How to get the Environmental Certificate in Mexico? Requirements and more

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An environmental certificate It is the accreditation that a company or company obtains for a qualified management, respecting the environment and in accordance with the environmental regulations applicable in the Mexican territory. Keep reading to know more!

Requirements for the environmental certificate

The requirements to obtain the environmental certificate in Mexico are the following:

First time

To acquire the environmental certificate for the first time, the interested party must comply with the following documents and requirements:

  1. Original and copy of the free writing: indicating the name, company name, address of the establishment, the name of the legal representative and/or of the persons who are authorized to receive the notifications, in addition to the request that is formulated and the reason for the request and finally, place and date of issuance of the document, duly signed by the legal representative.
  2. Original and copy of the environmental license application (single return) for establishments under federal jurisdiction with the applicant’s signature. In addition, you must include in this return the official identification that is not expired for natural persons and legal representatives. What is covered by the professional certificate or military card and the credential INE; as well as the constitutive act or power of attorney (applies only to legal entities) and the appointment or power of attorney for legal representatives.

NOTE: The representation of individuals must be accredited by a notarized document signed before two witnesses, along with true copies (black and white) of current identification.

  1. Copy of the federal taxpayer registry (RFC).
  2. In addition to presenting the aforementioned documents in physical form (original and copy as the case may be), you will also have to include said documents digitally on a CD.


  1. Renewal by report of environmental diagnosis: must present an environmental diagnosis report that is carried out by the environmental auditor (this auditor must be approved and accredited). The aforementioned report will have to describe and demonstrate that the company complies with the parameters and requirements that adhere to the guidelines established for obtaining the certificate that it intends to renew.
  2. Renewal for environmental performance report: you will have to present an environmental performance report (RDA) made by the same company, in this case, the participation of an environmental auditor is not necessary. For this, the companies will have to have had a good environmental performance, complying with the specifications established in the Mexican standards in order to be able to renew the environmental license.

Steps to follow for the certification procedure

The certification process is:

  1. First, the interested party has the right to choose one of the environmental auditors certified by the Mexican accreditation entity. (Emma) and that it is duly approved by the PROFEPA to carry out the corresponding environmental audit of the facilities.

The technical aspects covered by environmental audits are the following:

  • Aspects covered by environmental regulations: wastewater discharges, hazardous waste management, subsoil noise pollution, in addition to emissions that affect the atmosphere and administrative and legal aspects.
  • Aspects not regulated environmentally: emergency care, good engineering practices and optimization of energy consumption, as well as training and applicable international standards and criteria in each of the aspects.
  1. The action plan specifying the time and manner in which the installation of anti-pollution equipment, works and repairs will be carried out. In addition to the preparation of plans, programs and the creation of procedures for the execution of this call «action plan».
  2. One of the most important parts of the entire process is the signing of a consultation agreement between the interested company and the PROFEPA, where they specify the competencies that the audited company will have to execute to detect the deficiencies detected.
  3. Correct compliance with the execution of the aforementioned competencies and activities guarantees that the company being audited establishes the corresponding prevention and control systems aimed at polluting aspects, in addition to establishing the necessary measures to reduce risks, optimizing the processes that allow production, achieving Thus, the improvement of the working conditions of the personnel, the inhabitants and the environment that are close to the facility being audited.
  4. Verifying compliance with the action plan, the attorney makes a new visit to the environmental auditors and the respective visits to the staff.
  5. The company acquires the commitment to submit progress reports on the action plan from time to time until it complies with the entire program of works and activities.
  6. Once the company complies with the competencies specified in the action plan, it is given the environmental accreditation certificate, thereby demonstrating that the company complies with all applicable national regulations.
  7. Once the company complies with the action plan, it is awarded the clean industry certificate, the tourism environmental quality certificate, and the environmental quality certificate.

Who issues the certificate?

In Mexico, the entity in charge of granting PROFEPA environmental certificates is known as the federal attorney for environmental protection and only grants said certificates to companies as long as they have facilities that work in optimal conditions.


The process for receiving and evaluating the license has a cost of $2,778.48 mxs and updating the operating license of the environmental license has a cost of 1,389.24 mxs.


The validity of the environmental certificate is two years from the date the company receives the notification and certificate from PROFEPA.


The benefits of an environmental certification can be:

  1. Environmental benefits:
  • Quality of emissions discharged into the atmosphere.
  • Controlled load and electricity in consumption.
  • Volume control of hazardous waste achieving segregation and treatment, recycling and deduction.
  • Reduction of work incidents.
  • Sound impact quality towards the environment.
  • Use of raw materials and other natural goods.
  1. Economic benefits:
  • Savings due to the responsible and efficient consumption of electrical energy.
  • Improvement of the public and commercial image.
  • Savings due to the reduction in water consumption, therefore savings are produced in the payments that were made for reasons of discharges.
  1. Social benefits:
  • Improvement in the relationship with the community.
  • Reduction of the severity index.
  • Promotion of labor improvement of a company towards its workers.
  • The promotion of environmental culture.
  • Prevention of contamination and its correction in the affected places.
  • Compliance with applicable Mexican environmental standards in all the aforementioned content.

Frequent questions

  1. Is there an established date for the application of the environmental certificate?

The environmental certificate can be requested at any time that the company decides and once it meets the requirements by completing the steps to obtain the certificate.

  1. What is the purpose of issuing an environmental certificate?

The main objective is to improve the performance of a company through an environmental audit so that they are in compliance with Mexican laws.

In addition to preserving the environment and complying with the rules for free operation, companies qualify and obtain the environmental certificate to improve competitive quality, achieving a better position in the market with a green image.

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