How to get my Unefon number back: What is Unefon, its services and plans

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How to recover my Unefon number? There are different ways to get my Unefon number back. Regardless of the motivation behind why you cannot use your old Unefon México number, we help you with taking care of the difficult one little by little.

Luckily, retrieving a Unefon number is conceivable and you can do it with a simple cycle from home. Here is everything you need to think about how to get my Unefon number back. Keep reading and don’t miss any details!

How to retrieve my Unefon number

It is essential to take into account some conditions when recovering a Unefon line:

  • The line must not have exceeded the isolation period: In the event that you have a Unefon line, but do not use it for 90 calendar days, your number goes into isolation.
  • When as much as possible has passed, the number is given to someone else. Thus, the only alternative to recover my number Unefon PDA is to call 01-800-1010-288 to check the status of your line;
  • Having made a report in the event of a theft or loss of the phone: in the event that you have suffered the deficiency of your gadget, but need to recover the Unefon number to assign it to another chip, you must make the report to the AT&T Customer Service Center.

There are several ways to make this report and, for this, you can consult our guide, where you will discover more subtleties of this process.


If you are looking for how to retrieve my Unefon number online, you should know that there are several ways to do it:

  • On social media from AT&T (Facebook or Twitter);
  • From the official chat Customer Service of the AT&T website;
  • From the AT&T Support Center: go to the official AT&T website, and look for the Help section for the Prepaid mode. There you should fill out a contact form with some data and send it.

An advisor will be in charge of assisting you as soon as possible so that you can recover your Unefon line.

Customer Support

Luckily, you can complete the procedure to recover a Unefon line without delay and for free, just by following these steps:

  1. Call 800 288 2020 or to the national line 01-800-1010-288;
  2. Identify yourself with your data (name and surname, identification number, mobile line that you want to recover);
  3. Explain the reasons for which you want to recover the Unefon number (theft or loss, the line was canceled, etc.);
  4. Acquire a new Unefon chip at any of the authorized points of sale.

Once you have the chip, Go to an AT&T Specialized Care Center so that your old number is assigned to the new SIM Card.

What is Unefon

Unefón is a Mexican cell phone organization claimed by AT&T México, an auxiliary to AT&T Latin America, a division of AT&T Latin America, which offers only the early payment plan, functioning as a Virtual Mobile Operator (OMV). It was founded by Ricardo Salinas Pliego in 1999 and had a place with Grupo Salinas from its establishment until 2015, when the brand was acquired by AT&T and Telefónica Movistar 2021 SA

What services Unefon offers

My Unefon is the company’s platform so that users can manage their account from anywhere. Here are the procedures that you can carry out through the My Unefon app:

  • Buy and manage airtime
  • See contracted packages
  • Contract services
  • Check movements
  • View invoices

Unefon cell phone plans

Unefon’s offer is completely dependent on prepaid plans in which a specific sum must be paid initially to use the administrations included by the organization.

Within these Unefon prepaid plans there are several packages isolated by the type of mobile use that each customer needs to transmit.

These are some of the advantages of Unefon’s plans:

  1. Acquire a team Unefon to payments with benefits of 7 days
  2. Plan payments are made weekly
  3. They are accessible payments that can range from $ 40 to $ 200

How to know my Unefon number

The code to retrieve your Unefon mobile phone number is 050. Another accessible option such as retrieving my Unefon number – in case you do not remember the line number due to lack of use, it is from your mobile phone.

To do this, go to Settings> About phone> Status (or phone ID). There you will want to check your current number, which you will have to show to the guide at the time of the methodology.

In the possibility that you were considering how to retrieve my Unefon number, you currently realize that you have some alternatives available. The question has an answer, and only by adhering to our directions, are you really going to want to reactivate your old versatile line to use it as you wish.

Do you need more information on how to recover my Unefon number? Try not to stop for a second to contact us and ask for help.

