How to Check my SACMEX Water Bill: Payments, Account Statement and MORE

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How to check my SACMEX Water Bill, In México, as in the vast majority of world regions, there is a company commissioned to administer the water service to the inhabitants, so that citizens can benefit from a good service, hence the importance of making the payment of said vital service.

As you know today, all the processes have been simplified with digital platforms, and the payment of SACMEX is no exception, below we provide the information you require regarding water payments, account statements and more details.

How to check my SACMEX Water Bill?

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Find out how to check and pay online the water receipts generated by the México City Water System (SACMEX).

The SACMEX It is the administrator of water, sanitation and drainage in México City (Federal District), a region that has an estimated population of 8 million inhabitants.

From the website of SACMEX Users can process their drinking water consumption bills, as well as check current or past due debts and the alternative of payment of water rights.

To check and make the water payment, you must have a receipt for a month in sight, in this document you will see your account number SACMEX, 16-digit code requested by the system.

These are the Steps so you can check the water bill:

  • Enter the website of SACMEX, enter this link.
  • Click on the option “Online Water Payment”
  • Provide your SACMEX Account Number
  • You click on the title “Consult Debits”
  • Displays the total to pay indicated by the system.

How to Check my SACMEX Water Bill: Payments

These are the Steps to follow to be able to make the payment in SACMEX:

  • To start, perform the same steps indicated above.
  • If you are satisfied with the Total to Pay.
  • You click on the position that says “Pay”
  • The system will change you to a new screen where it indicates two payment options:
  • – Credit card
  • – Check account
  • Choose the option of your convenience and click on the title “Make Payment”
  • Provide all the data requested by the system
  • To finish, click on “Accept” and the balance will be paid.


  1. Cost the right for the SACMEX water service before the cut-off date indicated on the receipt, to prevent the cut-off or suspension of the service.
  2. Look at the details on the water bill for the two-month period, in case you see an unusual increase in consumption or total to pay, you should go to the offices of the México City Water System for further clarification.

How to check my SACMEX Water Bill: Account Status

Be in force with the basic services of your home is a very relevant matter that you must take into account, so that you can always enjoy them.

In particular when talking about water and electricity services, since they are necessary in the daily activities of an individual.

At this point, we will consider the water system from México City, so you can discover how to check your debts with this vital service.

To start, it is essential that you know that you should be receiving your “Water Debt” account statement monthly at the address where you reside.

However, there are other query options so you can check your debts at any time or place you need it.

These consultation options can be done online with your mobile phone or computer.

To start, you have the alternative of activate the service sending your Water Debt statement by email.

As well as, you can also check your water debts through the Web page of the Water System of México City.

For this, you just have to follow the following Steps:

  • Open your favorite search browser, among them it can be Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, or another.
  • Look for the page Official of the Water System of México City.
  • Once inside, search and click on the “Payment Overdue” option.
  • This will take you to a new page with the name of “Due Due Water Supply”.
  • Then you must provide the 16 digits of your account statement.

It is important to note that in this system you can only check debts that are 5 years old, so if you want to check an older charge, you must attend a branch of the SACMEX.

As well as, you can also go personally to a branch and ask for your Water Debt account statement for the month to be paid.

Download the Account Statement

Downloading your Water Debt statement from your account is very easy, since you will only have to follow six Steps:

  • Make sure you have a constant Internet connection, so that the process is as efficient as possible.
  • Enter an Internet browser of your choice, it can be from your mobile phone or from your computer.
  • In the search cell, it denotes “Water Debt Statement”.
  • Enter the first page, which is “Inquiry of Overdue Debts-SACMEX”.
  • There you must enter your SACMEX account number and click on “Consult”.
  • Finally, you will be able to see your debts and download them if you wish.

It should be noted that the type of format used when download This type of document is in PDF format, so we suggest you have an Adobe Reader extension, so that you can view it on your computer.

Therefore, it is important that you also know that you can download your Water Debt statement to your cell phone.

Now with this you can have this type of document in any site or instant that you need it. So, in an emergency you will already know how to solve.

You have the option of receiving your Water Debt statement in your email or email, at the beginning or end of each monthly payment.

We recommend you, you make sure you always have the account status Water debits in your inbox on a monthly basis.

How to check my SACMEX Water Bill: Account Statement by Mail

In order to always trust you to receive your Water Debt statement each month, you must activate the Account Status condition by Email “Sent by email.” Thus, in this way, you will have your balance to pay at your fingertips at all times, through your cell phone or computer.

So, if you want to receive your debt through your email, you just have to follow the following instructions:

  • Enter the page Official of the Water System of México City.
  • Look for “Electronic water receipt.”
  • Then a page opens, it will ask you to provide certain information.
  • In the section “Check your water receipt by email”, you will have to denote your name, your address, your email or email and your user code.
  • In addition, you will have to indicate a file of your copy of the INE Elector Credential.
  • Finally, you click on “Send”.

Once you have denoted your data and have completed this process, you will begin to receive the water debits in the inbox of your email, each month.

In addition, it should be noted that this delivery via e-mail It will speed up the opportunity to always have your Water Debt statement.

What is SACMEX?

The México City Water System, best recognized for its abbreviated SACMEX, is a company that works mainly in the sector of potable water supply and sanitation services, as well as sewers, drainage maintenance, and treatment of sewage water.

The company came into operation on January 1, 2003, during the mission of the then Head of Government of the Federal District, Lic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, merging the former General Directorate of Hydraulic Construction and Operation (DGCOH) and the Water Commission of the Federal District (CADF).

What is the main objective of the company?

As we have mentioned before, the SACMEX It was conceived with the main objective of serving and distributing drinking water service to each of the residents of México City, in order to satisfy the high demand for the service in the city.

All this, through various actions that cooperate increasingly to the proper use of water and modernize the machinery and structures that the company owns, in order to maintain the constant supply of vital liquid to each of the houses in the city.

Like any public entity, and even private, the SACMEX It has certain prescribed functions, which indicate the main resources on which the body focuses its work, in order to provide a quality service to its users.

Update, formulate and control the developing of the hydraulic operation scheme of México City.

Prepare studies and programs water supply drinking water and wastewater reuse, manufacturing and protecting the hydraulic and drainage infrastructure works that the city needs, in synchronization with the authorities.

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