How to know my Megacable account status: Here you can find out the details

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Read and find out about all the services and functions it offers mega cable

What is Megacable?

mega cable is a company with several services that is dedicated to the commercialization of cable television, internet services and telephony in Mexico City.

Company dedicated to the commercialization of cable television, internet service and telephony in Mexico.

It also provides more than two and a half million subscribers, and provides its services to a little more than 300 municipalities, its network is extended to approximately more than 25 states.

What services does Megacable offer?

mega cable offers various serbs such as:

  • interactive television

Cable TV: This offer digitally, high definition services, offers an interactive guide, has the option to record your favorite programs in the cloud (cloud DVR).

It also offers a package called Xview, which allows you to enjoy programs on mobile platforms.

  • High speed internet (broad banking)

This Serbian ranges from 20 Mgbs to 100 Mgbs.

There is no limit to the capacity of connected equipment. The company also offers this equipment wirelessly.

Internet services have a section for business sectors.

sail at the speed you need.

  • limited telephony

This service offers them to make any type of call in a limited way.

With your fixed telephony everywhere, thanks to the lines of mega cable (free)

  • megacable companies

If you want to see your business grow with mega cable You can do it

  • MetroCarrier

This service is used fundamentally for the attention of telecommunications operators, it provides us with digital private lines and ethernet (fiber optic network).

The target has the purpose of offering services to the business sector.

All the telecommunications and connectivity solutions that your company needs.

  • Video Rola and Own Programming:

This Serbian is for the consumer to know that the company also offers its own content, with a focus on culture, tourism, health, news and advertising.

Also with a wide range of rola videos, with its own channel focused on Mexican music.

  • Megacable Advertising:

This service has segments dedicated to advertising at a reasonable cost.

For more information about these great services offered by the company mega cable can enter the following link and find out all the good it has for you.

Requirements to obtain a Megacable account

In order to obtain a Megacable account, you must have a current email account and have all the customer data received at the time of contracting Megacable services.

With these few details you can be a member of this company without any problem.

How to check my account statement Megacable

To be aware of your account status in mega cableyou must enter the website, at the bottom we provide you with the direct link.

Following link for it.

Once you check your account statement, it will provide you with the following information:

1- First you can clearly see your payment deadline, subscription with which you can manage your account and finally your phone number.

two- Here you can find the summary, which will indicate the previous balance, the charges for the month and the total that you must pay in the current month.

3- In this part you can review which package you have contracted, You can see the characteristics of the package and the amount of the monthly payment.

4- Period: this will indicate the period that is being invoiced in the account statement.

5- As the title of the image provides us here, we can clearly see what your previous balance is and if I had the debts and payments I made, it would also come out between the parties.

6- This part shows what is being charged during the period, this includes the base amount for the chosen package, along with the additional ones that may be available.

7- Important notice: here it clearly shows you the new news you have Megacable as well as provide information about their contracted services.

8- Form of payment: you will find information on more than 20,000 places you can make the payment.

Benefits of being a Megacable customer

When we decided to be part of mega cable we become corporate clients, once inside this whole world we realize the Benefits that it can offer us.

  • Packet mode services (doubleplay or tripleplay)

In this way, selling in the form of a combo allows the client to take time to decide what to ask for, always because each proposal is economical and very attractive.

We can also realize once inside this great company that we are clients of a company in constant growth, this ensures us a high level of capital reinvestment.

On the other hand, Megacable is a national company, by this we mean that we have personalized attention at the moment, with each contracted service.

This is thanks to its network of highly trained operators, ranging from business partners to authorized agents. With a great capacity to serve effectively.

Where are the Megacable offices located in Mexico (Addresses in various cities and contact numbers)

Guadalajara and Jalisco are the headquarters of Megaccable.

Similarly, throughout the national territory it has customer service offices.

Megacable Customer Service 01800

  • Phone: 9690 0000

From Monday to Friday from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Other numbers for communication with the company mega cable

The company of mega cable does not have other contact numbers, however you can communicate quickly and safely through the following channels.

Megacable telephone 24 hours

  • Phone: 9690 0000

Megacable León, Toluca, Veracruz, Puebla, Queretaro, Uruapan and Durango

From the cities you can call the following number 690 0000

Telephone from Guadalajara

The phone available to communicate from the city of Guadalajara is as follows +52 (33) 9690 0000

Contact Megacable

These are the alternative Megacable contacts available in Mexico City, in each of them you can send your claims or queries without any problem.

Web page


Contact Form



Chat Megacable

Thank you for reading this portal, success in your process

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