How to know if a Travel Agency is Registered: Steps, Reports and MORE

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Tourism, as in any country but mainly in Mexico, is a very relevant resource. That is why some entrepreneurs risk creating a business related to that sector. But it is important to know that they must adhere to certain standards. Which leads many to wonder: How to know if a travel agency is registered?

Here we will mention all the details that are necessary to know when you want to make this query. How to consult, steps to do it successfully, complaints and more. Let us begin!

How to know if a Travel Agency is Registered?

In order to clarify the question of how to know if a travel agency is registered, it is first necessary to know how this process is carried out.

It should be noted that it is possible to perform this operation through the web, the process is completely online which is very simple.

People must have internet service to be able to access the website presented by the secretarial section regarding tourism.

For this, it will be necessary to have a general knowledge of the information necessary to carry out this operation. Certain steps must be followed so that some type of error or greater complexity does not occur.

The steps will be highlighted below, it is important to adhere to them specifically.

How to Know if a Travel Agency is Registered: Steps

To know the registration information of a travel-based agency, it is necessary to comply with the following steps:

  • First of all, it is necessary to have access to the official website exhibited by the Mexican secretary based on tourism activities.
  • Then, different options will be presented, among which it should be selected in the section to make inquiries regarding tourism.
  • When you are in this section properly, then you proceed to select the option ‘Travel agency’.
  • In the option regarding these agencies, certain specific information will be required, which must be completed.
  • Among these points are placing the name presented by the agency that is commercial, as well as specifying its status.
  • Then the information will be presented in relation to whether it is registered or not

These are the ideal steps to clear up the question of how to know if a travel agency is registered. In the case of not complying with some of these steps, then the process can become complex to understand and comply with it.

How to know if a Travel Agency is Registered: How to Report?

Not all experiences are positive, on certain occasions there have been inconveniences or problems through its use

Which may require the establishment of a complaint to carry out a definitive solution. Because perhaps the points established by the travel agency were not met, then it is necessary to proceed.

First of all, a complaint must be carried out directly to the Ministry in charge of tourist activities.To do this, the following points should be considered:

You must have the appropriate form for the complaint

  1. Justify with documents the fault committed
  2. Each of the documents must be legal and duly signed
  3. Upon arrival at the offices in charge of the complaint process, each of the documents must be delivered
  4. Generally, the process is carried out but takes a period of about two weeks
  5. After this time has passed, then the request will be sent to appear as a conciliation hearing.

From this, the complaint process, being a procedure that does not present high complexity

Registration in the National Tourism Registry

For those who want to clarify how to know if a travel agency is registered, after clarifying it they may find that it has not been registered

And therefore it will be necessary to know how this can be done registration process, which is based on specific points

For those who present themselves as tourism providers and wish to register, it will be necessary to comply with the following steps:

  1. They must access the website indicated by the National Registry in the tourist area.
  2. It must be selected in the ‘Register’ option.
  3. In which a user must be defined, as well as a password.
  4. There will be a form required to complete with all the information correctly.
  5. After that, the information will be sent to your email.
  6. Which must be accepted for the account to be activated properly.
  7. Then when accessing with your data you must select ‘Enter RNT’.
  8. There will be a registration form that is required.
  9. To do this, you must select the option ‘My establishments’.
  10. The digits must be specified with respect to the license plate that has been registered directly in the commercial type establishment.
  11. Attach all certificates in relation to the process, technological, tourist, financial capabilities, personal registration and others.
  12. The registration form is printed.
  13. It is selected in ‘Save’.
  14. If everything has been correct, we proceed to download the receipt to pay.
  15. He goes to the cashiers to make the payment due.
  16. The voucher is printed, which must be saved in your account

After following each of these steps, the registration of a travel agency can be carried out correctly.


By the Ministry established in Mexico in charge of economic development activities, as well as trade and tourism

Laws were introduced based on the need to register or register for these types of services. Which were to allow activities to be carried out with respect to the regulation, processes and procedures to be carried out

From this it was named this tourism record, this was presented specifically for those people of loans

Based on passenger car services that generally carried out their processes and operations in relation to Colombia This is a record that has been highlighted on a mandatory basis for it to be effective and to observe optimal results

And it will also be necessary to carry out the update in the year, which is required so that it can really be counted on.

The record that is given based on tourism information, which presents the possibility that the necessary processes for control

Since tourism-based services require constant regulation and that they can be identified without any type of error

This will be the complete information that is carried out to the sector in charge of tourism, which is why it highlights its great importance

Then the Ministries in charge of the area of ​​trade and tourism will be able to produce all the study processes on the activities carried out.

This is something that is done in the country as well as internationally. which is presented between the political spheres to carry out planning

In addition, different programs are established, where collaboration is required to be able to carry out studies in the area. Therefore, it is established to be able to provide credits as well as finance this type of services with respect to tourism.

How to Know if a Travel Agency is Registered: Best Options in Mexico

There is a certain amount of travel agencies in Mexico, which provide optimal services and are highlighted by a high number of features

Among them we can highlight the one considered the best by most of the people, who have provided their opinion when conducting surveys

A list of the best chosen will be presented, in descending order, which are:

  • Price Travel.
  • To take off.
  • Expedia.
  • BestDay.
  • Trivago.
  • Booking

These are considered the best agencies in Mexico, highlighting that Price Travel has been considered the best among them.

When carrying out a vote, an amount greater than 35% stands out for Price Travel, characterized by its good services

In the same way, each of them have stood out for their optimal results, therefore the users have chosen them as the best

However, this can be based on personal experiences or opinions, therefore it stands out in a general way

It is recommended to know each one of them in detail and make use of the most appropriate one.

What is a Travel Agency?

A travel agency is a private company that acts as an intermediary between its clients and certain suppliers of the travel industry, such as airlines, hotels, cruises, among others, offering the first the best contracting conditions for the trips they wish to undertake.

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