How to know my Liverpool Account Status: Download, Payment and MORE

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How do I know my Liverpool Account Status? This tool will allow you to honor your commitments, including knowing the payment date, the amount you owe, the principal and the interest that you must pay. Therefore, check the account statement in a timely manner to avoid recharges and penalties in this regard.

All Mexican citizens have at hand a very valuable instrument because they can consume and obtain products in the different stores Liverpool. Likewise, keep in mind the importance of maintaining an excellent credit record. To enjoy all the discounts and promotions, have the paid product at hand.

How do I know my Liverpool Account Status?

In the event that you are a customer of this chain of stores and have a Liverpool Visa, Departmental Liverpool or Livertú card and need to realize the amount you owe in Liverpool, you can obtain this information through the explanation of the account statement. To achieve this you have two options:

  • On the digital platform: enter liverpool and go to the segment “My Creditor “, at that point select”Account Status Query“, There you can download the last balance issued or also that of past periods.
  • In the Liverpool Pocket app: log into your Liverpool app Pocket and find the segment “Credit”, select “Check account statement”In the base and choose the time period you need to verify.

How to know my Liverpool Account Status: Download it

The chain of commercial stores offers its cardholders the Liverpool Pocket application, an accessible instrument for Android and iOS devices, which offers, among its many functionalities, to check the balance, cut-off date, installment closing time and account explanation of Liverpool of each period.

When you have the application open on your cell phone, you must choose the alternative “Credit” from the lower menu and start the consultation; In this tab you will discover all the information of your account. Go to the base and select “Verify account statement.”

There you can download the most recent explanation of the record in PDF layout or, if you wish, from past periods. If there is any disparity or you do not recognize a consumption you can send an email to Liverpool manifesting the inconsistency.

How to know my Liverpool Account Status: How to pay it?

Now it is very easy and simple to make the payment of the Liverpool card, for this, it is important that you comply with the following:

  1. When entering the Web page, locate the option “My credit”From the app.
  2. Then, you should go to “Pay my card“.
  3. Later, to make the Liverpool payment, you must have your BBVA Bancomer debit cards or Citibanamex on hand.
  4. Also, you can make the payment via SPEI transfer.
  5. Finally, you will get the payment receipt.

How to find out my Liverpool Account Status: Customer Service

To find out how to view the explanation of your Liverpool account on the web, you need to go to the official Liverpool page and log in with your email and secret word. At that point, in the left half of the screen, look for the option “My credit“And select”Account status“.

There you can check the current Liverpool balance, accessible credit, minimum term and payment deadline. It is important that you cancel your commitments on time, in this way you will avoid fines and extraordinary interest payments.

Currently, in the left sidebar, choose the alternative “Account status” one more time. In the new window, you will have the option to check and download, in PDF format, the articulation of your Liverpool account for the current month or the previous period.

What is Liverpool?

It is a company that offers services for the sale of clothing, items for the family, among others. Likewise, it has more than 33,000 agencies that allow you to obtain all the products it offers in its different presentations. It is worth mentioning that the Liverpool store has its own brands and those of other well-known companies.

On the other hand, it provides health protection, through Alico, Cardif or ACE, and offers different services that will help you solve at the least expected moment. Liverpool’s main movement is the development and commercial activity in retail chains and shopping centers, in addition to dealing with its own credit card.

Liverpool headquarters in Mexico

The development of electronic commerce has had significant impacts on the main contenders in the retail market, scrutinizing the action plans and techniques of the distinctive retail chains that exist in the country.

The constant changes in utilization due to the increase in online business, prompted the retail chains to modernize and offer new encounters with shoppers, for example, restaurants, entertainment spaces and personal care.

The Point of Sale Report in Mexico shows that in the second of the last quarter of 2019 there was an aggregate of 4,060 department chains in the country, which addressed an increase of 0.3% compared to 2018.

In the midst of the current circumstance, these are a part of the fundamental retail chains whose organization and action plan will be analyzed:

Liverpool and Suburbia

Liverpool was established in 1847 in Mexico City and as of the second quarter of 2019 had 120 stores, most of them within Galerías outlets.

The main store Suburbia opened in 1970 in Mexico City and in 2016 Liverpool agreed with Wal-Shop to obtain 100% of the stores Suburbia for around 15.7 billion pesos. By the end of the last quarter of 2019, it had 146 distribution centers.

In the second of the last quarter of 2019, it ended with the change of 41 French Production Lines warehouses, of which 24 were changed in Liverpool, 3 closed forever and 14 became stores Suburbia.

As of this equivalent date, they represented around 2.2 million square meters of operating floor. Furthermore, Liverpool is also a major part of the country’s online commerce and during the first nine months of 2019, advanced deals addressed 8.6% of trade deals.

Sears and Sanborns

The two chains have a place with Grupo Sanborns, the business division of Grupo Carso, which also has brands, for example, Shop-Mixup, eduMac, Saks Fifth Avenue, DAX and Sanborns Café.

Sears It is an American organization that appeared in Mexico in 1947 and today it is a 100% Mexican organization. As of September 2019, Sears It had 97 units with 860 thousand square meters of operations floor.

In 1985 Grupo Carso won the portions of Sanborns and by the second of the last quarter of 2019 it had 164 stores and 250 thousand square meters of business floor.

Iron palace

It is perhaps the most successful department chain in Mexico, according to ANTAD data, it has a commercial floor of 312 thousand square meters. He opened his first warehouse in 1891 in the Historic Center of the capital of the nation and currently has 14 branches located in Mexico City.

Also, in Puebla, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Villahermosa and Querétaro. In September 2019, he opened a warehouse in the city of Veracruz in the Andamar shopping center with a 43 million dollar venture.


These stores have their roots in the city of Culiacán in 1941, from the beginning they began only as furniture stores, right now in their distribution centers we find electronic things, cell phones, furniture, machines and appliances, clothing, shoes, toys, extras, outdoor supplies, accessories and articles for vehicles.

Today, it is available in the 32 states of the Mexican Republic and has two departments, Coppel conventional stores and Coppel Canada, the latter had practical experience in the supply of footwear.

Despite its stores, in 2007 BanCoppel started operations, a bank that focuses on mainly in the low-income population and in 2006 it began to function Afore Coppel, which in 2018 was ranked as the second Afores administrator in the country with 10 million clients, which is comparable to 200,000 million pesos.

By the end of 2018, according to information from ANTAD, it had 1,481 stores and about 2.3 million square meters of business floor.


Cimaco formally began its activities in 1938 and in 2002 a site was created that initiated online offerings. It currently has a commercial floor of more than 58 thousand square meters of business floor.

It has a presence in the north of the nation in: Torreón, Monclova, Ciudad Juárez, Saltillo and Mazatlán. It is normal that during the last quarter of 2020 it will introduce its seventh distribution center, which will be fundamental for the La Ceiba mixed-use complex in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa.

It will be its second largest store with 14,000 m² of floor space and will have an estimated 200 million pesos undertaking.

Chapur stores

In 1952 it began as a texture store and today it has five branches, four in the city of Mérida and one more in the city of Cancun. In December 2018, he opened his warehouse located in The Harbor shopping center. It is considered to be perhaps the main chain in the southeast of the country.

The marine

The main store La Marina was inaugurated in 1887 in the central point of the city of Colima and according to data from ANTAD, by the end of 2018 it had a commercial floor of more than 74 thousand square meters.

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