How to know my Indebtedness of possession: Here we tell you everything you need to know

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You need know how to check your debt in possession, keep reading and find out everything.

What is vehicle ownership

Vehicle ownership is an annual copper during the first 3 months of the year made by the Federal Government

This depends on the brand, characteristic that the vehicle has, its line, value and models, (since 1995 a certain amount is charged).

We give you an important tip: Never buy a used car without first reviewing possible debts and if it has any mechanical failure.

How to check if a vehicle has a debt in the payment of the tenure

It is very easy if you want to check if your vehicle has debts to pay in possession, you just have to go to the website of the Finance SecretaryThen you must enter your license plate number (without any space), in the place indicated on the page.

Then you must verify the code that the page throws you «write the word»finally consult the debt and the system will indicate if you must pay any debt on track.

In addition to paying the holding, each debtor must cover the endorsement and a small percentage each month of delay.

How to pay holding debts

In order to cancel the debt you have, the first thing you should do is enter the portal of the Taxpayer Services

You can also do it directly at the tax service centers.

You can easily obtain your capture line and the amount you must pay by sending a message to 46200, next to the word possession, a single space followed by your license plate number.

You also have other ways to consult your debt in possession, these can be by smart cashier and comprehensive collection modules of the city of Mexico.


  • First you must select Tenancy payment and the vehicle control part
  • Second you must enter the plate and click on the Search option
  • Third, to corroborate the information you just entered, a screen will appear which will show you the entered license plate.
  • Fourth, if you choose the «YES» option, you will then be shown the vehicle data (model, license plate, and its description), as well as the amount you must pay.
  • Fifth, once you see the amount to be paid, click «continue» and enter the corresponding money.
  • Basket and last step, once this process is finished you will obtain the proof of payment, with the necessary data such as date, time, license plate of your vehicle, concept, among others.

How does the debt affect me in the payment of the tenure

The first thing you should do is get up to date with your debt

In Mexico City, you can easily check your situation by entering your license plate number into the taxpayer services portal, where it will list in detail the debt you have.

Below we show what it can affect if you do not pay the tenancy:

  • You will not be able to verify your car in any way, since one of the important requirements for the verification of that is the presentation of the payment of the tenure.
  • You will not be able to change the license plate to the vehicle you own.
  • In the event that your car is taken to corralones, you will not have the possibility to withdraw it until you bring proof of payment for it.

You must bear in mind that some trace in the tenure payment can generate additional surcharges each month that passes and you will not be able to access subsidies or exemptions of any kind.

How to obtain proof of non-debt tenure

For the state of Mexico, you can enter the portal of payment inquiry Government of the State of Mexicoor to easily and simply download the proof of payment, you just have to enter your license plate number, and the last 5 digits of the NIV or the serial number of your vehicle.

You can also go to a Tax Services Center and thus request such proof.

In contrast, for the city of Mexicoyou can download this voucher through the portal of the finance secretary or go directly to the Citizen Attention Office.

Can I pay the 2019 tenancy if I have a debt from previous years?

Yes, you only have to pay the amount for possession of 2019, be careful this can only be done in Mexico City.

The other states tend to collect the historical debt.

Benefits of having proof of non-debt tenure

The most relevant benefits of having the proof of non-debt possession and the most important is that you are a responsible person when it comes to being solvent for your vehicle commitments.

Frequent questions

How will the 2019 tenure payment be?

In 2019, not all people in the city of doctor had to pay tenure. The government of Mexico City will grant 100% of a subsidy to those people who meet certain requirements:

  • Have no previous debts
  • He had to have paid the endorsement on July 1 of this year
  • Possess the circulation card with the current chip or, failing that, present the renewal payment
  • The vehicle must not exceed $250 thousand (this includes depreciation and VAT)

To cancel the tenancy, the first thing you should do is enter the Finance Secretary. Check if you are entitled to the subsidy or not. (This is only in the event that you do not have your payment slip).

Followed by entering the necessary data (license plate number). This will tell you when is the amount of what you must cancel, once you cancel it, it will show you your payment receipt.

Are possession and endorsement the same?


Ownership is the tax that each citizen pays to own a car, its cost is equivalent to 3% of the total cost of the vehicle.

On the other hand, the referendum is the right that uses the plates of a motor vehicle and its cost will depend on the state that your car seat has directly.

For endorsement in Mexico City you have to pay a cost of $556.50 during the first year.

How will the matter be in the State of Mexico?

There will be some changes, some small changes, starting this year (2019) each vehicle whose value is greater than $400 thousand (before VAT) must pay tenure.

In the case of motorcycles, if their cost exceeds $115 thousand (before VAT) they must comply with the payment of this tax.

In addition to the aforementioned changes, the term of this payment will change from 3 months, but from 6 months.

Success in your process!

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