How to Know if a Company Exists in Mexico: Steps, Registration and MORE

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In this article by How to know if a company exists in Mexico You will learn about the legalization process, what the Public Registry consists of and much more important information.

If you are thinking of starting a business or a company, be sure to read this topic that is presented here since you will know data that you may not be aware of. Welcome, then, and if you think it will help others better share the information.

How to know if a company exists in Mexico?

Knowing if a company exists or not is very important, if we are dealing with a legally constituted company or not, it is essential when maintaining any type of commercial relationship or other characteristics. If you want to invest, buy or sell something, you must be sure with whoever maintains that relationship, it is therefore essential to have the certainty and knowledge of this situation.

To know if a company exists in Mexico it is necessary to do the following verification:

  • You must identify the establishment, this is essential to do. Know the physical headquarters of the administrative operation of the company in question.
  • Also, it corresponds to do the check Of the same. Validate through clients, suppliers, products, among others.
  • The company must be registered in all corresponding government entities. This is a very effective way to verify the existence of the company.

So, once this has been done, it can then go to another level within the professional, commercial and institutional relationships with the research company.

How to Know if a Company Exists in Mexico: Steps to Follow

If you want to verify if a company is authentic or not, it is up to you to follow up on certain points to make the process easier. Here are the steps to verify the existence of the company:

  • As mentioned before, the physical location of the company, that is to say the establishment.
  • Likewise, know the administrative site where the business operates or company. Fundamental point when ruling out whether it is a shell company.
  • Also, the verification of the business must be done, that is, validate what it does Really.
  • Generally, companies have some product or service offered therefore a review should be done at this point.
  • It is also important verify who the customers are and validate with them the type of relationship they have with the company and their opinions on the matter.
  • Likewise, the verification of products or services offered by the company.
  • Don’t forget, do the verification of the company’s registration in the government entities where it must be registered. This is a fundamental and urgent step to carry out.

Regarding the previous point, a company that has not made the corresponding records and does not have the basic and indispensable documentation may then have the suspicion that it is false and non-existent.

How to know if a company exists in Mexico: know if it is legal

In previous years in Mexico there was a large percentage of companies that performed the functions and were not legal. In other words, they were not complying with certain and determined regulations and statutes essential for a company to operate legally.

Some of these companies operated irregularly to avoid paying the corresponding taxes.

To verify the legality of the company, it is necessary to consult the following entities online:

  • The Tax Administration Service (SAT).
  • The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).
  • Likewise, through issuance of invoices or any tax type receipt authorized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT).
  • Also, through the compliance with requirements and obligations established by law.

The Mexican Association of Human Capital Companies (AMECH) proposed in 2016, together with other government financial entities in Mexico, to implement projects whose purpose is to regulate companies that work in the country. This helps to avoid deception, money laundering and corruption in the supply of resources at the request of the Mexican state.

Further, Any company legally registered and functioning properly can and should report on its data such as:

  • The legal location or tax domicile.
  • Also, hiring options.
  • The conditions in which it operates.
  • Likewise, methods of payment of wages and benefits to the worker.
  • Likewise, you must comply with the administrative responsibilities, as it is the payment and the information of the workers, inscriptions of the workers in the service of pensions of the Mexican Institute of the Social Security (IMSS).
  • Comply with the individual and collective contracts of workers.
  • Similarly, you must give compliance with tax responsibilities, salary payment, benefits, payroll and others.

Complying with what is established in the Law, makes any company not do anything illegal, violating the Tax Code and presenting legal problems that could end up with jail time for the people responsible for the company.

Public Registry of Companies in Mexico

It is the entity where the companies that work in Mexico are registered, as well as any institution that carries out an economic activity. The Public Registry registers, registers, notifies and issues the commercial actions generated by a company or commercial company.

It is an entity that is in operation in all the cities of the Mexican territory. Register acts under the baton of the General Directorate of Registries (DGR) together with the Notary of the Ministry of Justice of Mexico.

The Public Registry is in charge of exercising control over companies such as those mentioned below:

  • The business in Mexico.
  • The exporting companies.
  • Likewise, importing companies.
  • Any institution or organization in charge of carrying out an economic activity.

How to Know if a Company Exists in Mexico: Frequently Asked Questions

This section is dedicated to clarifying doubts and concerns that people who want to register a company or who wish to establish employment, commercial or business relationships generally have.

Frequently asked questions are as follows:

How can a company be recognized?

If it is intended to increase the sales of products or services of a company, the production must be made known to the market and the general public. It is a way of attracting customers, suppliers and investors.

Without a doubt the Advertising is too important and exposure to the market with all production.

It is recommended to create your own website, that is essential in today’s world and it is basic keep the service online.

If the company is not registered in the corresponding country entities?

If a company, business or company is not registered in the entities that correspond to the State and is carrying out an economic activity, then it is considered that is a company acting informally or illegally.

The corresponding procedures must be carried out with the corresponding documentation to have the company operating legally. Likewise, problems may arise since many of the procedures require documents that are authorized by the entities with the power to do so.

If a company is not registered, then it is a shell company that scams the state by not paying taxes.

How many companies are there in Mexico?

Knowing the number of companies in a country is relevant information as statistical data that is used for different actions and decision making.

In Mexico this investigation has been carried out related to the approximate determination of companies existing legally. That is, it refers to how many actually comply with the guidelines and requirements established by the governing entities in the matter.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), which carried out a research study, it concluded that there are currently approximately five million companies in Mexico.

Of this total of five million companies, 87% had already been reported in the previous investigation of the year 2015 carried out by the government. Two million 825 thousand 272 companies are already registered in the previous version of DENUE, and two million 100 thousand 789 registered companies, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

For any questions go to the official portal of the INEGI and consult the directory that appears there.

You have finished your reading of How to Know if a Company Exists in Mexico, and you are surely surprised by the valuable information we have provided you. Comment and share the usefulness of the article.

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