How to know my CURP: Steps to follow, what it is for and MORE

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How to know my CURP, this question begins with the identity registration document to formalize most of the procedures and to be able to register anywhere you request it.

There are some people who do not know about the CURP, therefore, in ehe following article, we explain everything related to this unique key, being important for the daily life of Mexicans.

How to know my CURP in Mexico?

Each country has a specific way of carrying a registration in the population, since for the correct management of the same it is necessary to keep a control that identifies each citizen.

In the case of Mexico, this record it’s called CURP. There are many people who do not know exactly how get this code, if you are part of this small percentage, do not worry. Later we will explain how and in what way to achieve it.

The structure of the CURP It is made up of your personal data, the card will show your names and surnames, date of issuance of your identity card, and an encrypted password (this is assigned to you at the time of register in the system).

In addition, it also includes other information such as:

  1. The folio number of your birth certificate and the place where your birth certificate originated.
  2. This card has a great similarity to the identity card only it is green.
  3. Also, it allows you to print it If you wish, because its size is the same as that of the identity card, only a little longer.

Thanks to the fact that it can be printed, you can carry it in your wallet all the time and to avoid damage they must plasticize.

Steps to follow

Previously we had told you that the CURP is made up of your personal information, therefore, it is not difficult to know which one corresponds to you. But in the event that you have not processed it yet, you will have to go directly to the offices of Civil registration.

It is worth mentioning that because it is the first time, the online procedureAs a second option, you can go to the Offices of the Treasury, Public Credit or attend any of the modules of the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System.

To know in detail how to get your CURP, you just have to follow the following indications.

  • Have in hand your identity document (DNI), with your respective copy.
  • Have in possession a statement of confirmation of identification approved by an official of the public administration.
  • Get a record in the evidential document system.
  • When you have already followed the assigned instructions, you will have to go in person to any of the offices of RENAPO (National Population Registry).
  • When you have arrived, you must provide all the data collected to the worker on duty to later deliver the certificate, assigning in the process an individual code, with a folio number and date.

Then, once the process is finished, you will have the possibility to always find out your CURP using as via the internet, using the key that is located in the certificate.

How to know my CURP: What is it for and what procedures require it?

The CURP will be useful to you to carry out any amount of legal proceduresThey will ask you for it practically everywhere, for example: for job applications, university registrations, placing a baby in a nursery, among others.

As a bonus, print several copies of the document since you are going to need it all the time for what we already explained in the previous paragraph. Do not forget laminate each copy what do you do for ensure its durability.

If you have children you must ensure that you have all their documents up to date, they usually ask for them in the school institutions.

In addition, in some cases, to process a document of interest, they will ask you for the CURP of the members of your family.

The Mexican documentation system As we have already been talking about, it is made up of the identity card as the first option and the second would be the CURP, in summary, these serve to validate a person’s information.

In simple words, having these documents in hand will have most registrations validated at a similar public institute.

CURP is also located in documents such as the birth certificate, passport, driver’s licenses, Social Security credential, among others.

Requirements to obtain it

Now that you know what you use CURP for, it is time for you to start the procedures to obtain one and be able to enjoy its benefits.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you must have all the requirements found in the first point.

If you do not remember what they are, we will remind you in the next listing:

  • Any document that prove your identity (It depends on the situation you can use as a substitute a birth certificate, a passport or immigration document, a certification of Mexican nationality and lastly a letter of naturalization).
  • Valid DNI with the updated citizen’s photograph.

Just meeting those two requirements You can now request the completion of this procedure.

Your application will not be accepted if you are missing some of these documents, so always take your precautions to avoid bad times and setbacks.

Process to obtain it

Once you have remembered what are the necessary requirements to perform the request for the procedure of the CURP. We can now proceed to explain all the guidelines, standards and indications to complete this process in the shortest time possible.

You must strictly follow each indication for your sake, do not ignore skipping a step because the request may be invalidated and may cause various annoyances that could have been avoided.

If you are mexican You can carry out this process using the technological advances such as the internet or cell phone calls, thus increasing the speed to complete the same. Just by having Internet access you can get a CURP online.

Steps to get a CURP via online are as follows:

  • First of all you must enter the official portal of the CURP in the following link, once there you will have to locate the option that says “CURP consultation” and then enter all the data that they request.

In case of doubts or questionsAt the bottom of the page you will see information related to different advisory methods. You can call: 55 5128 0000 or 800 911 1111 for more details on this.

It must be taken into account that you can choose this method to perform CURP inquiries or just print one, for later lamination and storage.

If a situation occurs where you forget your CURP number, you must press the option to data completion in order to enter the database.

The foreigners They also have rights to request their unique information registration key, the difference is that they can only make use of it from temporary way.

When the allotted time has already been fulfilled, it is mandatory to renew it before authorized bodies.

It is worth mentioning that the regulations established for foreigners do not apply to children born in Mexico with parents of different nationalities.

So in order to correctly process a CURP for foreigners, it is necessary to pay attention to the indications below:

  • First of all you must enter the website CURP official.
  • Once inside, you will have to locate the option that says “CURP query”And patiently read the information it is requesting.
  • You can write the CURP number If you have it in hand, and if not, just access the section that says “Complete with personal data”
  • Enter all personal information that it asks you so that the database can scan you and give you the answer you are looking for.
  • The system will throw you the CURP data without any problem, it will also give you the option of print it out so you can keep it in your wallet and use it as many times as you want.

It is important to emphasize that you can only perform this procedure if you have already completed the prior registration at the offices of the Interior Ministry. Once you are sure you have done it, you will be able to access the virtual method that we have just described.

What is the CURP?

There are chances that you wonder exactly what is CURP, or simply what this word means, let’s remember what it means Unique Population Registry Code and its function is to file in alphanumeric codes all citizens living in Mexico

They are made up of 18 digits and it is generally used to identify all residents currently living in the country.

Knowing all the mysteries and doubts that surround this important identity document, we can realize that we must do this process in the shortest possible time, because it serves as substitute identity card.

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