How to know my NSS in Mexico

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As a working citizen of Mexico, you must be registered with the IMSS, from this registry you can subsequently request your Social Security number which by its acronym will be NSS.

Here we will explain everything you need to get it.

How to know my NSS in Mexico?

So that you can first get your Social Security numberwhich is more conveniently called NSS by its acronym, or in this case you can consult it through the internet.

This as long as you get your CURP number and any email address, but preferably it should be personal.

Thanks to this, you can have the benefits that we present here:

  • Your number of SSN is permanent, unique and non-transferable
  • Having this number handy may come in handy when you may be asked for it at work or school.
  • The email you have decided to use so you can get your code SSN that will be useful later to be able to carry out other procedures on the IMSS page

Who can request the NSS?

Any natural person can take charge of requesting their social security number Personal, in quite particular cases, the legal representative of the interested person may request it, who must be in charge of certifying his representative.

Where I can make the process

The Procedure has two ways in which you can apply online and in person.


In this case, you can do so at the following email address (Click here). This can be done here any day of the year.

This as long as you get your CURP number and any email address, but preferably this should be personal.

In person:

You can carry out this procedure in person at the Subdelegation or Auxiliary Affiliation and Collection Office that corresponds to you depending on your area of ​​residence.

In this case, you can do it from Monday to Friday, which are also business days, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

What documents do I need?

Among the documents that you may need during the process are the following:

  1. Your CURP, which is the unique key of the population registry
  2. Your email account that you use regularly
  3. The certified copy you have of your birth certificate for review
  4. Your valid official identification
  5. Also a copy of your CURP which is the unique key of the population registry
  6. Your power of attorney

The power of attorney will be required in the event that your birth registration has been issued by another civil authority such as the DIF and PGR

In the event that the interested person is a foreign person and therefore does not have a birth certificate that is apostilled, and if it is the case with its respective translation into Spanish, in this case they can present themselves with the documentation.

That requires your nationality, given the case, could be the letter of naturalization or the document of migration that corresponds in force, which has been issued by the competent authority, the document must be the original

If your Procedure it is being carried out by a legal representative, the power of attorney must be issued by a notary public.

Enter the information you need before starting the Procedure you should take this into account:

  • The Procedure that you are carrying out does not have to generate extra rights or obligations, neither for you or for the Mexican Institute of Social Security or, in any case, for the Family Medicine Unit
  • None of the documents that have been requested must contain some error. Deletion, erasure or any amendment
  • Between the documents that you can consider as an official identification are the ones that we place here:

Your credential that enables you to vote that has been issued by the INE or, in such case, by the federal electoral institute, until its validity is terminated.

  1. Your current passport, either Mexican or foreign
  2. Certificate that considers you enrolled in the national military service
  3. The professional license
  4. Your consular registration, this is an identity document issued by a consular office
  5. Your identity card if you are a foreigner
  6. An immigration document that is valid, which in turn corresponds to the fact that it has been issued by the competent authority
  • In the event that the applicant is younger You can request it by presenting any of the documents presented here as an identification document:

Your official certificate of studies in any year, proof of degree of studies that you are studying, your school ID or report card with current photo and your number of incorporation into the educational system.

Your personal identity card that has been issued by the RENAPO authorities.

What is the NSS?

Their social security number SSN it is really non-transferable, unique and permanent, this is assigned to be able to keep some reliable record of the workers and those who are insured.

East Social Security number It is a number that is in turn made up of eleven digits, which we will explain how they are assigned, and thus you will also be able to understand why it is non-transferable, unique and permanent.

How the social security number is assigned

The sequence of the numbers in the assignment composes as follows:

We will use the following number as an example 12 – 34 – 56 – 7890 – 0 where

  • 12 – Refers to the subdelegation in which he was affiliated
  • 34 – Corresponds to the year of affiliation
  • 56 – Refers to the member’s date of birth
  • 7890 – These are the four digits that the IMSS assigned to the worker
  • 0 – It is the verification number of the worker before the IMSS

What is the NSS for?

Generally the number of SSN It has three specific functionalities.

  1. This is the identification number that affiliates usually have in order to use IMSS services.
  2. It is the one that allows you to periodically consult and monitor the weeks that the person has contributed
  3. It is one of the necessary conditions to be able to apply for a mortgage loan at INFONAVIT

Cost of the procedure

For this procedure it is not necessary to no paymentthose that could be generated can see with the requested documents.

Clever! You already know how to check your SSN. Success!

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