How to recover my Unefon number: Consultation and recharge

The Unefon balance it is airtime that is obtained through a recharge in commercial establishments and available recharge channels and it is used to carry out numerous procedures:

  • Buy services like data packages
  • Consumption of services such as:
    1. National or long distance telephone minutes
    2. Text messages
    3. Megabytes to navigate
  • Buy services and content
  • Subscription payment

Checking the balance in Unefon is very simple and like the other companies Unefon has four ways to check the balance:

  1. By phone: calling the number free of charge * 611 or 800 333 0611
  2. By message: with the word balance to the number 1111 and you will receive a confirmation message with the detail of your balance
  3. My Unefon: allows you to make balance inquiries for free
  4. Unefon Chat: through its official page at> »Customer Service»> «Start chat» and providing your 10-digit number and personal data with a Unefon executive


There are many ways to perform refills with Unefon. Unefon is the only Virtual Mobile Operator in the national territory that offers all its clients online recharges from its application or in more than 400,000 establishments in México and the United States.

To recharge online you have to enter the official website of the company and enter the customer area My Unefon.

The other option is to recharge in one of the centers authorized by Unefon:

  • Best buy
  • K stores
  • Mexican commercial
  • Factories of France
  • Rome Pharmacies
  • Coppel
  • Yellow arrow
  • Kiosk
  • Law
  • MZ Stores
  • OfficeMax
  • Price Shores
  • Soriana
  • SB Suburbia
  • Union
  • Waldos
  • Walmart
  • Office Depot
  • S Mart
  • SantaFe Stores
  • Sears
  • Super city
  • Super Pharmacy
  • Elektra
  • Famsa
  • Liverpool
  • Oxxo
  • Iron Palace
  • Sanbors
  • Seven eleven
  • Extra
  • Pharmapronto
  • Savings Pharmacies
  • Superama
  • AC
  • Bodega Aurrera

If you want to make a recharge Unefon in the United StatesHere are some of the places authorized by the company:

  • Topup Online
  • Xoom
  • Ding
  • MoneyGram
  • Boos Revolutio
  • K stores
  • Xoom
  • Ding
  • MoneyGram
  • Dollar General
  • The National
  • America Transfer
  • Rite aid
  • UniTeller
  • Walgreens
  • Boos Revolutio
  • K stores

How to get my Unefon number back: Unefon coverage

At the time we talk about the inclusion of Unefon we can say that we are also talking about the inclusion of AT&T.

The North American organization is in charge of renting Unefon a space in its organization. Because of this, Unefon is able to offer its types of assistance to its customers throughout the public region and their inclusion depends on the innovation of AT & T’s 3G and 4G organization in México.

With the advancements of 3G and 4G, there could be conditions that could disable the management of the Unefon network. These conditions could be identified with the Unefon team, the weather conditions, or being inside or on the subway.

What is My Unefon App and how does it work?

My Unefon is the company’s platform so that users can manage their account from anywhere. Here are the procedures that you can carry out through the My Unefon app:

  1. Buy and manage airtime
  2. See contracted packages
  3. Contract services
  4. Check movements
  5. View invoices


  1. Enter to My Unefon Web ? ️ or My Unefon App.
  2. Choose «Sign up”.
  3. Enter your 10-digit Unefon number and press “continue”.
  4. When you receive the password via SMS ?, put it in the space indicated.
  5. Click on «continue”. Fill out the form with your information: name, email and date of birth.
  6. When finished, just accept the registration ✔️ and that’s it.

How to use it?

Uses My phone from your computer or cell phone with an Internet connection. If you already have a My Unefon account only log in in the My Unefon or My Unefon Web application with your Unefon number, password and a click on “get in”.

Remember to update your cell phone’s operating system so that the My Unefon App works smoothly.

How to top up Unefon online and with the app

My Unefon is the app through which you can recharge, check your balance and know the details of your consumption.

To do Unefon recharges from your app you should:

  • Choose option buy airtime
  • Select the number to which you want to recharge.
  • Choose the amount; it can be from 10 to 1,200 pesos.
  • Choose payment method and enter the data: debit, credit or American Express card.
  • To confirm the purchase you must enter the password of your My Unefon app

You can too recharge Unefon online on the Unefon page. Another option for make Unefon recharges online is through:

  • BBVA mobile
  • Qiubo
  • Free market
  • Payment Market


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