How to Check the Credit Bureau: Report, Contact and MORE

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How to Check the Credit Bureau, In México, a large percentage of citizens do not have any knowledge of what this issue is about, therefore they have no idea of ​​seeing their credit status or have their doubts.

Not making your payments on time, being a guarantor of a poor payer and believing that you have a duplicate identification, are the main arguments in México to be reported in the Credit bureau. This is how we will develop important information below, so that you do not have any more doubts about this topic.

How to Check the Credit Bureau in México?

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The way to know if you are in the Credit bureau or what is the information registered in your credits, is by requesting your Special Credit Report (RCE) through either of the two credit information companies.

Remember that, by law, you have the right to obtain a credit report free every 12 monthsregardless of which credit company you use to obtain it.

The Special Credit Report (RCE) it reflects your credit reputation, so it is important to review it at least once a year, thus ensuring that what is shown in the report matches reality, and that the identity data is correct.

In addition to knowing how credit institutions see you in your query, this report will also help you identify if there is a mistake or even if you are a victim of identity theft. The precedent will allow you to take the claim on the subject, to request a clarification directly to the Credit Bureau, the Credit Circle, or finally, obtain the assistance of CONDUSEF.

How to Check the Credit Bureau: Special Credit Report Online

This is the process you should take to get your credit report online, free and fast:

  • Search the page Web of the Credit bureau and choose the option “Get your special credit report.”
  • Then confirm the operation by pressing “Get your report now”.
  • You authorize the Credit Office. Verify your history. Fill in the fields with your information and check the box “I accept and authorize”, then uncheck the box “Include My Score”, otherwise you will be charged $ 58 for the service.
  • Indicate that you do not want to “Include My Score”.
  • Provide your personal information what the system asks of you.
  • Specify your active credits if you have them, inform the Credit Bureau: What are the credits you have in effect until today?
  • Finally, you will have your Special Credit Report Once you fill in the fields, and after the credit bureau authenticates your information, you can view their special credit report online and they will also welcome you in an email in a PDF format file.

Do not forget that this report is broadcast freeOnce a year and for each additional consultation you are charged 35.60 pesos.

How to Check the Credit Bureau: Report Through the Credit Circle

There are several ways to Consult your Special Credit Report in the Credit Circle, once a year and free:

  • Online: go to the official website of Círculo de Crédito and click on “Special Credit Report”, click on “Get it now”.
  • Telephone: By calling the number (55) 5166 2455, free of charge for long distances to the number: 800 888 Círculo (247 2856).
  • Personally: Go to Jaime Balmes, number 11, Building E, Mezzanine 1, Secc. A, Plaza Polanco, Col. Los Morales Polanco, in the Miguel Hidalgo Mayor’s Office, México City, CP 11510.
  • E-mail: Download the application and complete the information requested to send it to an identifiable official at:
  • Post mail: Download the application and enter your data and send a legible copy to an official identification to: Jaime Balmes, number 11, Building E, Mezzanine 1, Secc. A, Plaza Polanco, Col. Los Morales Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo Mayor’s Office, México City, CP 11510.
  • Fax: Download the application and fill it in with your information to send a copy of the official identification at the number (55) 5166 2455, option 5 of the menu.

How to check your credit report online with Credit Circle

You can also get your report online for free once a year, just do:

  • Join the page Web of the Circle of Credit.
  • Fill in the format fields, and answer the questions on the identity review requests.
  • In the case of Circle of Credit, you do not have to mark costs, you do not have to worry about hidden costs if it is your only request of the year.
  • If the validation data matches that recorded in the link, the report it will be displayed by email for a few minutes after the request is completed.

Contact with the Credit Bureau

The phone Circle of Credit It is: (55) 5166 2455 or you can also contact them by email, fax or in person (but only in CDMX).

The office phone Credit bureau It is: 55 5449 4954 calling from anywhere in the Republic, or 01 800 640 7920, from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

How to Check the Credit Bureau: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know who I report to the Credit Bureau?

With the help of your Special Credit Report, you can see the historical summary of your credits, amounts and their status. So, if you suspect that you were denied a credit because you could have a delay with payments, the Special Credit Report will remove your doubts.

How do I know if I am in the Credit Bureau for debt at Coppel or Banco Azteca?

These companies report any payment behavior from their office, and if you have a overdue of more than 3 months, will reflect an exclamation point in Red on your Special Credit Report. That is, the issuer that issues it negatively, due to the delay of more than 90 days of a payment in arrears, formally qualified.

If you apply for loans at Coppel or Banco Azteca and you had more than 90 days past due (after the payment period), the payment was delayed, the Credit Bureau will give you a bad rating, and you will see the name of one of the two on the left side of your report and a behavior in the exclamation mark in the Red background.

What are the differences between Buró de Crédito and Círculo de Crédito?

The difference between Credit bureau and Circle of CreditIt is simply the brand and competes for the quality of its services, so that credit providers and individuals prefer one of them at the time of their relationships or informational consulting.

Regardless of which “Office” is used, the information received at the query is that both companies share the information equally.

Can I consult my Credit Bureau at CONDUSEF?

Yes, it is possible to consult your Bureau of credit free in CONDUSEF, this by filling out a form where you authorize the institution to request your Credit Bureau or Credit Circle on your behalf.

However, the most recommended is that you do it directly with the Credit Bureau or Credit Circle, because these institutions are, specifically, those that can help you in the process.

Can I clean my Credit Bureau? How long did I last in Bureau?

The Bank of México (Banxico) establishes that negative records of the credits suffered will be eliminated from the credit bureau for one to six years (depending on the debt) according to these rules:

  • No more than 400 thousand investment units (UDIS *) are owed, or 2.5 million pesos.
  • The credit does not have criminal proceedings.
  • The person did not commit fraud on any of his credits.

Knowing this, the Estimated time for a negative condition in the office to disappear is:

  • 25 UDIS or less ($ 157 or less) are eliminated after twelve months.
  • Between 25 and 500 UDIs ($ 157 – $ 3,120) are eliminated in two years.
  • Between 500 and 1,000 UDIs ($ 3,120 to $ 6,240) are eliminated in four years.
  • More than 1,000 and more than 400,000 UDIs (more than $ 6,240, less than $ 2.4 million) are eliminated after six years.

What is the Credit Bureau?

Private companies that are responsible for the collection, management and exchange of information regarding credit history of people and companies, they are called credit information companies. In México, only there are 2 companies dedicated to this, Buró de Crédito (Trans Union de México, SASIC) and Circulo de Crédito (Círculo de Crédito, SASIC).

The societies of credit information They do not belong to the government, they are private companies and their functions are not approved loans or debts; They only manage databases with credit information for companies and individuals.

The Bureau of credit was the first company to offer these services in México in 1996, and it almost stayed in our minds as the “general” name of information societies, something similar to what happened with Kleenex in the tissue market, and they all say: “I will check my credit bureau”, although, in fact, the exact thing would say “I am going to check my credit history” and this can also be done in a credit bureau or in the Credit Circle.

Be in a Credit bureau it is very often related to having a bad credit background, and many mistakenly believe that only bad payers are registered in this database, but in reality this is not the case.

All the people or companies that have applied for credit at some point are registered in the databases of the Credit bureauregardless of your credit status.

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