How to Check my Infonavit Points: Calculation, Where to Consult and MORE

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How to check my Infonavit Points, acquiring your own home is one of the most common objectives because it offers peace of mind and stability. Fortunately, Mexican workers affiliated with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) have the right to apply for a mortgage that allows them to realize the dream to buy a house.

The Institute of National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) is willing to satisfy the right of workers, as determined by the Constitution. If you want to buy a house, remodel, build a house on your own plot or pay a mortgage using Infonavit, you must first check your Infonavit points, here we will tell you how.

How to check my Infonavit Points?

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As you start the procedures to apply for a mortgage, it may seem cumbersome, the reality is that as long as you are ordered and follow the steps established by Infonavit, everything will go smoothly.

Check your points Infonavit It is essential to find out if you can start the process to apply for a loan. Remember, it takes 116 points to prequalify.

So you can check your Infonavit points:

  • To consult your points and any Infonavit issue, you must have your Social Security number (SSN), your unique population registration key (CURP) and the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC). Enter this link.
  • With this data, you must create an account in “my Infonavit account” that allows you to consult your information and perform online procedures once you have downloaded the system.
  • Registration is done online and, in addition to your SSN, RFC and CURP, you must provide your name, a mobile phone number and an email.
  • After generating the password, you must activate your account with the activation code that you will receive on your phone.
  • Once your account has been activated, you must go to the “My credit procedure” tab where you will find information about your prequalification and your points.
  • If you meet the minimum point, you will see the amount of credit you can request. Otherwise, the system will show how many points you have and how many points you need to reach 116.

If you still have some points to apply for your credit, experts recommend that you examine that the employer’s payments are made on time and proceed to continue the employment relationship to demonstrate stability before Infonavit. In this way, you will be able to access the mortgage you have to buy the home you have dreamed of so much.

How to check my Infonavit Points: Where to do it?

To be able to check your Infonavit points before starting any procedure with the entity. If you do not know how you can know the accumulated score, you should know that there are two ways to obtain this information.

These are the two options that allow you to know the exact amount of points accumulated so far:

  • Checking your Infonavit points through the Internet: enter the site Web official and then complete the information on the form (Social Security number and Date of birth).
  • Using Infonavit calculation tables and formulas: Once you include the way in which the points are calculated, you can download the updated tables so that you can apply conversions and mathematical operations, to know the score manually.

One of the most used options for the speed and accuracy of the information is the Internet consultation of the portal or the official application.

How to check my Infonavit Points: How are they calculated?

Points Infonavit They are determined by 3 needs that manage to evaluate the credit situation of the eligible person. How they are: age and salary, the savings we have and the continuity of our contribution.

  • Your years and your salary: it is calculated based on the monthly salary incorporated (taking into account the benefits) and the age of the eligible person. It does not have a delivery term, as if the other 2 variables could have it.
  • Savings in the household subaccount: you will get points every time you add the value of the monthly salary integrated into the subaccount. Results in a maximum of 39 points.
  • Your accumulated quotes– Offer more points because your income is more continuous over time. This gives you a maximum credit of 38 points.

How to check my Infonavit Points: Prequalification

Those who have the right to a credit of Infonavit They receive information on the amount to be received, the monthly discounts and the number of points currently with traditional pre-quotes.

  • The total amount of credit received consists of the value that Infonavit lends, as well as the savings it has in the housing account, the title, the financial and operating expenses or the different expenses.
  • At discount, would receive every month, it is usual that the Payment Protection Fund, the administrative fee, the payment of ecotechnologies, as well as the insurance for damages, as usual.
  • The number points of Infonavit, which is currently based on three variables already mentioned above, such as your “age and salary”, your “housing contributions” in the subaccount and your “continuous contribution”.

Infonavit Support Certificate

Before looking for the Infonavit certificate of support, it is important to know what this help consists of.

It is considered a mortgage credit tool, that is, through this support, you can request a loan.

Another way of talking about this document is that there is a reference to the support in which people can show the bank.

It contains the data of the person who carries out the process and all the information on the economic status available to request the credit.

Thanks to this document, you can have the help to obtain credits facilitating the purchase of a specific house.

Thanks to this process, the procedure for the acquisition of houses has been expanded because people have the opportunity to obtain a decent house.

So it also applies when you have the need to get a house in a short time, but you do not have enough money to get it.

Therefore, Mexican citizens have the advantage to take advantage of this support that facilitates the procedure to obtain a mortgage loan.

This explains the importance of having the Infonavit support certificateas it can be used if you are a candidate.

It is important to be registered in the entity’s system, because in this way you can benefit from their financial assistance.

What are Infonavit Points?

Infonavit points are the result of bimonthly payments by the employer when you have an employment relationship. From the first registration in the institute, you automatically make a degree as a beneficiary.

With these points you can have a home loan as long as:

  • The employer is up to date with the respective bimonthly payments in the national housing fund for workers.
  • You have listed or accumulated the minimum 116 points, to be able to make the request for the prequalification of housing credit.

What is Infonavit and how does it work?

Before obtaining the Infonavit support certificate, it is convenient to know what this entity is.

First, you must define Infonavit, which is an institution aimed at Mexican citizens to make a credit application.

With this application, you have the opportunity to buy a house selected by the person, so it is not limited if the house is new or if the house is old.

Similarly, it is understood that this organization is aware of all movements related to the National Housing Fund.

Therefore, it has a system that grants the corresponding credits to the employees who are registered in the Registry.

This disk comes from the system IMSS, which is the acronym for Mexican Social Security Institute .

Its main function is to act with a financial institution to offer a wide range of different loans to employees.

In this way, working people and registered people have support similar to a savings account.

This is how to accumulate and collect money that can be used for future procedures, especially if you want to have a home in the future.

It can also be used for buy land where you want to build the house, so you can also use the credit for a remodel.

It gives the opportunity to apply the credit for a remodeling and thus give a extension to the house, to increase the spaces of the rooms.

also can request payment corresponding to a mortgage given by another financial institution.

If you wish, you can request to have a retirement fund in which you can no longer have a job and request a fixed money.

Another possibility is to use this credit to exercise a contribution corresponding and voluntary.

Important information

  • The Infonavit support certificate Additional information should be considered to facilitate this procedure and utilize its benefits.
  • For this, it is important to read all the terms financial institutions of the institution or the corresponding bank.
  • You should also check out the simulator Condusef so you can know all the information about the house.
  • In this way, the process of buy and sell it can be done by mortgage credit.
  • It is important to remember that you cannot use two credits at this financial institution at the same time.

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