How to Check My Balance in Coppel: Methods, Account Status and MORE

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How to Check my Balance in Coppel, We know that innovation and technology have reached all corners of the world, and Coppel and is no exception. It also has various systematized methods, so that its clients can carry out their operations with the greatest security and confidence.

If you have a Coppel product and you still do not have knowledge of How to check my balance, do not despair, here we offer you a series of options so that you can make your inquiries without inconvenience.

How to Check My Balance in Coppel: Methods

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If you are one of the people who only want to consult your debt Coppel to date (without cut-off dates, minimum payments, etc.), you will only have to contact the number 80012267735 and they will know your balance.

Through this means an executive will ask you for personal information to check the balance, such as:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Customer or account number.

How to check the BanCoppel balance by message?

If what you want is to check your balance quickly by text message, then you only have to send from your mobile phone a SMS with the word SALDO to the telephone number 98000.

How to check the balance at a Coppel branch?

This is another traditional way, many believe that nothing will replace personal attention so they make the decision to go to the store physically and have an executive in charge assist them. The great difference is that you will have to move and spend money on transportation for the visit. Among the documents you must bring are:

  • Official identification (INE or passport)
  • Your card or account number.

How to Check My Balance in Coppel: Account Statement

One of the resources to know how much you owe in Coppel is with the account status although there are other easy ways to know that information quickly and easily. To find out about your debt in Coppel you can process it with any of the following options:

  1. Go to a headquarters: a customer service executive in the store can provide you with that information, in one of the checkout boxes and thus know the status of your account.
  2. Sending an SMS: when sending a text message from your cell phone with the word SALDO to the number 9800.
  3. Online connection: from the official site Web When registering your user you can check your balance and there you will see the account status of your debt.

Coppel statement online from

In order to check your Coppel account statement at line you will have to enter your Web and do the following:

  • Start by opening the session with your email and personal password.
  • Within your user a menu of options is thrown, choose Account statement.
  • Once inside the option, your Coppel account statement will be displayed with all the transactions of your purchases made as well as the detailed date of your events.

Coppel account statement from the Coppel app.

If you choose to check your Coppel account statement with your cell phone Through the app Coppel application, you can download it from the PlayStore and AppStore directory and do the following:

  • When you enter the session you will see at the bottom the option called Account Statement, click.
  • A new window will open with all your credit data, choose the tab that says Account Total.
  • The detail of the Coppel account statement will be indicated, with the sum of your credits, minimum payments and total balance to cancel your debt.

How to Check My Balance in Coppel: Cash BanCoppel Card

If you have a BanCoppel Efectiva account, and you want to check your account statement, enter the app BanCoppel mobile and follow the steps described above.

You can also send a text message, from your cell phone with the word SALDO to the number 98000, to access the information. You must bear in mind that you have to register your telephone number in BanCoppel mobile or go directly to a branch.

Consultation of the Account Status by WhatsApp

There is a new methodology that this store implements so that you can make your inquiries about your Coppel account statement via WhatsApp, to process it you do the following:

  • Enter the page Web from Coppel and look at the bottom of the page, there you will see the WhatsApp icon and click.
  • A window will be created where you must press the Register for free button.
  • It will ask you to provide your customer number, date of birth and your cell phone number.
  • You have to approve the terms and conditions, then they will send you a verification serial that you must issue to confirm your data.
  • After receiving the verification serial, look for the WhatsApp chat that was linked to the Coppel account, to request your account statement.
  • You will have to send a message to the Coppel chat on WhatsApp, writing the following: “Can you send me my account statement?”

Finally, you must wait for the day of the cut to be sent your account status Coppel by WhatsApp, they will send it to you in PDF format and you will have it accessible when you need it.

Frequent questions

What happens if I don’t pay Coppel?

In case you do not pay Coppel, your account will start to produce default interest, and in turn your data will be reported to the Credit Bureau to change a negative rating on your credit history.

We suggest you go to the customer service center to reach a agreement payment and negotiate your debt to cancel it as soon as possible.

Now that you know How to Check my Balance in Coppel online via internet, by App and WhatsApp application, you can easily obtain your account statement.

How long does Coppel leave you in the credit bureau?

Here we inform you the times in which you would go out excluded of the red light registered by the Credit Bureau:

  • Debts less than or equal to 25 UDIS, are canceled after one year.
  • Balances greater than 25 UDIS and up to 500 UDIS, are eliminated after 2 years.
  • Debts greater than 500 UDIS and up to 1000 UDIS, are discarded after 4 years.

What about the debts of a deceased customer?

When a family member passes away, the last thing your grieving relatives want is debt collection calls asking for payment of their loved one’s debts. Usually, these debts are canceled with the inheritance of the deceased person. The inheritance of the deceased client is the one who must cancel the debt.

What if I have bad credit?

Having a bad score on your credit bureau reduce the odds to recommend you for new credits, for example, to open a business. The importance of this history is considered in that the institutions that grant loans analyze it to know about your level of indebtedness and how responsible you are in your respective payments.

How do I get my Coppel Customer Number?

If you forgot the customer number of your account in CoppelYou can find out about any of the following customer service channels to find it:

  1. By phone number: 800 220 7735.
  2. Chat at
  3. To the email

What are the benefits of a Coppel Credit?

Your Coppel credit does not have costs for granting, administrative or maintenance, If you do not get to use it, you do not cancel anything.

To make the request of your credit You do not need to present a receipt of your salary, or proof of any kind; You just have to present your ID and that’s it. In addition, whenever you need it, you can amortize installments and interest is exonerated.

To have clear accounts, every month you will receive a detailed analysis of your expenses at your home.

What is Coppel?

Coppel is a Mexican company with a branch in the city of Culiacán, which was established in 1941. It is the chain largest commercial department store in México and with offices also in Argentina, with sales through the granting of personal loans with few requirements, and free deliveries.

For more than 50 years, Coppel It has granted loans and services to its clients in a simple way. Today, many Mexicans have a superior quality of life with the products and credit that COPPEL offers them. View your page Web.

Coppel continued to provide the best options for its clients and day after day it seeks to add better opportunities.

Coppel has been given the task of creating a bank that offers financial services, which have long been excluded from the services offered by the Traditional Bank. It was for Coppel to have obtained just over two years, the rules and legal guidelines to allow the creation of a bank.

The result of this great effort is Bancoppel, which seeks to offer low-income banking services to the population that allows them to better manage their resources over time, allowing them to develop, better plan their future unforeseen risks and reduce risks.

Bancoppel offers you banking services specially designed to satisfy your needs and his family.

Services offered by Coppel

Currently, the Coppel chain offers you the following services:

  • Afore Coppel.
  • Departmental Credit Coppel.
  • Online store:
  • Telephone purchases.
  • Payment of services (CFE, Telmex, Movistar and Credit).
  • Money transfers with Money and MoneyGram.
  • BanCoppel.

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