How to know how much I owe in license plates: payment, doubts and MORE

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How do I know how much I owe in license plates? At present, technology has made important advances since it allows to know in a comfortable and simple way the debt that the vehicle has. Consulting on the web you can know the history of the car you drive.

Users who need to know what debt they present to date, should continue reading the article since all the questions that arise from the subject will be clarified. Before carrying out the process, it is important that you have all the precautions at hand, below we detail everything that you must consign to carry out the process quickly and in a timely manner.

How do I know how much I owe in license plates in Mexico?

A vehicle tag is an identification number that collects or differentiates a quantity of data related to a vehicle and who or who have owned it. This identification code is useful throughout the Mexican region. It contains essential data on important parts of the vehicle you are driving.

There are numerous and different information that you can find out through the vehicle’s license plate. If the ignorance of where to obtain the information about how you should carry out the procedure in Mexico City assails you. Keep in mind that it is much easier to know.

For this, it is important to enter the official platform of the page. You must provide the tag number of the vehicle, motorbike, truck, bus, transport. In the event that you need to know if the vehicle has any payment obligation, the date and the amount to be paid, check it in the system.

You can check it through an online web interface. Likewise, through a text message or by showing up at one of the workplaces set up for this process. This cycle is legitimate to know the debt of the vehicle from the year two thousand five (2005) to the year two thousand twenty-one (2021) current.

If you need to appear at the offices, you can do it at the traffic violation centers who are authorized to carry out the procedure. Note that you must provide the registration number under which the vehicle is registered, and you can check in case you owe or have any kind of obligation.

In the same way, you can verify the status of the vehicle anywhere in Mexico, as well as a transport that is in another state, just by entering the data requested by the system you can access all this information.

If you have not obtained the information you require, you can also consult the vehicle directly from the website of the Secretariat for Organization and Finance through the official website. Like the previous one, you only have to enter the registration number of the vehicle and complete the fields that the system needs.

How to Know How Much I Owe in License Plates: Payment of the Debt

If you are in any part of the Mexican territory, you can enter and make the individual payment, you can also download the payment receipt by accessing the platform enabled to make the query and make Subscriptions to the Public Authority of the Territory.

Also, you must put the license plate number and the last 5 digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the vehicle serial number. Additionally, you have the alternative of moving to one of the Tax Service Center and request payment and receipt.

In this specific case, for Mexico City, you can download the receipt and make the payment from the official website of the CDMX Finance Secretariat or you can also do this procedure by going to a Resident Service Office.

How to Know How Much I Owe in License Plates: Know Who Owns the Car

Most importantly, to know who the previous owners of a used vehicle have been, you should have the receipt for the vehicle nearby. In the event that the car you are acquiring is the second owner, you must submit the ownership document to know the history of the vehicle.

Likewise, in this document the different characteristics of the vehicle must be observed, among which we can mention the following:

  • The legitimate name of the owner or dealer where you will pick up the car.
  • A folio number followed by the customer and carrier information.
  • Likewise, the incorporation of the Federal taxpayer registration from both.
  • Record the detailed characteristics of the vehicle.
  • The model and accessories.

Note that to find out who owns the vehicle or to know the status of a vehicle, you simply have to go to the online page of REPUVE. Then, press the option «Know the Circumstances of your VehicleFinally, enter the data requested by the system.

How to Know How Much I Owe in License Plates: What Happens if I Don’t Pay?

It is important that all people who have an obligation to pay, honor their commitments. Although for some individuals it is anything and they do not have it as a priority, it is vital to do it.

However, he has not asked himself what happens if he does not pay it. Here we explain it to you. Failure to pay the obligations of the vehicle can influence you later and have problems when carrying out some paperwork with the vehicle.

Keep in mind that having a debt with the transit entity carries fines and penalties. For example, you will not have the option to verify the vehicle, since one of the requirements to carry out this process is to present the payment of the obligation.

Likewise, you will not have the option to change the license plate and in the event that the vehicle is taken to transit, you will not have the option to remove it until you present the payment receipt.

Common doubts

Next, there are a series of questions that individuals who will carry out the process with their vehicle’s license plate have. Some of them are the following.

What is and what is the vehicle registration number for?

It is a significant, extraordinary and unrepeatable number that is made up of eight (8) alphanumeric characters. That it is designated and enlisted to a vehicle, when it was duly registered in the Public Vehicle Registry.

This is the one that allows all specialists to approve the due legal status of any vehicle or motorcycle in Mexican domain. From time to time, this record is called car serial number or body number.

How did you register the vehicle in REPUVE?

With respect to new vehicles, the producer, the manufacturer or the importer is the person responsible for the proper setup of said vehicle. On the contrary, used vehicles, it is an obligation of the Entity’s Vehicle Control offices, help said enlistment through control measures and depending on the verification that the State executes.

In addition, we inform you that if the vehicle is a model after the year two thousand eight (2008) or to date and is not registered in REPUVE, you must go to the business where you bought the vehicle unit and make the request, so that it is registered in the institution.

If your vehicle is a model before two thousand eight (2008), you must go to the places already indicated. To know when you should list your vehicle with this association.

In case you are not the owner, could you pay the obligation?

In fact, you can do it with the license plate number or with the printing of your capture line.

Will I receive a revalidation sticker?

Revalidation (gummed) will no longer be delivered, currently it will not be included in the delivery of the vehicle support for 2021. Once the payment is made, save the impression of the receipt, as this will be the guarantee of the payment made.

Will a new registration card be issued?

No, when the payment is made, print the receipt and keep a duplicate with the vehicle registration card, as this extends the legitimacy until March 31, 2022.

I currently have local public transport plates, should I make the payment in bank or in transit?

The support fee is made clearly with the printing of the capture line or plate number in the banks of interest and authorized stores.

For legal entities, will there be a window to make payments at the workplaces of the Directorate of Entry?

The process is the same for both legal and natural persons, it is not important to go to an office to make the payment, you can do it in banks and physical stores.

What is REPUVE?

We can indicate that The REPUVE is the public entity where you should go to Register the Vehicle. It is important to note that the main utility is to monitor and distinguish each vehicle in the Mexican region. Similarly, keep track of the following:

  • In the first place, that the regulations established for the registration of the vehicle are complied with.
  • Next, check that the ownership document has no amendments or erasures.
  • It ensures compliance with the fines or penalties that the vehicle has.
  • Finally, it is in charge of authorizing the free movement of the vehicle throughout the territory.

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