How to Find My Zip Code: How It Works, What They Are and MORE

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This article talks about How to know my Zip Code, and deals with everything related to the Mexican postal code. Here it is explained how it is defined, how it works. Also, you will find how to perform postal code searches and what the search systems are.

Follow the reading, which will surely be of great use to you, we also tell you who manages the postal codes.

How to know my Postal Code in Mexico?

Postal code in Mexico was created in 1907, product of a need to identify the areas of the national geography without repeating places.

Searching for the zip code only with the name of the place is inconvenient. Since when other names of populations are created, then there would be a limit and this would be totally absurd.

It was all these and other complications that led to the use of numerical codes because they represent a good decision, since the numbers are infinite and unrepeatable, it makes perfect sense.

From the highest governmental authority it is decided to organize the nomenclatures associated with each territory, according to the geographical locationAdditionally, it facilitates and speeds up mail services.

Since 2008 the name was changed from the Mexican Postal Service to the Correos de México, which continues to offer services to the Mexican people. Among the services provided by the Correos de México company, it is the consultation of the postal code in such a simple and fast way.

This system makes it easy to search by location, such as State, municipality or settlement. Then, the system issues the corresponding report for all postal codes, duly identifying the settlements or neighborhoods related to the municipality or consultation area.

The Postal Code is a code made up of a total of five digits, the first two represent the State or region, the middle number identifies the area and the final two numbers indicate the locality or district.

Postal Code and Postal Address

At first is not the same, since the postal code, corresponds to the numeric code linked to the geographical area of ​​the State, area or district where a domicile, dwelling or residence is located.

On the other hand The recipient’s data must be entered in the postal address (names and surnames of the company), recipient’s address, postal code and its location.

How to find out my zip code: how does it work?

The Correo de México is in charge of the distribution and organization of the delivery of shipments, identifying the different regions in which the country is made up with a unique, exclusive and unrepeatable postal code.

Thus, in this way, the companies in the postal service provider branch in charge of distributing shipments and correspondence, can make the distribution by dividing the territory into pre-established areas.

How to know my ZIP Code: Who manages it?

The entity called Correo de México, is a decentralized public entity and is in charge of the nation’s postal codes.

The Government of Mexico is the owner of all postal codes, has the role of administrator. Assigning postal codes to geographical areas is part of its fundamental function, in addition the Mexican Postal Service (SEPONEX) also allocates codes to agencies and entities that handle the flow of messages.

To understand it, for example large companies or government palaces. Likewise, large hotel chains that are recipients of huge amounts of monthly shipments. Some time ago, mail services were run by the Mexican Postal Service, which later became Correos de México.

The Correo de México is constituted as the network of postal services throughout the country. It manages more than 27 thousand service points, more than two thousand routes and 300 postal circuits. Likewise, 18 thousand mailboxes and approximately 19 thousand employees. Some 724 million pieces are handled both nationally and internationally.

This government entity has a vehicle fleet of approximately 11,065 vehicles. Likewise, it has excellent equipment to make the distribution. It is considered one of the best and most dynamic services in the sector.

How to Know My Zip Code: Other Options to Know It

The Correos de México platform has a postal code search engine that allows speeding up the search process for a specific postal code.

This service offers options for search or query and they are the ones mentioned below:

  • Has to indicate a State, a municipality or a settlementThen, a report is issued with the specific postal code of the geographical area that was consulted.
  • The other situation is when the postal code is identified, then, the report delivered is the determined geographical area belonging to said postal code.
  • To do the procedure you must enter the web portal of the Mexico Post Office.
  • Then, locate the option of Search Zip Code and select the search you prefer.
  • Also, you can search by choosing the Status from the menu that is displayed on the screen, the same happens with the Municipality and then press Search.
  • The system returns the report with the zip code associated with the settlement and the type of settlement.
  • Likewise, a very specific piece of information is included, such as the office key code.

Other search options

There are other options to perform the search and it is the following:

  • You must enter the website through link.
  • In the option 1, you can enter the five digits of the zip code and the information related to the neighborhood, the municipality, the city and the state will be displayed.
  • Also, there is the option 2 where the name, municipality, partial or complete form can be entered.
  • In addition, a list is displayed of colonies, with the towns, the municipalities and the respective delegations.
  • What’s more, the website displays a link of the States to make the query. This link redirects to the links of the municipalities that make up the state.
  • If you press a list of postal codes is displayed of the different populations that make up the municipality.

Postal Codes in Mexico

The Postal Codes in Mexico are shown below for a better understanding:

01-16 Mexico City 20 Aguascalientes 21-22 Baja California 23 Baja California Sur
24 Campeche 29-30 Chiapas 31-33 Chihuahua 25-27 Coahuila
28 Colima 34-35 Durango 36-38 Guanajuato 39-41 Warrior
42-43 Hidalgo 44-49 Jalisco 50-57 Mexico 58-61 Michoacan
62 Morelos 63 Nayarit 64-67 Nuevo Leon 68-71 Oaxaca
72-75 Puebla 76 Queretaro 77 Quintana Roo 78-79 San Luis Potosí
80-82 Sinaloa 83-85 Sonora 86 Tabasco 87-89 Tamaulipas
90 Tlaxcala 91-96 Veracruz 97 Yucatan 98-99 Zacatecas

In Mexico, postal codes are owned by the Government and are administered by the corresponding decentralized government entity called Correos de México. Likewise, these can be consulted in the official link.

What is the Postal Code?

The Postal Code is a kind of numerical figure or key that allows the identification of a region or postal zone. Also, the purpose of this code is to provide the address specifically, rather than using a full address. In addition, this Postal Code is a numerical series generally that relates a location and where the postal companies can to send the correspondence according to the codes and to be distributed by zones.

In addition, The Mexican Postal Code has five digits, where the first two identify the state or a part of it. In addition, the Postal Code of Mexico City in its first two digits represent the municipalities in alphabetical order. Currently in the world some countries such as Ireland do not have this type of code.

Postal Code Utility

The utility applied to the postal code is listed below:

  • It allows make the identification unequivocally of the various geographic locations from the country.
  • Identification for transport, admission and delivery purposes of postal items from different parts of the country and abroad.
  • Promotes streamlining and security of the operational processes of postal shipments.
  • You get more security and speed in the reception and delivery of the products postcards.
  • What’s more, makes it possible to standardize the identification of regions and localities, to provide an adequate postal service throughout Mexico.
  • Covers the operational need of postal dealers.
  • It is part of the technical operational basis for the automation of postal processes.

After reading this article on How to Know My Postal Code, you better understand this nomenclature and its respective use. If you liked this information, share it with others.

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