How to Know My Court File Number: Steps, Tips and MORE

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How do I know my Court File Number? Today there are many concerns about this issue, since it has become an observatory resource for many.

Like any resource, it has its processes and steps to follow to obtain the information we want, so we invite you to continue reading this article, where we provide you with the information you require about this legal resource.

How to know my judicial file number in Mexico?

When we talk about ejudicial files We refer to documents, these can be physical or electronic, where all the information that contains a specific cause is found, what we are looking for is that the file contains the entire process.

How to Know My Court File Number: Steps to Take

Take a look here and you will know what steps to follow to consult your judicial file number:

  • Enter the portal of the judicial authority in this link.
  • On the left you will find two search alternatives called Supreme or Supreme Judicial File.
  • For example, you select a Supreme Judgment File.
  • Then in search of a proceedings, you enter the judicial district and the instance, the court in which it is located.
  • Then choose the subject, for example: civil, civil family or owner, work.
  • Select the year of the filing process and click on Watch.
  • Then the file appears with its number.

How to find out my court file number: what to do if I have it?

If so, find legal advice immediately so that you can respond to the explanation as soon as possible, as not responding could lead to unfavorable results.

If you already have the notification with you or are not sure if someone has sued you, the best thing you can do is contact a specialist lawyer If you have the option to try it or if you don’t have time to do so, use a defense tactic that works for you.

When accessing your proceedings in a certain way, different laws will be dealt with in this regard since they give rise to different comments and in different judicial offices. Access to the files was limited and not for any reason just because the company viewed it that way.

The right that you can examine your criminal record is part of the beginning called “Effective access to justice”. Although it accepts different specifications, it acts in conjunction with one of the general practices of the General Code of Conduct.

How to find out my court file number: how do I find out if I have a claim?

When we say demand, it refers to a document prepared and through it a request is made to demand that the Rights based on legality. They can be commercial, civil, litigious, criminal labor, among others.

The moment a person formally files a claim, which is called a plaintiff or plaintiff, what follows is that the defendant is served.

Every defendant has the right to be warned of the action, with this he has the opportunity to build his legal strategy, thus being able to defend himself and know what the action is about. Judicial process that is settling against you.

There is only one person authorized to communicate this news and this is the advisor or executor. He is responsible for taking the communication issued in court to the address of the accused, this information being provided by the author.

If the court-appointed advisor does not locate the accused at your residence, you are required to give a summons to the defendant, with whom you are at home.

In the event that the accused no longer lives at the indicated address, the Public Ministry should not leave any notification.

If possible, it is recommended that action be taken as a last resort. In case you have a legal problem to solve, usually before reaching this point, scenarios such as negotiate or reach agreements.

However, these previous actions do not mean that they will have good results, so remittances of false notifications are also used, just to intimidate the accused.


Then you can know the difference, between a concise communication and a formal demand, keep in mind the following points:

  • Any claim must pass your legal process specific, otherwise it loses its legality immediately.
  • Notifications are never made by phone.
  • When the communication is delivered, it is in original and never in copy.
  • The notification it is delivered only to you by a prosecutor who will identify you as such.
  • You do not know if you will receive a notification on the scheduled date.

Tips Regarding the Judicial File Number

Each file contains different data on the front or on the cover, these are:

  • Number of files.
  • Instance to which the file corresponds.
  • Court where the case is.
  • Name of both the plaintiff and the defendant.
  • Type of essay or essay.
  • Details of the judge or secretary.
  • Start date.
  • Name of defense attorneys.

If you face a legal action, you will have the option of consulting your case for free.

If you want to know if there is a claim against a person; There is no database with which you can work freely. You should contact your local public prosecutor and ask them to look up the information with the SPOA.


To generate the query for the number file, proceed as follows:

  • Access the portal of the Legal Department.
  • Select the Unified Causes query option.
  • Enter the option Causes criminals and enter.
  • Then select the tab with the search option.
  • Select the cause according to classification.
  • Choose the court to which the case belongs.
  • It is very important that you know that the files are made up of a document series that collect the facts in the administrative area of ​​both the personnel of a company such as: personal data, personal references, proof of work, certifications, etc.

When you find out about business processes, it means that the guarantor is claiming the right to confiscate money that he has loaned to others.

What is the Judicial File?

According to its definition, the registry of criminal record it is a public instrument, the result of the combination of different complaints, parties and judicial authority in the form of a single file. The purpose of the court file is to present the history of the process and show the professional work and judicial authority throughout the litigation.

The Judicial File and its characteristics

The Judicial process It is the property of the process itself, and must follow step by step the path of dissent, the participation of the parties, their proposals and disagreements, the necessary evidence, etc. However, in the event of an appeal, the court shall proceed to the intervention of the court, the acts of second instance and its resolution.

Regarding the structure of the judicial process, it must contain front and back cover. When you start a Judicial process and enters the intermediate court, a cover and a back cover are attached to the end of the body of the document. On the cover of the case, the jurisdiction of the intervening court, the characteristics of the court, the year the case began, the letter by category, the case number and the case number itself are listed.

The pages of a lawsuit are called pages and are organized chronologically. When adding a document, it is important to ensure that in the first consultation it is already leafed through, usually the branch manager is responsible for this task. The page number of the file is very useful when it comes to enter data or make a request, since it allows you to reference the document with greater precision.

Another characteristic of the judicial process is that it is usually divided into organs. According to the Federal Supreme Court, when the case exceeds two hundred pages, it is divide in organs. Thus, for its location, the first or second body is requested as appropriate.

As we can see, all the actions that are carried out in a lawsuit will be recorded in the lawsuit.

Examples of cases with Judicial File

Without prejudice to the fact that each file is a “Box of Surprises” in which we do not know what we will find and that it constitutes a universe in itself, the control carried out on the files of judgment It has led us to detect, regardless of that.

Of the procedural procedures that often constitute the most important part of the historical-legal research, the next information:

  • Divorces: compliance or non-compliance with marital duties and rights, coexistence problems, religious divorces, etc.
  • Other matrimonial procedures: We refer to food procedures, complaint of lack of coexistence, return of the wife to the conjugal home, request for deposit from the wife, distribution of marital property, etc. They are also responsible for the violation of marital rights and duties, the feelings experienced by the spouses, the role of some women in supporting the home, the figure of the absent married person, etc.
  • Abuse: duty of obedience and subjugation of the wife to her husband, basis of the abuse, justification of the right to sanction in favor of the husbands, etc.
  • Parental filial lawsuits: parental authority, parental coercion, responsible attitudes towards children, self-determination, violation of the obligation of alimony, abuse, etc.
  • Disagreement evidence: parental and maternal pressures, romantic love, free marital choice, criteria that intervened in marital choice, role of feelings, parental authority, family routines, high levels of legitimacy, racial interference, youth rebellion, inbreeding, etc.

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