Form. The following may be mentioned:

Baja California

In the state of Baja California you can attend two of the offices, one is in Mexicali in the Bulevar Benito Juárez Nº. 1295, Col, in the Gardens of the Valley.

And the second is located in the Av. Diego Rivera Nº. 1511, Corner. Paseo de los Héroes, Col. Zona del Río, Tijuana.


If you live in the state of Chiapas, you will be able to attend the Tuxtla office located at Calle 6 Sur Poniente, Nº1248, Col. La lomita.

Mexico City

In Mexico City there are three offices: one is located to the north in the Av. Paseo de la Reforma No. 144, Col, Juárez. The south office is located at Av. Insurgentes Sur 1079, Noche Buena, 03730, Mexico City.

And the corporate office is located at Av. Cerro de las Torres No. 395, Col. Campestre Churubusco.

Mexico state

If you are in the State of Mexico, you can go to the Satellite office in Ote ring road. No. 130, Edo. Mexico.


If you reside in this state, you can move to the boulevard of Paseo de los Insurgentes Nº3356, Col, San José de las Piletas, León Guanajuato.


In the state of Jalisco, citizens can go to the Guadalajara office at Los Andares Corporativo, Bulevar, Puerta de Hierro, Nº5153, Fraccionamiento Plaza Andares, 12th Floor, Jalisco.

Finally, if you need to make sure depending on what may happen to you, the Mexican company GNP Seguros is dedicated to helping Mexican citizens with their problems. Therefore, this company supplies the GNP Seguros Insured Death Form that is sent by the treating physician.

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