How to know my curp: Meaning and everything you need to know

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How to know my curp: Meaning and everything you need to knowwe will guide you to carry out the registration process in the CURP and obtain your password without any setback.

This key is an essential requirement before the Public Administration bodies, it is very important that you know how to register, consult it and print it. It’s so simple, you’ll read it multiple times to believe it!

How to know my Curp

The Unique Population Registry Code is issued free of charge by the Ministry of the Interior SEGOBthrough the National Population Registry RENAPO.

For registration, the process must be carried out in person in the authorized attention modules. Directory of CURP modules.

If you are registered in the CURP, you enter CURP INQUIRIESthe verification code and the CURP are placed.

If you do not remember the CURP, you must enter the full name, date of birth, entity of birth and gender. Do not use accents when loading the information.

In both cases, choose the Search option and you will automatically obtain your CURP number.

How can I get my Curp over the Internet?

For consult your CURP by Internet:

  • Enter the consultation page of the Secretary of the Interior RENAPO CURP INQUIRIES

Two options are presented depending on whether or not you know the CURP.

  • In the first option, enter the verification code and the CURP.
  • In the second option, you must enter the personal identification data, the sex and select the entity of birth.
  • Select Search

How to print the Curp

You can print your CURP, at no cost, from the comfort of your home. You only need to have an electronic device with an internet connection, a printer and your data.

Enter the page of CURP inquiries and enter the requested data. You apply Search and the system will show you the requested information, you can download and print it whenever you want.

What do I do if I don’t know my Curp

Given the situation that you are registered in the CURP but do not know it, You only have to enter the personal identification data, the date of birth and select the entity where you were born. The system will immediately show you the requested CURP.

If you are not registered or enrolled in the CURP, you must do so in person at the authorized service modules, presenting an identity document with a photo and a supporting document.

What is the Curp and its meaning

CURP, corresponds to the acronym of the Unique Population Registry Code. It represents the official identification, in Mexico, of citizens residing in national territory and Mexican citizens living abroad.

It’s a alphanumeric code of identity, unique, composed of eighteen characters.

Each character represents:

  • To the initial letter and the first vowel of the first surname.
  • The initial letter of the maternal or second last name surname.
  • It is the initial of the given name, in the case of compound names that begin with María and José, the following name will be taken.
  • The date of birth, in the format yymmdd, with no spaces.
  • The initial letter according to sex: H for men and M for women.
  • It corresponds to two of the letters that make up the name of the entity where he was born. When the birth is outside of Mexico, it corresponds to NE: Born Abroad; consult the List of the Codes of the Federative Entities here.
  • After the first surname, we select the first internal consonant.
  • From the second surname, we take the first internal consonant.
  • After the name, we extract the first internal consonant.
  • The character is formed with a number from zero to nine, for those born up to 1999, and from 200 onwards we use the letters of the alphabet from A to Z.
  • Corresponds to a number, with the intention of avoiding a repeated CURP.

As an example, we have a person named Juan Manuel Perez Matos, male, with a date of birth of April 15, 1994 in the state of Mexicoyour CURP key could be PEMJ940415HMCRTN07.

What is Curp used for?

In its origin, It was created with the purpose of having a single code for all government and official procedures such as Social Security, the IFE or the RFC, among others.

The homologation has not yet been possible, because there are still organizations that use their own coding, but we could say that the implementation is slow but sure.

Is Unique Population Registry Code CURP, It is a mandatory requirement for tax returns before SAT.

It is also requested to register a company, in schools, to affiliate in health services. And very important to apply for passports, among other official procedures.

It is being assigned in certified copies and in individual records, related to the Civil Registry, as in cases of death and birth.

This modality is implemented with great success in other nations, where all government and private entities use the same key or code to identify their residents.

Where to go if my Curp is bad

To request the correction or modification of the Unique Population Registry Code, you must attend the CURP service module. It is suggested to locate the one that is closest to your residence address.

You can consult the following link to locate the service modules: Directory of CURP modules.

If you want to know more details about the process of correction or modification of the CURP, can consult at the Attention and Service Center of the National Population Registry of the Ministry of the Interior. Dialing from Mexico City the telephone number 51 28 11 11 and from other locations dialing 01 800 911 11 11.

It is important to highlight that As long as you do not have the correct CURP, you will not be able to carry out the procedures that you require in government entities, nor will you be able to apply to the benefits of the different plans assigned by the State.

Where is the Curp processed?

To do registration in the CURP for free, you must attend the authorized service office, closest to your home, with a photo identification document and a supporting document.

You can consult the following link to find out the location of the service offices: Directory of CURP modules.

The registration process cannot be done online, but it can be consulted and printed, after registering in person.

You can also attend the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, in the modules of the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System and even in the offices of the Civil Registry.


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