How to know my Cadastral Code: Steps, Requirements and MORE

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If you own a property in Mexico, you are interested in reading this article from How to know my Cadastral Code. Just in case, you do not know how to carry out the procedure, you should not worry about here we will tell you.

You can clarify any doubts you may have in relation to the subject, you can know the process to follow and if you do not have the key, here are the necessary requirements to obtain this important document.

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How to know my Cadastral Code?

You have surely heard or requested the Cadastral Code for some type of procedure, but you do not know it, you do not remember anything about it. If you own a property, they have a specific cadastral key associated with it to keep all the assets in order.. It is required for different procedures and procedures.

This key gives you the identification of the property since it is made up of numbers and letters. Likewise, through it you can obtain the information and basic data of the property, year of construction, location, characteristics, among others.

It is advisable to have the key available for any management. It is good that you know that they exist two ways to know the key, and that every property owner should consult.

The query can be done in the following ways:

  • Doing the review of property tax payment receipts.
  • Also, making a phone call to civic center through the number 238-77-00 extension 6128.
  • Likewise, for the inhabitants of Querétaro they can make the call to 070.

As you can see, identifying the Cadastral Key is simpler than you may have thought at some point. In addition, it is an essential piece of information to have on hand when you own a property.

In each municipality there is a cadastral office, it has all the information regarding the characteristics of the properties, this includes the location. This is how you can also know the cadastral code by entering online to the web portal of the electronic cadastre office.

How to know my Cadastral Code: Steps to Follow

The steps to follow to identify the cadastral key are those mentioned below:

  • In principle, it should review proof of payment of property taxIf it is not located, continue with the following steps.
  • Perform the call to civic center through the telephone number 2387700 extension 6128.
  • As mentioned before, if you live in Querétaro you should make the phone call to 070.
  • Later, follow the instructions given by the interactive voice of the phone call from the civic center.
  • In this call, you are told which option is conducive to querying the corresponding password.
  • If you are not attended or did not understand the instructions well, make the call again and select the indicated option to receive the instructions.
  • Now, go to select the alternative to know the cadastral code.
  • You must wait for the password that corresponds to the property indicated in the data request to be indicated.
  • Last but not least make a note of the key to be informed.

How to know my Cadastral Code: Requirements and Cost of the Procedure

The cadastral key is a document of great importance required by the Mexican State in order for its citizens to have their own, common and family assets protected.

Therefore, it is a document that must be processed as soon as possible.

Also, take into consideration that the cadastral code is valid only in the area of ​​the municipality that issues it.

Requirements to apply for the cadastral key next:

  • You must present the original form to the cadastre coordinator.
  • Attach, the document proving ownership.
  • Likewise, attach a letter of power in case of not being the owner of the property.
  • Likewise, present the proof that the property does not affect public domain assets.
  • Also, the vendor identification and witnesses.
  • Similarly, record the sketch of the location of the property.

In case of being Collective legal person, the procedure and corresponding requirements are different. The corresponding requirements are listed below:

  • You must present the original form to the cadastre coordinator.
  • Present the documentation that certifies the property or propertyThis can be a public deed or contract, it must be applicable to the state of Mexico and the contiguous municipalities according to the governing financial code.
  • Attach, the standard document power of attorney or legal authorization delivered by the owner of the property to carry out said procedure.
  • Likewise, you must record a constancy that has been issued by the municipality and that clearly states that the procedure to be carried out nor affects real estate that is in the public domain.

Legal Basis

All the documents required to carry out legal procedures are covered by the Articles 21, 22 and 172, 173 and 182 of the Financial Code of the State of Mexico and its municipalities. Likewise, the Regulation of the Fifth Title of the Financial Code.

Cost of the Procedure

According to the Financial Code of the State of Mexico and the Municipalities that comprise it, the issuance of the cadastral code or key and respective certification has an average cost that ranges between $ 76.55 and $ 113.40. On Mexican pesos is 211, 21, It must be in cash for each of the procedures in the corresponding offices of the Municipal Treasury.

What is the Cadastral Code for?

The alphanumeric cadastral key is used to identify different characteristics of a property. These characteristics can be the following:

  • Specify the area where the property is built.
  • He too cadastral value.
  • It also serves to give you legal security to the owner, in cases of purchase and sale contracts, and also in leases.
  • Likewise, it is a form of avoid fraud with real estate.

As you can see, having the cadastral key is very useful and important, it certifies and guarantees the property.

How to know my Cadastral Code: Frequently Asked Questions

In all matters, doubts and concerns generally arise, and in this case it does not escape that situation. Below are the most frequently asked questions related to the cadastral key, these are:

What can be achieved with the cadastral key?

The information that can be obtained with the cadastral code is:

Administrative: From the cadastral key you can know the identification of the owner, since letters of the name are placed in the key, as well as the location of the property and also indicates where all the cadastral information is to be received.

Cadastral: This part shows what refers to the area of ​​the land where the property is located, it also indicates the year of construction of the property, the type of construction, the cadastral value, among others.

Fiscal: here the owner of the property is identified, likewise, it indicates what he has to pay for property tax.

Is it necessary to pay the property taxes?

The answer is positive, since it is a tax measure by the laws that exist in each municipality. Payment is determined by each municipality and must generally be paid in cash or by credit card at the authorized agents of the municipal delegations.

At what point can the cadastral key process be carried out?

This can happen at any time of the year, as long as the municipal delegations are working.

How to do the cadastral calculation?

It can be done through a appraisal where an expert goes to take the measurements of the property. You must indicate the conditions of the property and based on these data the calculation of the property’s cadastral value is carried out.

What is the property tax called?

It’s a tax applied to property owners, both for natural persons and legal persons. It is considered a lien that must be paid by the owners.

What is the Cadastral Code?

The cadastral key is an alphanumeric key made up of letters and numbers as essential components, where each of the characters of this key represents a characteristic of the property.

The elements of this key are intended to serve as a representation of an asset or property giving an identification. The request for the password is mandatory. The cadastral key is assigned by the Mayor’s Office of the municipality where the property is built.

Likewise, the key processing procedure can be done at any time at the respective municipal office.

After this reading of How to Know my Cadastral Code, you can take action and go as soon as possible to make the request for the key if you do not have it.

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