How to know my points in Infonavit: Consultation, Calculator and MORE

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You may have wondered at some point: How to know my points in Infonavit? Don’t worry, this is something very common among Mexican citizens, as it is a topic that interests us all.

Consequently, we have created this article especially for you who ask yourself those questions. We will tell you step by step how you can know your score in Infonavit Stay with us, let’s get started!

How to know my points in Infonavit?

Know how many points you have in Infonavit is something very positive, because it can be a question when you want to get some personal identity paperwork, but let’s get straight to the point. You can check your score on Infonavit in two unique and different ways.

Each of them has its advantage. Next we will tell you what they are and the steps you must follow in each one.

How can I check my Infonavit points from the internet?

The process to do it is extremely easy. Follow these steps:

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Enter the browser of your choice.
  • Access the Infonavit official website.
  • Fill in the form data.
  • Enter your Social Security number.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • A window will be displayed with the requested information.
  • Ready!

You see it? It has been very easy, the best of all is that it probably did not take more than ten minutes to do it, so you can check your points in Infonavit and do your other daily activities at the same time.

How can I check my Infonavit points with the Calculation Table?

A more traditional but equally accurate method is by calculating the Infonavit points. The first thing is that you must know how to calculate it effectively, otherwise the result will be inaccurate.

Once you know that, you can download the updated tables provided by Infonavit on its portal, start calculating math conversions and get your result on your own. All this, without the need for the help of a computer.

You can check your Infonavit points more precisely by downloading its application (APP) for mobile phones. The procedure is similar to that of the website or via the internet.

How much does Infonavit lend?

How much does Infonavit lend? This question is one of the most frequent that people interested in a loan ask, it is quite common. Therefore, we will leave you a brief summary about the economic loans that this entity makes. In addition, we leave you the image in case you are a much more visual person.

You may feel dissatisfied with the amounts they provide. However, we must bear in mind that age is a factor that influences these types of loans. After the age of 40, it is estimated that the payment capacity is reduced, even affecting credit by 4,000 and 6,000 Mexican pesos.

Another case that we must highlight is the amount of points. If, for example, you have 116 points in Infonavit or more, this means that you can choose a credit.

But, this score does not affect the percentage or amount of money that can be lent you, because This will depend on your credit history and whether or not you are in a Credit Bureau Does what I’m talking about sound like Chinese to you? In this article we tell you everything about the Credit Bureau and bank loans.

For example, if you have a negative credit history, the amount of money that you will be awarded can be 10-20% less than the average loan.

Then How much does Infonavit lend in 2021?

Infonavit’s loans for the year 2021 are estimated to be the following:

  • If your salary is $ 2,600 pesos, you can get a loan for a house of $ 300,000 Mexican pesos.
  • A salary of $ 3,800 pesos gives you the opportunity to pay for a house of $ 330,000 Mexican pesos (approximately).
  • If your salary is $ 5,100 Mexican pesos, you can obtain a home loan of up to $ 362,000 pesos.
  • Finally, a salary of $ 6,400 pesos offers you the oportunity of a mortgage loan of $ 409,000 Mexican pesos.

Of course, all this taking into account the amount of money you have saved is proportional to the loan. That, not counting your credit history.

How to know my points in Infonavit: Calculator

Well, as we said in previous sections, there is a way to know how many points or money Infonavit can give you. For it, There is a formula that the official calculator of the entity has, we invite you to visit it.

However, we can do our own calculations so that you have an idea of ​​how much you can get. Remember that credits depend on the age and salary of a person. Suppose the following:

  • You are a young person between the ages of 18 and 39.
  • You get a monthly salary of $ 10,000 Mexican pesos.

The result of this assumption is that Infonavit can lend you up to $ 435,000 Mexican pesos (approximately). We want to reiterate that these calculations are estimates, since there are multiple factors that can decrease and even increase the amount of money they give you. The most famous is a bad credit history.

How to know my points in Infonavit: How does the calculation work?

The calculation of Infonavit points, according to the Subdirectorate General of Credit, is obtained by taking into account the age, years that you have been contributing and the salary obtained during that time. It does not matter that you have worked for multiple companies during the period of time.

It should be noted that you will be able to opt for credits in Infonavit only if the employers or companies where you worked comply with constantly updating the payments.

Also, to apply for a loan, you you must be up to date with payments that help the nation just like taxes or contributions.

Prequalification in Infonavit and How to Consult from the Web

To request a prequalification in Infonavit for a mortgage loan, you must at least know the number of points you have accumulated. To do this, check that through the official website of Infonavit.

We leave you the process to consult it online in the second section of this article, it is called:How can I check my Infonavit points from the internet? Check it out in case you missed that step.

Once you know your number of points, you can opt for prequalification, follow these steps so you don’t get lost in the process:

  1. Go to the section called “Type of prequalification” and select it.
  2. Enter your Social Security number that the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) gave you.
  3. Enter your date of birth.
  4. A window with important information will appear, read it carefully.
  5. Enter the Captcha security code.
  6. Submit the information you entered
  7. Ready!

If you follow this process to the letter, you will only have to wait for the results of said prequalification. There are only three, get to know them in the next section.

Learn about the three results of the Infonavit consultation for prequalification

Since you have entered all the information that is needed to obtain a prequalification, you only have to wait while the system analyzes your profile. Don’t worry, there are only three possible answers and they are the following:

  • You can access a credit: This is the result that everyone expects, you can print the document to serve as proof in some other legal process.
  • You still cannot have a credit: When this happens, the system shows you how many Infonavit points you need to reach the 116 estimates. Failing that, it will indicate the estimated amount of time you need to reach that figure.
  • You cannot opt ​​for a credit: this is the worst result of all. The reasons may be that you do not have a job and therefore do not quote your job, or because you are not enrolled in Infonavit and have a debt from a previous loan.

What is Infonavit?

The well-known Infonavit is a tool provided by the State of Mexico to obtain patrimonial money that can be used in some material good for a person, from homes to cars. Its acronyms they really correspond to the National Workers’ Housing Fund Institute.

This entity is vital in the social development of Mexicans, since many times the economic conditions of a person are not enough to be self-sustaining and pay for their own home with their money. This is when the Institute intervenes and offers the possibility of a mortgage loan.

In addition, apart from offering loans, it gives workers the possibility to register with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and a savings account in the Retirement Savings System (SAR).

All this is very positive, since workers can calmly dedicate themselves to work without having to worry about financial issues. In these areas there are benefits such as:

  1. Opt for a home or mortgage loan.
  2. Save for when the person retires or retires.
  3. Voluntary contributions.
  4. Complementary contributions for retirement

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