How to Check My Quoted Weeks: Constancy, Calculation and MORE

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How to Check my Quoted Weeks, The number of weeks contributed is the number of weeks that an employer or employer supports the registration of an employee in the IMSS during their work activity. According to the agency, the weeks listed are counted based on the periods between the high and low dates, either with one or more patterns.

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) is the entity in charge of managing and reporting these Quoted Weeks, and of providing health services to its contributors, below we provide you with more information on this interesting social issue, and you can clear your doubts about its processes to carry out the respective procedures.

How to check my Quoted Weeks in the IMSS?

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To know about the weeks that an employee has listed in the IMSS, it is essential to acquire the Proof of Quoted Weeks, a letter issued by this body that indicates the number of weeks that the employee has been registered with one or more bosses.

Without taking into account the number of weeks deducted for some form of partial withdrawal of resources, excluding those weeks that have been returned after any of these possible withdrawals.

The Proof of Quoted Weeks In turn, it indicates the history of wages, with which the employer or employer has registered the worker or insured.

To check the total weeks listed in the IMSS you must:

  • Enter the home page of the IMSS Quoted Weeks System.
  • Supply your CURP code, Social Security number and your email address in the spaces indicated; enter the letters of the sign suggested for security and click on the Continue line.
  • On the subsequent screen, you must choose if you want a detailed report of weeks of contribution, which includes the income history on the basis of which your boss or employers have registered you throughout your work activity.
  • You must also point to the letters of the suggested image and press the Continue button.
  • Finally, the program will issue a document in PDF format that you can download, which contains the Proof of Quoted Weeks before the IMSS.

How to Check my Quoted Weeks: Constancy

To obtain your respective Contribution of Quoted Weeks, you must have these three data important:

  1. Unique Population Registry Code (cite your CURP).
  2. Social Security Number (SSN).
  3. Email.

This procedure is totally gratuitous And you can do it online, at the beginning of the Quoted Weeks System within the official IMSS website, or by attending personally, at the headquarters of the institute that corresponds to the employee according to the IMSS Facilities Directory.

In case you prefer to make your query in a face-to-face, the insured should only go to the office that corresponds to him with the aforementioned data.

What does the Constancy of Quoted Weeks before the IMSS contain?

  • Total number of weeks contributed.
  • Number of weeks discounted (due to withdrawal of resources).
  • Number of weeks refunded.
  • Name or Company Name of your employer.
  • Employer Registration Serial of your employer.
  • Date of the last discharge, date of the last discharge and current base salary.
  • History of movements within the IMSS.
  • Base salary history.

If the insured became registered in the ISSSTEAs a public sector employee and your contributions to this body are protected by the individual account system, you can request the transfer of your contribution weeks. Therefore, they will also be detailed in the Proof of Quoted Weeks before the IMSS the weeks it has listed in the ISSSTE.

How to Check My Quoted Weeks: Calculation

Acquiring a Proof of Quoted Weeks It is a free process that can be obtained at any time in the working life of a worker who is insured by the IMSS, whether or not he is registered at the moment of making the query.

The IMSS calculate the weeks contributed by an insured by dividing by seven the days of accumulated contributions, that is, the number of years that he has been registered with the IMSS with a boss, multiplied by 365. If there are more than three days left over from this division, these are taken like a full week.

If the insured is not sure about the number of weeks contributed, he can request a Proof of Clarification of quoted weeks before the IMSS in the Quoted Weeks System. This process is also free and can be done online or at an IMSS office that corresponds to you.

If you want to make a clarification you should only have on hand the receipts register with each boss, if you have one, CURP, your social security number and an email; as well as inform the situation for which you are making the request.

In case you have any questions about how calculate your quoted weeks or request a clarification at the IMSS you have at the disposal of the insured their Affiliation Centers in the IMSS Sub-delegations, as well as a contact center at the telephone number 01 800 623 23 23.

Frequent questions

What is the Constancy of Quoted Weeks before the IMSS?

It is an informative sheet that allows you to know the number of weeks that you have listed before the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

Who can request it?

  • Interested.
  • Insured.

Where can I carry out this procedure?

  • Online: You can do your procedure online in this link. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Face-to-face: At the corresponding headquarters, from Monday to Friday, on IMSS business days, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

What information do I need to know before doing this procedure?

Have the Social Security Number assigned by the IMSS.

Types of valid official identification:

  • Voting card.
  • Valid passport.
  • National Military Service Card.
  • Professional license.
  • Consular registration.
  • For foreigners: Immigration form FM2 or FM3 issued by the National Institute of Migration, Cédula / Card / Identity card of your country.
  • ADIMSS credential.

Information to consider for the process

The weeks that are reported will be those that the insured has until the date of withdrawal or application.

In the event that the insured already has the weeks required to process a pension, you must make your request in the Family Medicine Unit of your territory.

The documentation must not contain deletions, errors, erasures or amendments.

In accordance with the provisions of the Article 314 of the Social Security Law, is evaluated as fraud and is condemned as such, in the terms of the Federal Criminal Code, the acquisition, as well as the incentive to obtain it, of the insurance, benefits and services that this Law decrees, without having the condition of right holder, by means of of any deception or exploitation of failure, whether in the power of simulation, replacement of people or any other act.

In the event that the Social Security number is detected with an error, you must go to the headquarters to make the clarification.

Prevention Period: 1 business day.

Maximum Resolution Period: Immediate.

What is the IMSS?

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS, for its acronym) is a federal, autonomous and tripartite government body (State, Employers and Workers), specialized in providing health and social security services to citizens who have registered with the institute itself, thus calling themselves insured or right holders. . The insurance member gets a membership code or SSN.

It is seen as the institution of social Security largest in Latin America. It was created on January 19, 1943, by presidential order with the one who was President of the Republic, the appointed General Manuel Ávila Camacho.

The compulsory regime

This is the one that takes care of to finance with contributions received from employers, the State and the workers themselves.

Have five modalities insurance: sickness and maternity; Nurseries and social benefits; work risks; Disability and life; retirement, unemployment due to advanced age and old age.

Are subject to scheme insurance required: workers, members of cooperative production companies and people determined by the federal manager through the respective decree, which is the case of students, covered by the decree published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on September 14, 1998.

We can define it as one, through all the people who are in one of the rules established in article 12 of the LSS, mainly and, above all, those interested in a employment relationship, as well as those that are configured in each fiction of the Law (cooperative society).

And those that the federal executive, under certain guidelines, have the right and access to the entire social security plan (risks of work, social benefits, disability, life, retirement, unemployment, childcare and illnesses and maternity), obtaining the service of benefits and in kind that are granted in each of the warranty branches.

In the conditions specials that the law itself shows for each of them, both for the insured and for their beneficiaries as well as for all legal habits.

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