How to know if I can request a medical appointment at the ISSSTE in Mexico

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If you need medical services either for a check-up or due to illness, the ISSSTE It offers them here we tell you how:

How do I know if I can request a medical appointment at the ISSSTE?

To find out if you can request an appointment for an external consultation of the first level that is in the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE)you need to be in force and have been discharged in its corresponding clinic.

The documents that you need to have on hand is your RFC Federal Taxpayer Registry or, if applicable, your CURP Unique Population Registry Code

This is a completely gratuitous which can be requested in different ways:

Requirements and documentation

In general ranges, what could be requested for schedule your appointment it is:

  • Data of the worker
  • Names and surnames
  • Unique Population Registry Code (CURP)
  • Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC)

How to request a medical appointment at the ISSSTE

Among the things you must take into account in order to be in the ISSSTE is that you must meet all requirements. As is having the appointment card and being registered with what corresponds to the validity of the rights.

Quote You can request it in different ways, among them are in line. Going to the clinic in person. Or through a cell phone. By the time of date We can advise you to take into account the following points:

  • You should arrive a little before the time that they have assigned the date. So that it is at rest and that the check data is not altered. Because when you get to the clinic They will take your height, measure your weight, and take your blood pressure level.
  • Then find and position yourself in the waiting area. So that you can await the moment of being called by name. NopeNormally this is a fairly quick process but the actual time will depend on the clinic where you are.

So that you can request an appointment the essential documents that must already be within your reach to process the ISSSTE are the Unique Population Registry Code (CURP) and also the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC). Besides personal information that they may request:

In case you want to make your ISSSTE In person, you should preferably go to the file area of ​​the clinic in the morning. There you will be asked for your appointment card and the necessary data.

East process It could take about a period of 15 to 20 minutes for the process to start.

One of the most used ways in the realization of this Procedure It is via the Internet, since it can be done more comfortably and even from your own home if you have an Internet connection.

So I can start this Procedure online you must have the following information at your fingertips: name, paternal surname, maternal surname, CURP, and email.

Your RFC or CURP is necessary and essential so that the system can search for you more easily. Then you can add your first and last name to start the search, and it will even give you the option to verify that it is correct.

Now if it will allow you to choose the most appropriate time and date for your medical appointment. It will then ask you to specify what type of query you are requesting. Finally when you click on the button to process the date this will be programmed with the data placed.

The system will also end up showing you a password which you must remember to write down, because on the day of the date You must present it at the clinic. In addition, if you wish, the platform will also present you with the option to print all the data of the appointment.

You can even request the date By telephone and it is quite simple, you will only have to call 4000 1000 from what corresponds to the metropolitan area and the Federal District, or you can also call (0155) 4000 1000 from the interior of the country.

There you will hear one or one operator where a certain personal information such as the surname, name, RFC number or CURP. You will then be able to choose the time and date of your medical appointment and again write down your code that you have to present at the clinic.

It is important that you go to the clinic at least 20 minutes before the time for the things that we have already explained to you.

Who benefits from ISSSTE?

If it is the case in which the person who owns the account has died, the resources that have been accumulated can be claimed at any time by the beneficiaries which will be people designated to be able to receive them.

With what is in the ISSSTE There are only two types of beneficiaries, surrogate and legal persons.

On the other hand, the legal ones are those people who have a respective right to be able to request some type of pension, and in turn can dispose of the resources of some individual account in the form of a pension:

  • The couple and, if applicable, the minor children 18 years. In a few cases, those older than 18 if they meet inability to be able to work. And it can even be up to 25 years old if you are studying at the upper secondary level. As long as they are single and unemployed.
  • Given the case of the lack of the partner, a concubine or concubine. With whom the person had children, or who lived with the person for the 5 years before their death. That both had not been in some marriage relationship while the concubinage lasted.
  • Estimating the case of the lack of the couple, a concubine or concubine, children. The legal beneficiaries in this case would be her predecessors, and in their absence the descendants who depended economically

For the substitutesthese would only come into action if none of the legaland if they do not have rights to a pension but they do have the right to dispose of resources individually.

  • If there were no existence of any legal beneficiary but if there are several elements with which you can request as a substitute beneficiary, then you must appear in the FEDERAL COURT OF CONCILIATION AND ARBITRATION that will be in charge of issuing the resolution.
  • It is recommended that before you go to the Federal Attorney for the Defense of Labor by its acronym PROFEDET or at 01 800 717 29 42, you will be assigned an advisor free of charge.
  • It is important to underline in the event that there is any type of legal beneficiarysubstitute beneficiaries may not apply.

What does the ISSSTE do?

The ISSSTE It is in charge of being able to guarantee access to health for people, since it allows the reservation of appointments in clinics that is endorsed by the IMSS.

Do you need to make an appointment at the ISSSTE? You already know how! Success.

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