How to Know if a Garment is Gold: Tricks, Tests and MORE

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How to know if a Garment is Gold? Surely you have in your possession a garment that is supposed to be gold, to dispel any doubts we will tell you how you can recognize it, you will find some tips or simple methods to apply at home, as well as other details about this precious metal. Gold is a very valuable garment that is used as a means of payment.

Currently buying and selling gold is a way of trading. Business and people are fully involved in this process. Next, you will know how to know if the garment is legitimate, what is its purity and more.

How to Know if a Garment is Gold in a Simple Way?

To be sure that a garment is made of pure gold, the ideal is to buy it in a store of trust and distinction in this field. Since in these destinations they have a propensity to transmit an endorsement that ensures the virtue and credibility of the piece.

However, we can acquire the piece through a stranger, or perhaps it is an article of clothing that has been in the family for quite some time. It is with the latter that we need to escape from uncertainty and find out whether the purchased or acquired gem is gold.

There are complex tests in which chemicals are used, curiously, they are used by a trained professional. Individuals who take appropriate defensive measures. Be that as it may, there are some less intricate techniques or stunts.

In the same way, we can carry out these tests at home, without significant dangers to our well-being and also to the garment to be audited. In the attached lines we will show five of the numerous strategies that exist and we ensure that our gem or piece is really made of this honorable metal.

It should be noted that gold has been used since ancient times to make pieces of ornaments and coins. Among its attributes we have that it is a totally malleable metal and sometimes amalgams are made with different metals to give it hardness.

How to Know if a Garment is Gold: Home Tricks

In events where we question the credibility of a piece of gold, we consider what custom tricks we can apply to make sure it is absolutely the valuable metal, then the tests or tricks you can perform:

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This technique is perhaps the least difficult and the simplest, only a magnifying glass is important. For the most part, the gold pieces have little checks made by the diamond master. With them the virtue or the carats of the gem is recognized.

The examination should be cautious, noting if there is any type of stain, or if there is wear on the piece or if another dye appears. These conditions demonstrate that the gem has only one gold plating, which is known as gold plating.

Verify the producer’s image

This strategy is not authoritative, as counterfeiters have become so refined that they have figured out how to render prints with extraordinary flawlessness. In any case, you consider purchasing the part, we can look for the manufacturer’s image.

In a piece, the mark of purity of the gold is sought, which is made up of three figures. In addition, the manufacturer’s code consists of three digits and two letters.

Using a magnet

Obviously, it will be important to use a solid magnet. Since gold is definitely not an attractive metal, it should not be attracted to the magnet. Therefore, if the piece or gem is pulled inward or sticks to the magnet, it is not uplifting news, it is not gold.

Using a ceramic

We will need an unglazed ceramic plate, it must be original. On the off chance that when the gold piece is aimed at the plate and some bright lines are indicated, the gem is 100% gold. However, in the event that the markings are dark, it is not genuine gold.

With a lighter or match

The moment we bring the gold garment to the heat of the lighter, for a moment and it just gets hot, it is pure gold. In the event that the garment darkens or shows another change, for example, liquefying, we could be facing a gold bath or the gem was produced with another metal or material.

How to Know if a Garment is Gold: Common Tests

However, as explained above, the strategies examined are not entirely genuine, as they can create confusion with different types of metals. This is the reason why many people like to use more logical and expert strategies to ensure the virtue of the metal that is now being tested.

However, this is more difficult to do because for the most part, they will generally request more accurate and therefore expensive devices. This is the motivation behind why pawn shops and master jewelers, in general, have a number of devices that they use to validate the product.

These instruments are used by exceptionally trained people, as they can even be risky due to the materials they use. What’s more, in this sense, there are even some tests that require the use of acids, so you must know how to do it precisely.

This is something that has been used for hundreds of years, due to the validity of this metal, its use and demand. If you need to know if a metal is gold using competent strategies, here is a summary of the most used ones:

  • With magnet– This test is basic but requires an incredibly amazing magnet with industrial skills. In the event that the piece does not pull the magnet, it is gold.
  • By thickness– This technique requires a precision scale to have the option of quantifying the adjustment thickness of gold in contrast to that of water.
  • Acids: Nitric corrosive is generally used to ensure that the piece does not erode, as if it does, it is not genuine gold.
  • As should be obvious, these strategies are somewhat more confusing and, as a rule, need to be prepared by staff in advance.

How to Know if a Garment is Gold: Clean it at Home

A piece of gold never loses its brilliance, but it can darken due to its use or the type of gold used, and it can also have traces of the elements that we use every day, for example, a cleaner. Among the most recognized cleaning strategies in the home, we have:

With water and mild cleaner or dishwasher cleaner.

  • Put warm water in a container and disintegrate the product a little.
  • Sprinkle the gold pieces for fifteen minutes.
  • At that point, rinse with water at the ideal temperature and dry carefully.

Using white kitchen vinegar or for household cleaning

  • This technique, despite cleaning the piece, serves to confirm whether it is pure gold. The unadulterated gold will shine and the fake will change in appearance due to the simple corrosive.
  • Place the piece in a support with white vinegar, between 10 and 15 minutes.
  • The moment the time is up, take it out and rinse it with clean water.

Using baking soda

Mixing baking soda with water is exceptionally attractive for cleaning gold garments. Works with yellow, rose or white gold:

  • Place a layer of aluminum foil inside a glass compartment, as an interior liner.
  • Insert the garment and cover it by spraying the preparation product.
  • Pour a splash of bubbly water over the garment and the baking soda. Then splash for five minutes.
  • Subsequently, rub the gem with a toothbrush or similar with delicate fibers.
  • Finally, add cold water wash the garment and dry with a delicate fabric.

Gold Price in Mexico

Nowadays, to have in his possession a metal as appreciated as the gold, in any of its presentations, is to have a similarity of fortune and wealth. It is a legitimate thought, since the significant metals are: gold and silver, that is, they have their own value.

The choice to invest resources in these metals is exceptionally smart and cunning, as they maintain their value and do not depreciate, even despite the costs of trading and their varieties it is always a profit to have them. Keep in mind that these metals are very important in Mexico and on the planet.

Through the web you can reach several destinations that show us the daily costs of gold in Mexican pesos. Without prejudice to accounts, schemes and research on the projection of costs. Therefore, you should consult the different stores or exchange offices to make a decision.

Tips to Know if your Garment is Gold

Gold is a valuable metal par excellence. Keep in mind the following tips to know the piece and its conservation:

  • To avoid scrubbing and scratching the pieces, store them independently in cloth sacks.
  • Take vital steps to avoid direct contact of clothing items with cleaning supplies and fragrances.
  • The synthetic segments of these items shatter the gold on your clothing pieces.
  • During contact with the pools or the sea, try not to wear gold clothing items. Similarly, chlorine, as the different elements used to maintain pool water, like ocean salt, can weaken items.

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