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How Know a School is Incorporated into the SEP? You must bear in mind that before choosing an educational institution, it is important that you carry out certain investigations that allow you to know if said entity is within the system of the Ministry of Public Education.

Currently, there are many doubts about how to carry out this process, but you do not have to worry, since we will show you all the information you need to comply with the procedure in a timely manner. What are you waiting for, keep reading and you will learn more about the subject!

How Know a School is Incorporated into the SEP?

The educational foundations have an individual registry in the Ministry of Education, of all the current levels of schooling. Between them we have:

  1. Initial
  2. Special
  3. Basic
  4. Upper average
  5. Higher

In addition, there are also those authorized for job preparation, which, like the previous ones, have the approval and recognition of the true legitimacy of the studies by the State Secretary of Education.

All schools and instructional approaches that are reflected and broken down in the index of the Secretary of Public Education (SEP), separated by their degree of training, are those that have full legitimacy and are merged as an instructive approach in the SEP.

How to Know a School is Incorporated into the SEP: School Codes

As long as you have mentored the school, the online interface will display the details of this instructional organization. The information of the establishment that was supplied by the user will be shown, among each of the significant data of the schools, the code under which the school is registered is also reflected.

The most effective method of getting to know a school is incorporated into the SEP: CCT of a school

The Work Center Code (CCT) is compared with the key section of the Catalog of Work Centers or schools, which are approved by the Secretary of Public Education (SEP).

Also, the Work Center Code (CCT), is also the component related to all the frameworks attached to the Secretary of Public Education or the specialists of the area of ​​instruction in the conditions of Mexico.

Therefore, if the school where you were selected does not have its own Work Center Code (CCT). It is important that you prepare yourself, in case of extortion by the educational entity. For your security you must confirm and approve the institution by following these steps:

  • First you must go to the web index on your PC and enter the web interface of the Secretary of Public Education (SEP).
  • Then, you must put the data identified with the secret phrase.
  • They must also show the register of authorities of the schools merged with the SEP.
  • Finally, check and make sure that the data relates to the Institution where it is studied.

How to Know a School is Incorporated into the SEP: Directory of Incorporated Schools

This catalog is the one that allows entry to the Work Center Consultation System (CCT-SEDUC). With the ability and motivation to know the schools consolidated and registered in the State Educational Subsystem, to practice the Provision of the Basic or Normal Educational Service.

In general, you should keep in mind that once you have entered the index, you should search for organizations that meet specific standards. For instance:

  • Level of instruction
  • Inclination
  • Meal
  • Region

From the organization you are mentoring, so that you can see and know the correct data for a school or instructional foundation. Click here to go to the index of consolidated schools in the Ministry of Public Education (SEP); the work center code (CCT).

How to validate an RVOE?

Enter the online interface of the Information System of Recognitions of Official Validity of Higher Type Studies (SIRVOES) and once there select the option located in the upper right part, and then in the drop-down menu “Queries“, Select Consultation of Institutions.

On the next page you should go to where the expression says “Search measures“. In this part it is simply important to show the State of the Republic where the establishment is located and the name that it compares with that of the organization. It is important that everything is written in capital letters and the designation.

As long as you have entered the information (remember, it must be in capital letters), you can press or tap on “Look for“. There are two types of Recognition of Validity of the Official Study:

  1. The Recognition of Official Validity of Federal Study, This is granted by the Secretary of Public Education.
  2. Recognition of Official Validity of State Study, it is awarded by state instructional specialists.

It should be noted that the two types of RVOE maintain a similar incentive before the Nation. It is essential that each instructional element shows the Recognition of Official Validity of Studies in its authority site and also in its disclosure.

Study plan

The Ministry of Public Education offers the local area a framework that allows it to advise the government or the state RVOE. This framework is known as the Information System of Recognition of Official Validity of Higher Level Studies or by its abbreviation SIRVOES.

In the same way, this part will show all the information about the curriculum offered by each faculty. Remember that you must keep informed about the year of validity that it has, in order to update your study plan to the corresponding semester.

If you select the name of the degree, you will download the specialized record of the degree, where you can monitor the degree study plan and pass the RVOE. At the top right, choose the drop-down option called Queries and then click the option Consult institutions.

Of course, go to the segment of Search criteria. Here, demonstrate the State of the Republic where the foundation is located, its name in capital letters and the denomination. When all the information has been completed, click Look for.

Then, the summary of organizations will be reflected, for which you must touch Details. Consequently, all the information of that establishment and the knowledge about the inspection plan will appear.

Lastly, do click on the updated tab of the degree and you will have the option to download it; there you can reflect the details of the subjects and, therefore, pass the RVOE.

What is the Secretariat of Public Education?

The Ministry of Public Education (SEP), is the Mexican association that has the absolute responsibility of the coordination, supervision, endorsement, execution, planning and use of the academic projects to be executed in the educational area of ​​the country.

The elements of the Ministry of Public Education are very clear, since it is who is in charge of the entire instructional area, at all the levels it covers. In addition, of those who are instructed in the Mexican country.

One of the main elements of this administrative entity is that it is under the direction of the official office of the country. It is the entity that has the position and capacity to configure, execute and organize public procedures in the field of Education in all the areas it covers.

As such, it is responsible for the pattern and advancement of training in the nation. Likewise, it is in charge of executing all the projects, plans and instructional tasks that will be applied in each of the schools, both public and private at all levels.

Its main reason for existing is to promote the external school climate, for the improvement of science, innovation, expressions, culture and sports; through congresses, workshops, discussions, establishments and motivating forces of experts.


You must approve the degrees and certificates, as well as all the documentation that officializes the schooling given at all levels and areas previously referenced. It must deal with the labor relations of teaching, regulatory and advocacy staff.

In the same way, it is recommended that once you are in the selection process in any of the Mexican institutions, you make sure that it complies with each of the measures established by the Secretary of Mexican Public Education.

Preferably, you should look for the information of the institution or school in the registry provided by the official website of the Secretary, better known as the SEP system or portal. There you can check if the information provided agrees with that of the institution.

Also, in case of doubts, you can go directly to one of the headquarters of the Secretary of Mexican Public Education. Although, you must bear in mind that there are customer service hours, in case they have not been updated, you must wait and thus be able to obtain an appointment at said headquarters.

What is UNAM?

The National Autonomous University of Mexico or called by its initials UNAM, is an academic foundation that assumes an exceptionally significant role in the educational order of Mexico. This establishment offers administrations for the education, exploration and proliferation of culture.

Its main objective is to provide training that analyzes the present and, therefore, addresses what is to come. Simultaneously, it seeks to maintain different thoughts and contemplations that make it valued by the Mexican community.

You are already aware of cHow to know a School is incorporated into the SEP, success!

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