How to know if my SAT invoice was issued

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Invoices are usually received at any store or for buying from a wholesaler, but how do you know if they are valid invoices? No problem! Here is the answer of the question How to know if my SAT invoice was issued?

How to know if my SAT invoice was issued?

For many taxpayers it is important that bills they are legal, since every person has to have in order everything related to the purchases and sales they make. Therefore, there is a way that taxpayers have an easy and simple way to verify if the invoice is issued by the SAT.

The certain case is that the invoice can be validated and taxpayers will not have problems when they ask How to know if my SAT invoice was issued? As long as they follow these steps that are going to be mentioned below


  • As it is necessary to know that the invoice is issued by the SATyou have to enter this portal tax entity.

  • Then you have to select the icon that says Electronic bill.

  • Once all the existing options in electronic invoice are shown, you have to choose the option that says validate invoice.

  • Next, a small form will appear where you have to place the folio number, the RFC of the person who makes the invoice and of the person who receives it, then you have to place the digits that appear in the image, finally the button to verify CFDI is pressed.

  • After placing all the information, the system will indicate if it registers the invoice or not.

As you can see, the verification is very simple and does not require many important steps, you just have to have the invoice folio and the RFC of the issuer and recipient of the invoice, to which any taxpayer has access.

With this information you already have enough to be able to make the query to know if the invoice was issued by the Tax Administrative System.

Requirements that an invoice must have

Now there is another way to know if an invoice was issued by the SATit turns out that the invoices have to meet certain requirements in order to be recognized as such, which are the following:

  1. The invoice must have the key of the Federal Taxpayer Registry of the person who issues it.
  2. It has to appear tax regimel where the invoice is processed, according to the income tax law.
  3. In the case of having more branches, you have to place the address of the place where the invoice.
  4. Folio number and seal issued by the Tax Administrative System.
  5. Digital stamp of the taxpayer making the invoice.
  6. Place (The city) and date when the invoice was made.
  7. Key of the Federal Taxpayer Registry of the person who will receive the invoice.
  8. Description of the product or service that is being sold, including the amount of it.
  9. Unit value in number.
  10. Total bill which has to be in number.
  11. Indicative that says that the invoice is going to be paid in part or in full.
  12. Percentage that will be applied from the tax to the invoice.
  13. The way to pay that you will have the invoice, if it is by credit or debit card, cash, Fund Transfer or any other form of payment approved by the SAT.
  14. In case of an import, the customs document must be attached where the date and the import number are mentioned.

Who can run it?

Running this check can be done by anyone who needs to verify the invoiceas it is an electronic validation, it can be done at any time since the service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Although this is only done by people who really need to have legal invoices, since the law requires them to have everything in order so taxes can be better managed.

legal basis

It is no secret to anyone that all the activities carried out by a person have to be carried out according to what the law dictates, especially all activities like this one that are linked to taxes.

The laws that validate this type of verification are the following:

Fiscal Code of the Federation, articles 29 and 29-A

The article 29 establishes that taxpayers can use the digital seal that is issued in the Tax Administrative SystemIn addition, it also says that all buying and selling activities must be done with a receipt known as an invoice.

On the other hand, this article mentions the digital procedures that have to be done regarding billing, since if you can see digital billing in the previous images, you can see everything that can be done on the System page. Tax administration.

In the case of article 29-A of the Fiscal Code of the Federationis more than just an endorsement of the requirements that an invoice has, which have already been mentioned above, what it proves is that the requirements of the invoice are supported by law.

Miscellaneous Fiscal Resolution, rules and

This resolution justifies the CFDI validation, that only a few details of the invoice and the taxpayers who participate in the purchase transaction are needed. It also indicates that the service is totally free, so it is not necessary to make a payment for this simple query, this is what is mentioned in the rule

what it says in the rule is what the invoices must have when they are printed, along with the CFDI valid that was mentioned in the previous resolution, on the other hand, indicates that the invoice must be in PDF format.

These are the legal bases on which this verification of an invoice is based, proving that all the lawful bases that people do have the support of the laws, apart from the law itself dictating how things actually have to be done.

How to spot fake or pirate bills

Detecting if an invoice is false or pirated can be determined by following the steps of detecting if an invoice was issued by SAT, something that is already known since it was already mentioned, but if it is finished detecting that the invoice is false or pirate when the data you provide does not appear in the system.

It is clear that the invoice will be false or pirated if the folio number is not registered in the system, although the code of the Federal Taxpayer Registry is also false and this removes validity from the invoice.

Company that were decreed for giving false invoices

As there is always someone who does not follow the rules and does what he thinks best, but it is well known that between heaven and earth there is nothing hidden, it is good to know which are the companies in Mexico that are recognized for giving false invoices and these are :

  • Barron Sanchez Beatriz.
  • CAPAC consortium.
  • Meganela Group.
  • Mexican Copper Aluminum and Derivatives.
  • Bajío Logistics Supply.
  • SKEP Comprehensive Administrative Practices SC de RL de CV.
  • Alpha Beta Textiles.
  • Intermediate Urbanizations.

If you do business with these companies you should verify all the invoices you receive or better have relations with it as soon as possible, remember that all tax transactions.

Companies that are being investigated for issuing false invoices

You can’t help but point out the companies that are being investigated for giving false invoices, so when you see some of these names that are going to be mentioned right now:

  • Eagles of the Center.
  • Comprehensive Marketer Prisma Cipsa.
  • Ulbatrak Builds & Modifications.
  • Marketer and Services Elys.
  • Development And Construction G30.
  • Dikes Earth Resources.
  • Amusements And Special Recreations Of Mexico.
  • Experts in Health Business Strategy.
  • Elizondo Gonzalez Jesus.
  • Millennium Product Formulation.
  • fuskor.
  • Gewehr Industrial Development.
  • Cardenas Business Group.
  • Renok Group.
  • Herrera Gonzalez Alfonso De Jesus.
  • Infrastructure The Estancia.
  • Juarez Gomez Maria.
  • Kya Business Group.
  • Mava Professional Link.
  • Machinery and Spare Parts Cide.
  • Universal Metal Wheels.
  • R2 Consulting and Construction.
  • Rethinking Business Schemes.
  • Servi Legal and Administrative Advisors.
  • Tabasco Comprehensive Services.
  • Real Business Support.
  • Vica In Instrumentation.
  • View Mexico.
  • Viliza Metals, SA De CV.

This is how an invoice is verified, you can also see which are the companies where you have to be careful, so you can already verify all the invoices you have at the moment where it is most needed.

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