How to know if a Financier is Legal: CONDUSEF, SIPRE and MORE

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How to know if a financier is legal? In view of the increase in fraud that is taking place daily in Mexico, many are asking this question.

Today there are entities and consultation tools where you can verify this information, below we give you the guidelines so that you have the knowledge you need on the subject.

How to know if a financier is legal?

There must be an effective process to resolve the question of whether a finance company is legal, the consultation must be conducted in Sypress. This is a system that contains the records made by financial service providers.

When a fulfillment of steps is carried out, the information can be known if the financial information is legal.

exist differences In this area, regarding the actions of certain competencies, what is the objective that the political authorities of the world can constantly present in a meeting.

Meetings of various international organizations or institutions are regularly presented and held.

How to Know if a Financier is Legal: Verify in CONDUSEF

The CONDUSEF presents an operation to be able to offer the necessary support information for each of the people.

Those who highlight their rights from some type of contract based on financial processes that are developed in Mexico. They use online tools and also offer easy access to the information so that they have the ability to perform the verification.

Then anyone can comply with the confirmation, fulfilling some points about legitimacy. This stands out directly in relation to the legitimacy expressed by the authorizing institution.

To carry out the control process, then various tools must be used to allow this process.

And you should also consider having the correct and complete information for the process to be effective.

Therefore, two usable tools stand out to explain how to know if a financial company is legal.

How to know if a Financier is Legal: SIPRE

It’s a OS for registration by financial sector providers. It is a kind of tool that is used to locate all the information as well as the different institutions that are regulated.

  • To present the review of SIPRES, it is necessary to enter the official page that it offers.
  • Then, you must search through the options and select “Search Institutions” from where a form will be presented to complete the information.
  • This is presented as information about the financial area that is operating.
  • The registry allows to obtain information in general so that the query is carried out correctly.
  • It can be selected in any of them, such as: B. Kinfío given in relation to the next step.
  • East Company Name it contains other options that are necessary to continue the process.
  • A page opens in which the processes to be carried out are started and in which informative information is highlighted
  • This highlights the date the process took place, as well as the phone, address, employee, and other dates.

How to Know if a Financier is Legal: Bureau of Financial Institutions

Another tool presented is the bureau in relation to financial companies with specific activity. The objective is to add value to the variety of products offered and the information provided by this tool.

That correspond to the different commissions as well as the corresponding rates.

The management is carried out based on the comments published by people, highlighting the type of contracts they have received. As well as other administrative measures of interest that require information about the contracts.

The goal is to provide people with the help they need to make a cross-entity comparison. They are not only evaluated in a way that they are analyzed for their specific knowledge.

For these units to be located it is necessary to have knowledge of social information, that is, an appointment in the legal area.

However, it should be noted that in addition to using these two options, there is the opportunity to perform the revision taking into account some factors:

  • It is possible that some Payment types have not been processed prior to receiving the credit and deposits cannot be made.
  • Personal data or various documents or information on the subject cannot be disclosed or transmitted.
  • This is necessary first, it must be confirmed that the company is authorized and operates legally.
  • Find out what are the different opinions of other users that your experience can teach you something.
  • Then you can go directly to the agency funder, which must be registered in CONDUSEF.
  • This is a process in which the rights of the user can be respected and respected in any situation.

If there are problems obtaining a product in the future, your solution is safe.

What are the Financial Fraudulent?

Of this type of concepts, the money request without having provided the credit, being a fraud in which the person loses their money.

In general, these types of experts stand out in the social networks and they are in charge of carrying out fraud with people.

When people generate these types of actions, lose large amounts of money, thus providing protection against these assets.

How to File a Complaint with the CONDUSEF?

To file a complaint with the CONDUSEF, the following points must be observed:

  • To do this in person, you must go directly to the Offices.
  • Therefore, you must know the address of the offices to avoid problems.
  • To do this for telephone, you must specify the case in detail. The numbers are 01 800 999 80 80 and 55 53 40 09 99.
  • By emailIt is important to know that data is being shared and that if you wish to file a complaint, please contact Advisory @ condusef. mouth. max.
  • There is also the option to do so presented in your portal, which generally only allows complaints about debit and credit cards.

In order to use the platform the following steps must be performed:

  • First, go to the site Web from CONDUSEF.
  • Go and select the option “Actions and scheduling.”
  • The addresses of the online complaint portal are highlighted.
  • The complaint must state why reason and in addition to the selection of the product that gave rise to the complaint and more.
  • There are many more details to add to the case, which means some documents are required. These must be found digitally. This allows the portal to create the report.
  • Includes the personal information, name, address, email address, where they are, sent the complaint, CURP and others.
  • As a last step, select “Validate”.


The CONDUSEF It is a National Commission that is based on the Protection of people and also on the Defense of their Services. It is an entity or body that works publicly with the objective of providing protection to the rights of citizens.

It will be necessary that they lend, and also give advocacy and advice to those who use any product, as well as those who use services in the financial area that come from entities in Mexico.

The help that comes from this leads to encouraging people to express their culture in the right way.
This in relation to each of the operations necessary to carry out and in relation to the use of the services.

The main tasks expressed by the CONDUSEF They are to carry out adequate supervision so that there is a good relationship between the people who use it. If there is any inconvenience, mediation actions will come from the injured party to find the best solution.

It should be noted that the protection It is not provided for one side only, but for both sides rights will be protected.

What is it for?

Maybe last year you tried to apply for a credit card credit or a business loan, and today there are extremely attractive offers thanks to the variety of financial companies that offer you the “best product.” Of course, anything can be fine, but what happens when not everything is perfect and there are problems with commissions, interest, etc.

Although it can be difficult to acquire funds and then have problems with what would “help them promote”, in Mexico there is an institution that always strives to be the best support for them. we are talking about the CONDUSEF .

To be clearer, the main responsibilities of the CONDUSEF They are to control financial institutions so that they have a good relationship with the people who use them and, if a problem arises between them, to act as an intermediary to reach the best agreements (always protect the rights of both parties).

Remember that by “financial institutions” it is not just targeting traditional banks.

The object of the CONDUSEF goes, among others, to credit institutions, credit information companies (credit bureaus), brokerage houses, investment funds, credit unions, stock exchanges, insurance institutions, guarantee institutions, fund managers of El Retiro , Cooperatives of saving and credit.


In Mexico there is competence in the economic area, showing that they have certain conditions.

The people that they buy and sell they must record their prices and also produce an exchange of goods.

This is the means that is used so that citizens can satisfy their needs and not present serious problems.

It is very important that these types of policies are coordinated, as regards activities international, The next points:

  • Payment processes.
  • Investments.
  • Business property laws.
  • Commerce.

In addition to knowing if a company financial is legalIt is important to understand the financial issue that stands out in Mexico.

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