How to Check my CFE Electricity Receipt: Payments, Print it and MORE

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How to check my CFE Electricity Receipt, In México, the company that provides the electricity service is the Federal Electricity Commission, it is the one that issues the invoices, notifications of payment delays or other events that may occur correlative to the light installations in homes, companies and business.

The traditional way of receiving the electricity bill is by correspondence or when the payment is made in person at a CFE headquarters, so that the issue is made and delivered to the beneficiary immediately. But, How to check my CFE Electricity Receipt? Keep reading to know it.

How to check my CFE Electricity Receipt?

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Thanks to energy consumption meters, the CFE You can monitor the energy consumption of each consumer, and in this way establish an adequate amount for the beneficiary to pay at the end of the month or according to their payment methodology.

However, in technological advances, There are alternative ways of receiving this document or on the contrary, although it is not the case, the invoice can also be paid without knowing the amount to be paid and see the daily consumption of the device through the website. The official CFE network will take place.

Steps to follow

  • You must enter the site Web official of CFE, where you must register.
  • You select the creation of a new account, if it is the first time consulting the electricity bill in this way, and you will create your username by providing relevant data.
  • After creating a Username With password and email, you will connect the details of the service you want to review, in this case, the electricity service, and it will do so with the data that appears on your previous electricity bills.
  • It is not important if it is a receipt of the previous month, since the written information about them is needed, not the amount previously paid.
  • Having entered this information, it is necessary to keep it verified that it has been entered incorrectly or incorrectly. This data will be reflected in the section of my recorded receipts.
  • Having done, it is possible to enter the section of the reception of Light Consultation, where you can detail if you have paid the bill for the month or not, the previous electricity consumption, and you will even have access to download the statements so far.

This is a fast and effective way to to pay receiving light without leaving the comfort of your home.

How to Check my CFE Electricity Receipt: Payments

Here we indicate the steps to follow, so that you can make your Electricity payment without inconvenience:

  1. Enter the official CFE website, or click here.
  2. Write your username.
  3. Look for the option «Check my CFE electricity bill».
  4. Confirm that you have a receipt generated in the consultation area of ​​the page. If you do not have it, you must enter the service serial of your invoice.
  5. Press the “online payment” condition
  6. Then you will have the payment options, with a debit or credit card.
  7. Choose your best option to make the payment and follow the instructions indicated by the system.
  8. Exercise your payment.

How to Check my CFE Electricity Receipt: Print the Receipt

Surely you will need at some point print your receipt for Luz CFEHere we explain how you can do it:

  • Enter the official CFE website, or click here.
  • Look for the option «Check my CFE electricity bill».
  • Finally, the system will give you the option to print the receipt you want.

CFE Smart Card

The Federal Electricity Commission or CFE, found new technologies to clear doubts about the service.

It is a prepaid CFE smart card that facilitates the collections of this institution and also optimizes the service provided.

It is important to know that the service of the CFE smart card It is not mandatory, but it is optional and voluntary. In case you want to appeal to the previous method, the only thing that must be done is to cancel it, this will not generate fines.

To access this instrument, you just get in touch with the CFE offices and request the change of payment method. The service is completely free, but if the CFE smart card was lost, you have to pay 41.00 pesos for the material.

What is the CFE smart card used for?

The Smart card CFE It offers ease of not going to the headquarters or going to distant offices to pay for electricity service. Through this new smart card technology, you can invest your time in other personal activities.

Buying this card you can pay your service once a month through CFE ATMs, on 01, 05, 10, 15, 20, 20 or 25. After nine days of specific dates, you can pay your debts and the service is not automatically suspended.

How the smart card works

The CFE smart card allows you to make payments without receipts, service number even and a company subsidiary. This provides payment details with the monthly payment option according to customer availability.

The payment process is very simple, you must place the CFE smart card for 15 seconds on the meter. The registration process for the corresponding fee is required, because you may be exposed to losing the service if you are not registered.

Then, you must go to the payment site to scan the card again in the reader and to make the payment. At home it is necessary to place the card in the meter and automatically confirm the payment of the debt.

How to Check my CFE Electricity Receipt: Unsubscribe

You might wonder why i should unsubscribe from the CFE service, it can be due to many reasons. This can be, if you have a business or a house, which is currently not occupied, and it has happened that to save money, the service is temporarily suspended. This happens, in other cases, that you withdraw from the place where you live and do not return.

Many times, the reasons why Mexican users decide the go down to the service, it is because the reason to save money, or the abandonment of the locality where they live without regimes of return.

We created this section for you to consider the different causes, for which you want to suspend the electricity service, temporarily or reduce it permanently. Read on for more details.

How do I cancel my CFE service?

  • The only person who can cut electricity is the owner of the contract with CFE (or with a license issued by the owner).
  • Provide the data required by the Company, which are: Service number, account number, indicate the name of the person Who will cancel the CFE contract.
  • After requesting the disconnection date, at least 5 days in advance.
  • In addition, the reconnection date cannot exceed 30 days, it will give you a number, with it, you can check the progress of your case at number 071 whenever you like, you can resolve any type of doubt about the procedure.

Is it advisable to cancel the service?

The best thing to consider is the need to do a good planning before cut the service and the lowest income of CFE.

If you want to suspend the service for 15 days, and you need a little more time, this cannot be possible in any way, it must be notified to the company 5 days before the date you need the service.

Termination of the service, it can be seen as something necessary to avoid certain expenses that are not required at home, depending on the conditions. It is constantly the presence of certain devices that, although they are not turned on or in use, only when they are connected also consume electricity, increasing the electricity bill.

Contributing to the environment, to reduce service when its consumption on the spot is unnecessary, it may seem like a good idea, although it is still a decision that must be considered very well.

To contact customer service

Available 24 hours a day, the CFE team offers all its clients the number 071, so it can explain your doubts on the subject. It is also available, on the website or by his Twitter account: @cfemx

What is CFE?

The Federal Electricity Committee (CFE) is a producer company of the Mexican State responsible for the control, generation, transmission and commercialization of electricity throughout the country.

It was founded by the federal government on August 14, 1937, its first projects were held in Guerrero; in Pátzcuaro, in Michoacán; as well as in Suchiate, in Oaxaca, in Ures y sonido.

The company provides about 26. 9 million customers and incorporates more than a million annually. As of October 2009, the area was responsible for the Center’s electricity and power company (LYFC), which was extinguished by decree in 2009.

The Federal Electricity Committee (CFE) It is the largest company in Latin America. Similarly, it proposes the only existing nuclear power plant in the country: the Laguna Verde nuclear plant, located in the state of Veracruz, which uses two BWR-type reactors, built by General Electric.

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