How to know how much I have in my Afore: Procedure and everything you need to know

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How do I know how much I have in my Afore?

Those people who want check your afore accounts, They have to take into account at the beginning that it is very important, that the individual is informed about his retirement savings account.

So this is one of procedures to be performed at least 4 monthsso that the printed account statement can be sent in the months of January, May and September, at home.

This is one of the processes that are carried out so that the person has a record of each of their accounts, but in those cases where they want to review any type of information, the person can go to internet services and consult, such as the balance of the day and the general balance summary.

On the other hand, those people who, for their part, prefer to activate account statement inquiries through online services have to follow the Next steps.

If the person was in charge of changing the address, then you have to consult said service, calling the following number 800 2774 624 so that in this way the person can be informed about each of the steps related to their account.

IMPORTANT: Those people who have activated the online consultation do not need to attend the physical delivery.

In order to correctly interpret each of the data found in the account statement, it is important to consult each of the guides that are related to the types of workers they are, in this case the following are taken into account:

  1. Mixed.
  2. Generation Afore.
  3. Transition.

In case the person wants activate your account statement onlineyou should keep yourself very well informed about each of the methods of saving for retirement by Aforeanytime.

For this the person must:

  1. Enter the Web page.
  2. Place the username and passwordonce this is placed, the person can click the button get in.
  3. press the inquiry buttonif it does not appear, you can press the button «Online Account Statement».
  4. Select the activate button the account statement online and click on Save.
  5. Once the previous steps are resolved, then the process will be Clever.

The following statements of account the person will be able to view on the digital platform during the following 15 working days later, which means, that it must be found during the cut-off dates of the months prior to May, September and January.

For the main procedure, it is important that the person agrees with each of the information on the methods of saving for retirement. In those cases where one of the details of the movement of the individual account is going to be requested, since this can be requested through the different service channels, these are:

  1. Go to one of the branches closest to your homewhich you may want to present to one of the valid official identifications.
  2. Through each of the service centers, people can provide a help center, 800 2774 624.
  3. You can send an email regarding the case,

Finally, those people who already take into account their withdrawal request, should know that in order to request one of the general summaries of the account balances individually, each of the procedures related to the withdrawal must be valid. IMSS, ISSSTE, INFONAVIT, FOVISSSTE; respectively.

In order to apply, the person must comply with the following steps:

  1. In case of not being able to attend the office, provide one of the customer service services 800 2774 624
  2. Those people who need to perform the services online because they have to enter here.
  3. Go to one of the main centers with the required documentation.
  4. lend email

What is Afore in Mexico

Throughout their lives, each of the Mexican citizens spends it doing any type of activity that is related to savings. Through the administrators of retirement funds, or better known as approx.

When people enter a formal job, they look for a way to be able to contribute to the Mexican Social Security Institute, better known by its acronym IMSS or by the State Workers Security and Services Institute (ISSTE).

For this, each of the people is asked to be able to choose some of the financial institutions that in some way can handle the payroll. In addition to this, the administration of each of the contributions that are used for retirement.

In general, it is the same bank where each of the payrolls of said person’s work tend to be received. But this same can choose freely without any problem. As well as you can make any type of contribution «Additional features» which can be discounted.

Wait, For its part, it is one of the private institutions that are in charge of managing the funds for the withdrawals of each of the workers, so that they make one of the contributions in a mandatory way. For those who are workers, they must be affiliated with the IMSS and ISSTE.

But they are also known as one of the mechanisms to save money in the long term. This can be on a voluntary basis, as long as you work. For example, on your own. Well, there are different types of Afores that are available precisely for freelancers. According to the SAR, Retirement Savings System.

It can also be said in other words that Afore is one of the instruments used for long-term savings, where the person can:

  1. Choose a type of Afore in the long term. That is linked to any of the financial institutions. In case the person is an employee, it is likely that he is already enrolled in one, so each person can check his status here.
  2. In case the person is an independent worker. There are at least 8 different banks that can offer this service.
  3. Deposit some type of money in the Afore accounts. What are called contributions.

In the event that the person is an employee, the employer may discount one of the average percentages of 6.5% for the averages. One of the advantages of this modality is that both the employer and the government go directly to Afore, which in turn go directly to a SIEFORE.

In case the person is independent, then that individual is the one who can decide how much money to invest. You have to take into account the types of investments that are the ones that can give the most returns, because the term can be very long and it may not be something simple.

To do this, you can view the interest rate which some of the times is usually higher than one of the types of investment.

These are some of the investments that are made for the long term. Where the contributions that the person makes can be directed throughout his life as a worker. What can be ideally favorable during the withdrawal of him.

In addition, the Afores can charge one of the commissions to manage the resources of your account. For retirement savings. It must be annually. The key for your part is to buy the commission and performance.

How many Afores are there in Mexico?

There is a great variety about the Afores that are scattered throughout the Mexican territory. In the next tab you will be able to know in detail in which city it is located.

As well as the number of workers who are registered. The total number of accounts registered by Afore, and much more.

Click here.

Which Afore gives more performance

Each of the Afores that are on the list mentioned above have high yields, but there have always been some more than others, in this case some of the most efficient have been Coppel, Azteca and Citibanamex.

These should be considered as one of the most efficient given that they have a greater number of workers and as such obtain one of the highest rates of managed accounts.

How do I change my AFORE?

Those people who wish to change their Afore, must go to one of the main offices to inform about the change they want to make.

In addition, you must deliver each of your personal data so that the office can take care of paying the money and making the change.


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