How to know if I am Affiliated to a Political Party: Register, Baja and MORE

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In Mexico, How to know if I am affiliated with a Political Party It is a very common question in electoral stages. The INE (National Electoral Institute) makes available to citizens a free tool to check whether or not they are affiliated with a political party without their consent.

Today we will explain how to carry out this process easily and quickly. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing more details about affiliation to political parties, Do not stop reading this article!

How do I know if I am Affiliated with a Political Party?

The National Electoral Institute (INE) has a free digital tool to verify if you are affiliated with a political party without knowing it. The only thing required is the voter password.

To know this information, you must enter the site of Political Actors in Mexico. Then the voter code (which appears on the front of the voter card) is noted.

The page then asks for a specific party to be chosen, as well as the entity and municipality to which the voter belongs. The site automatically downloads a text document in which all the affiliates of the designated political party appear. In this way, it is possible to know if a voter ‘is part’ of a party without their permission.

The third article of the General Law of Political Parties states that It is the exclusive right of citizens to join them, so they cannot be registered without their consent.

If a person is affiliated with a political party without their consent, they can file a complaint with the Contentious Technical Unit of the INE by filling in a form available on the institute’s website. If the adhesion is to a local party, the complaint must be filed with the electoral bodies in the entities, depending on the state in which the political party committed the improper registration.

Until April 2018, the PRI was the party with the most complaints about its membership registry, with 1,135 cases. The complete list of complaints is as follows: PRI: 1,135; PRD: 422; PVEM: 98; MC: 35; PAN: 28; PES: 27; Brunette: 24; PANAL: 24; PT: 20.

How to know if I am Affiliated to a Political Party: Affiliate Register

The National Political Parties, To keep their record, they are required to keep the number of militants required in current regulations, that is:

  • 3,000 in at least 20 states or 300 in at least 200 single-member electoral districts, and
  • the equivalent of 0.26% of the Federal Electoral Register that was used in the immediately preceding federal election.
The process of verifying compliance with the minimum number of the lists of members of the National Political Parties for the preservation of their registration is carried out every three years to guarantee that each political party complies with these requirements prior to the start of the federal electoral process.
General Law of Political Parties, article 10, numeral 2, subsection b); art. 25, numeral 1, subsection c) and art. 94, numeral 1, subsection d).

How to know if I am Affiliated to a Political Party: New Tool to Consult

In accordance with the third article of the General Law of Political PartiesIt is an exclusive right of citizens to join them; but with the theft of data or under other situations, there are those who obtain a person’s voter code to join a party without their will or knowledge.

That is why on the page Affiliated to National and Local Political Parties you can find out if you are a member of a political institute without being authorized. If this affiliation is not recognized in the tool, you must go to the office of the Executive Directorate of Prerogatives and Political Parties, Local Boards, Districts or Citizen Attention Modules (MAC) of the INE to present the withdrawal form accompanied by a simple copy of the credential to vote.

In this way, the political party must cancel the affiliation and delete the data from its affiliate list.

Currently, according to the verification of the membership registers, the General Council of the INE establishes that the National Action Party (PAN) it has 378,838 affiliates; the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has 6,368,763; the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) has 5,254,778 affiliated people, while National Regeneration Movement (Morena) has 319,449.

Just last year, the INE reported that they had received 15,000 complaints from citizens for being affiliated with a political party without their consent. The Institute imposes a fine of 45 thousand pesos on the political parties for each person affiliated without their will.

How to Unsubscribe from a Political Party?

Carrying the credential to vote is necessary, as the parties must corroborate the voter password. In the case of the PRD, the letter must be accompanied by a copy of it and the INE credential; It can be delivered at the party’s national headquarters, located at Monterrey 50, Colonia Roma, in Mexico City, or at the institute’s state headquarters.

You can also send the request to the email, however, the original letter must also be sent by parcel. Upon receipt of the letter, the party delivers or sends an acknowledgment of receipt.

In Movimiento Ciudadano, all you have to do is send an e-mail to the party’s Organization secretariat, In the mail, the full name of the citizen and his voter code must be indicated.

Another instance to which you can go physically is the representation of the party before the INE, in the offices of that organism, in Viaducto Tlalpan 100, Arenal Tepepan neighborhood, Tlalpan delegation. In the case of the Labor Party (PT), it is necessary to go to the local office and take the letter of request and a copy of the voter’s credential to the affiliations area.

There you must fill out an ARCO personal data protection form (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition). Internally, this format and the request to remove the register are sent to the national affiliation department, where the citizen’s registry will be deleted.

This takes from one week to 20 business days, after which the applicant is notified via email that the process has been completed.

In addition to this, the PT’s transparency area goes to the INE to notify the removal of the register; likewise, the receipt given by the electoral body is sent to the citizen.

Other parties were questioned about their disaffiliation process, but did not respond.

Common doubts

  1. What is a political party?

Political parties are organizations that fulfill the political function of representing and integrating various interests of society.

They have the particularity that, unlike other organizations that also represent social interests, political parties aspire to participate in elections.

In this regard, the Italian political scientist Giovanni Sartori specifies that a political party is “any political group identified by an official label that presents candidates for public office in elections (free or not).” What makes a political party distinctive is participating in elections and the possibility of promoting candidates for popularly elected positions.

  1. What are the main functions of political parties today?

    One of the main functions of political parties in today’s societies is that they “structure and transmit public opinion, communicate demands to the political powers”, or as Manuel Alcántara points out, “They mediate between society and the political system.”

    In addition, “they promote public control of public power and the influence of citizens in public decisions, give rise to the formation of the main political institutions of the country (…), contribute to the integration and legitimation of the political system as a whole or they channel protests against a particular political system ”.

    The parties have a function of gate or “entry control” of the issues and demands that will be present in decision-making processes public, collective or involving the entire society in some way, and for this reason, in some texts this activity is defined as basic for the political system to “function” (operation of the political system).

  2. How important are political parties for the democratic system and regime?

For Alan Ware it is difficult to imagine that in contemporary states there can be a politics without parties. This author points out that at present there are only two types of States that do not have political parties; small regions ruled by families and regimes that have banned political parties and are ruled by the military, or by authoritarian governments supported by armies.

But political parties are even more important for the existence and development of democracies. As Schattschneider aptly stated, “political parties created democracy” and modern democracy is unthinkable without their participation. In reality, there is no democratic regime in the contemporary world without political parties.

This is easy to understand because democracies are precisely a form of government characterized by the fact that its rules and procedures are based on an essential minimum of requirements at their origin. The above mentioned would be:

  • Existence of periodic elections to appoint the Executive or Legislative Power.
  • Guarantee of the right to cast a single vote for each and every citizen in each election.
  • Existence of at least two political parties or groups that fight for power in each election.
  • Guarantee of whoever wins the elections holds the government until the next elections.
  • Impossibility of altering the extension of the periods of government unilaterally by the party or group in power.

Additionally, parties are extremely important to democracies because they are “vehicles of political pluralism.”, which allow groups to be formed that bring together people with similar interests and thus represent political differences in a society.

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