How to know if I owe the SAT: Steps for the process and everything you need to know

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At some point in our lives something is always owed, which causes collectors to create plans so that they can pay off the debts and SAT I am not far behind, so read this article to answer this question How do I know if I owe the SAT?

How to know how much I owe to the SAT?

First of all, it will be briefly defined SATOkay is a Tax Administration Service used by taxpayers to carry out tax proceduresin this way you can do all the tax procedures faster and easier.

itself the service SAT It is free, but this does not mean the taxes are free, no, that is if they have to pay for it, in this article it will be explained in detail how to pay the tax obligations using the Tax Administrative System.

To find out how much you owe in tax obligations, you just have to go to this page tax systemwhere you will have all the information about the pending taxes, so you can make your accounts to be able to comply with the tax obligations.

Steps to know the debt to the SAT

Now you know where you can consult, it will indicate in detail how to know the debt you have with taxes. Certainly it should be clarified that there are two ways to be able to consult this debt, which can be adapted to the needs of the taxpayers, so there are no inconveniences to settle this type of debt.

Well, in order not to dwell on the matter, the two ways to pay this type of tax, the ways are face-to-face Y onlinesince not all taxpayers have time to complete the procedure at the tax office, nor do all taxpayers have the convenience of accessing the Internet when they want, which is why these forms exist.


For those taxpayers who cannot do the process online, they can do it directly at the Tax Administration office and you have to follow to do the process in this way:

  1. Gather the collections required by the tax that you are going to pay at that time.
  2. Locate the office of Tax Administrative SystemIt is closest to where you live.
  3. Once you are in the office, indicate that you want to stop the tax that corresponds to the current date.
  4. Deliver the documents required by the tax to the authorities that are providing you with care.
  5. Then they will make you go to the Internet room where you can do the tax declaration alone or with the help of the staff.
  6. After completing the online procedure, expect the procedure to allow you to print the form to pay the tax.
  7. After that, you can go to the bank’s website to make the payment online, although if you cannot make the payment by this means either, you can go to the bank agency and make the payment at the box office.

With this you would already comply with the tax obligations by this means.


Without a doubt, the most comfortable way for tax procedures is online, since you do not have to prepare physical documents, you only have and you do not have a stipulated time to do the procedure. Of course, this prevents fines for doing the procedure outside the date agreed by the tax administration..

Good to have an idea of ​​everything that must be done online for this tax procedure, just follow these steps:

  • When you are on the page you have to select the option Tax debts.

  • Next, a small menu will be displayed where you have to select Consult and pay your tax debts if you are registered.

  • Then the system SAT request the RFC and password to enter.

  • At the time of being in the query of debts, you have to select Tax credits and in the menu that will be displayed next, you have to select in it debts.
  • Then all the debts that the taxpayer has will appear, which have to be paid as soon as possible if it is already out of date.

The payment of debts can be done in the same way as when the procedure is done at the tax administration office, it can be done through a bank agency or through the bank portal.

How to access the SAT?

A part of this question was answered at the time the instructions were given to consult debts, since in the same way you have to enter the portal of the Tax Administrative Systemso that it is clearer how to enter, read these steps carefully:

  • Of course enter the portal SAT.
  • Select the box that is at the top of the option RFC procedures.

  • When the menu that will appear where you have to select is displayed Obtain your RCF through the unique population registration key.

  • Follow the procedure the steps that will appear while the procedure is done.
People are asked to obtain the RFC because to do any procedure in SAT, therefore before doing anything it is better to get the RFC, since without it nothing is going to be done without it, in the Administration System Tax.

How to know when to declare to the SAT?

Knowing when the declaration must be made will depend on the tax that is going to be processed, and each one has their own dates to make the declaration. The best thing that can be done to declare when it is due is review the laws of each of the taxes that must be declared and paid.

On the other hand, there is also the option of consulting with a public accountant, since this type of professional is aware of everything that has to do with taxes.

How do I know if the SAT returns my money?

The good news of this question is that in the portal of the Tax Administrative System There is an option to make this type of claim which is done as follows:

  • When you are already in the portal, you have to select the option returns and compensation.

  • After a menu is displayed and you have to select the option that says Request your returns.

  • Next you will be asked for the RCF number, password and automatically portable e.signature.

  • After you are inside, follow the instructions indicated on the page to formalize the complaint.

Cost of the procedure

Do this procedure knowing the debts you have in the Tax Administrative System is freeyou only have to pay the tax debts that you have in the event that you have, which will all appear at the time of making the query.


As far as sanctions are concerned, they are those that a taxpayer deserves for not complying with their tax obligations, these are the sanctions to which a person is subjected for their irresponsibility:

  1. will be recognized as a Credit Bureau.
  2. Procedures will begin to eliminate any economic activity carried out by the taxpayer.
  3. It will not return the extra money in taxes that were previously paid.
  4. The tax administration will have the right to seize bank accounts of people who have debts.
  5. You will lose the power to make sales with invoices and the CFDI will be cancelled.
  6. You will no longer have the right to perform exports and imports, because you will lose the subscription.
  7. Government tenders will lose and this will affect future commercial obligations.
  8. If you have the option of a subsidy, you will no longer have the benefits that this option has.

Up to now, you have everything to pay all the debts you have with the Tax Administrative System, including what you have to do if you cannot access the system online. So there is no excuse declare and pay your tax obligations.

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