How to know how much electricity I owe: Check your CFE receipt

Do you have doubts about how to know how much light I owe? Well here you can know each of the most important steps.

Keep reading to learn more about how to know how much light I owe!

What is an electricity bill

The electricity billcan be defined as one of the documents that are responsible for indicate the amount of electrical energy that the individual has consumed at that time.

Likewise, it is a document that is responsible for showing the amount that the person has to pay for said service. The payment is usually made monthly, or on the contrary bimonthly, although this will depend on the type of contract that the person has.

Now, the company that is in charge of providing electric power services in Mexico is the CFE, meaning The Federal Electricity Commission.

the CFE, is one of the entities that is in charge of issuing the receipt and therefore sends it to the address of the person through whom the network is fed.

Like any other service, there are service limits in order to pay for electricity in this case. That is why, in order to avoid any type of setback or the suspension of said service, it is recommended that the person be aware of the receipts.

If for some reason, the individual is not found or does not receive the receipt, the most traditional way is to go to one of the offices of the CFE, or to some of the commercial establishments.

Although with the advancement of technology, today carrying out this process is much simpler; since it does not matter if the receipt is not at hand, because the person may have different options, such as entering the CFE website.

How to check CFE receipt

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), It can be said that it is one of the companies that are in the Mexican state, which is in charge of exclusively providing each of public electricity services.

This is one of the companies that has its own capital which is derived from the monopolies of its work and also has logistical autonomy, in terms of operations, in order to be able to carry out each of its work goals.

Similarly, it can be said that the CFEis well known for each of its electricity consumption meters, which are the ones in charge of monitoring the consumption of electricity by each of the family units, as well as the companies that are located in Mexico; so that later you know what the person has to pay.

Nowadays, it can be said that thanks to the economic problems that Mexico is going through, many of the citizens are looking for help to save electricity costs, mainly with regard to paying for basic services such as electricity. .

Well, so that each of the intentions that citizens have can bear fruit, it is necessary that they know the information contained in each of the receipts of the CFE.

The most important thing is that people can be clear about the service offered by the CFEbecause it is the obligation of Mexicans to ensure that the CFEis providing the service that people request, and that is why they pay.

Also, it is one of the primary obligations of users to ensure that the services that the company is supposed to be providing CFE, are properly arranged for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

On the other hand, it is extremely important that the people who are in charge of contracting the services can ensure that they are workers of the CFEduly identified.

Since they must be perfectly trained so that they can provide the service, with each of the facilities and connections that are required, as well as to carry out the readings.

In general, there are conditions that may lead to the termination of the service contract by the Federal Electricity Commission; Of course the first and most recurrent is the fault that is made by the pao in a timely manner.

Another of the causes that are frequently offered is being able to correctly modify or prevent each of the services provided, which can lead to a very high financial penalty.

Although it could have been commented that the receipts shown by the Federal Electricity Commission or CFE, It is one of the easiest documents to read, since it shows the consumption that the person made day by day.

How to read the electricity bill

Reading it is very simple, it is only necessary for the person when they have the receipt in their possession, where they only have to visualize what are the measures that are on the electricity receipt.

Normally I receive it has 3 pages where people can view their day-to-day consumption, in case it is considered that an error has been made, the individual can go to one of the main offices of the CFE.

How to download electric bill

  1. First of all, the person must enter the CFE page and click on «Register».
  2. Then you have to enter each of the personal data of the users, which for that moment is going to be used, place the password and user respectively.
  3. Once the person has already entered the system, they have to download the confirmation data found on the main page of the Federal Electricity Commission.
  4. After these steps have been carried out, people can download it.

How to print my electricity bill

Once the steps that were mentioned at the top, then the person can download it without any problem.

How to pay online CFE

The first thing that the person must do is to be able to take into account that he has entered the CFE website.

Then the person has to register in the database to access each of the online services.

Once the person has registered, then, they have to create a user with a password. It is also necessary that you can have an email.

Now that the person is registered, and already has access to perform different actions, you can perform:

  1. Obtaining electricity bills by email through the services of CFEMAIL. The person can print it if necessary.
  2. To be able to pay the electricity service.
  3. Notify if any type of failure occurs, as well as review its status.

Another more efficient way that the person has is the fact of being able to do it through one of the mobile applications, this works in a very similar way to the past, with the difference that it can be done by hand.

To do this, you only have to follow the same steps as above and in a simple way, you can view each of the online services.

doHow do I know if my electricity bill is already paid?? Well, it is very simple for the person to enter their online account CFE and you can check your payment status.

If the person has to be able to live in a more traditional way, then there are other very simple alternatives.

In the first place, some of the branches of the CFE they own the CFE-MATICOSwhich are special machines used to process payments, which are very similar to an ATM.

It should be noted that it is also possible for the person to consult each of the electricity bills, without the need to register online. One of the drawbacks is that the person will not be able to view the services online.

In order to consult each of these services, the person can enter the procedures portal, which is found in the government of Mexicofor the disposal of each of its users.

How to save energy and pay less on your bill

One of the first steps needed to start save the money and opting for each of the solar energies means understanding how much is consumed.

exist many companies that for their part are dedicated to being able to provide solutions in an energetic way, such as the latest technology solar panels.

By means of the receipts, it is possible to estimate the amount of energy that each of the people requires, and based on this, one of the measurement systems.

Once the accounts have systems of solar panelsthe consumption can be itemized on the receipt and with this the person can know how much he saves.

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