How to know my AT&T balance: How to recharge balance and everything that they have not told you

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AT&T made its first call from a cell phone in the year 1946. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

How to know my AT&T balance?

1.- Brief history of AT&T

American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T, Inc.), is a multinational located in the United States, specifically in Dallas. It is the largest company with the largest portfolio of clients worldwide in offering mobile and fixed telephony services.

In the year 2016 AT&T becomes one of the largest television operators by satellite in the United States by acquiring DirecTV, and in 2018 the audiovisual media company WarnerMedia, which gives it control of the Warner Bros subsidiaries and several television channels.

In later years several divisions arose, of which today exists AT&&T International, Inc. (name that was given to what we know today as AT&T Latin America) cutting off all kinds of relationship with DirecTV in the US.

The purpose of this company in the beginning was to create a long-distance telephone network in the United States. It started in New York, then spread to Chicago and San Francisco in 1915.

In 1946 AT&T manages to make the first call from a cell phone, while in 1990 the company hires Michael Armstrong. With the intention of turning it into a long distance provider in the telecommunications market.

Then in 1999 the company acquired the Olivetti Laboratory & Oracle Research Lab, who subsequently completed research work in the laboratory in 2002. After the expansion of mobile telephony, the resounding and massive abandonment of public telephones, it was decided to withdraw them.

In 2011 AT&T tried to buy T-Mobile. Situation that was prevented by regulatory agencies. In 2014 it acquires Lusacell. One of the largest telephone companies in Mexico, whose clientele was around 8.6 million users, said purchase took place a year later in 2015.

2.- How to check the AT&T balance.

At no cost, we can check the balance on the AT&T line in a very easy, simple, fast way. Given the improvements that have been made over time. The possibilities have increased, what was previously possible only with a call can now also be done through the internet, from the same mobile or other devices.

What are the ways to check your AT&T balance?

To check the AT&T balance you will be presented below a list of options, with which you can choose the one of your convenience:

  • Through the AT&T Services Menu: By dialing *611 you can check your balance and carry out other operations by telephone.
  • Via My AT&T Account: A user would be created through the website, which will allow you to manage your prepaid line and there you will know all the information regarding the available balance and others. By consulting the following guide you will be able to clarify your doubts.
  • AT&T Chat: By contacting an online executive you can instantly request the details of your balance.

How to top up AT&T balance?

Well be it because you want to recharge balance to your cell phone line via the web or in an affiliated store close to your home, right here, we will show you how to do it without much complication.

For many Mexicans the acquiring a prepaid line has been much more profitable, along these years. That is why below we will mention the most common ways to top up your AT&T balance, and among them we have:

  • AT&T top up online: With a national or international credit card you can recharge balance on the line, you will only need to enter your My AT&T account and log in.
  • Top up AT&T at business locations: Through any customer service center, at one of the ticket offices providing the digits of your AT&T number to which you want the balance to be added and choose the amount you want to top up. Once you have completed this step, send an SMS with the folio number to confirm.
  • Recharge AT&T in Banks: Through the following establishments: Banco Azteca, Banjercito, Citibanamex, HSBX, Inbursa, Santander, among others.
  • Recharge AT&T in stores and other participating establishments: Only a few of them are mentioned: ABC Farmacias, Akala, Caja Solidaria Tamaulipas, Circle K, Comex, Coppel, Elektra, El Bodegon, Farmacias ABC, Fresko, Kiosco, Oxxo, Palacio de Hierro, Pollo Loco, Sam’s Club, Super Discount Pharmacies, 3B Stores, Vips, Walmart, WoolWorth, among others.

For more informationcan be consulted through the following link: Click here.

What is the AT&T gift balance for?

The Gift balance is the one that grants a rechargeand with the Gift Balance you can:

  • Make national calls and premises to any number, as long as it is landline, from any mobile operator.
  • Send text messages (SMS) at the national level for any carrier.
  • Browse internet within the national territory.

It should be noted that this will have the validity of the recharge.

What is AT&T benefit balance?

At AT&T, There are currently two Prepaid modalities, whether you top up balance or credit on the cell phone monthly, and therefore receive certain benefits.

For AT&T Unidos Prepaid: Apart from being the company’s first proposal, you only have to recharge and you will automatically receive a package of benefits.

This contains: whatsapp, some social networksinternet for the phone, text messages (SMS), calls, and something completely exclusive to AT&T (the Prip radio system).

The Recharge varies from $10 to $1,000 pesos. The time of validity of these benefits is according to the amount of the recharge, which means that the greater the recharge, the greater the number of days of the benefits.

On AT&T Recharge Plus: It’s based on make a recharge to the line AT&T advance payment for several months, and as a sign of reciprocity, the company offers additional months of the same service.

That is, you could pay for 6 months of service, and you would receive, for example, 9 months of service, including those that you canceled, and those that the telephone company grants you as a benefit.

Options for recharging other lines from AT&T

All services related to the AT&T line can be managed through My AT&T. It is a new platform created to minimize and facilitate all the procedures that at some point became annoying, either due to visits to authorized centers and long queues per shift.

  • Now with this app, you solve it yourself, with a snap of the fingers and without moving from your house, from your mobile phone. You can from the My AT&T app, purchase packages and services, even buy airtime (a very particular way of recharging balance from the app to your loved ones).
  • Also from the My AT&T website, you can recharge AT&T online, through a debit or credit card affiliated with the web, with this you can make purchases online, and you can recharge the number you want.

Also, as a viable alternative, you can top up from AT&T customer service centers, as long as the line you are going to recharge is AT&T. And for this you only have to go through a box office and provide the person who attends you the number to which you want to recharge the balance.

Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a text message with a confirmation number.

AT&T offers through its website the list of customer service centers, so that users can locate the one closest to their home.

AT&T Mexico

It is worth noting that AT&T acquired with in 2014 the largest telephone company in Mexico (lusacell), for the year 2015 they launch the campaign «United we are better, Nextel and Lusacell united we are AT&T&» showing all the logos in commercial advertising of the telephone companies, this is when AT&T Mexico was born.

AT&T Mexico was officially born in 2016 when the campaign «Mobilizing your world» is launched, where the unified network between the USA and Mexico is shown.

Now, AT&T Mexico is a mobile phone company. It is a subsidiary of AT&T company. It is headquartered in Mexico City, covers 70% of the entire national territory.

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