How to know my Quoted Weeks in the IMSS: Steps, Constancy and MORE

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How to know my Quoted Weeks in the IMSS? Every worker must have knowledge about this topic of social security, since it is part of their labor benefits.

The Mexican Institute of Social Security offers you the pertinent systems, so that you can know how many contributions you have accumulated, later we will give you the indications you need to know for your inquiries.

How to know my Quoted Weeks in the IMSS?

The Mexican Social Security Institute, also known by the acronym IMSS, is one of the institutions belonging to the federal government that was born in 1943 with the aim of providing stability and tranquility to workers and family members in general in matters of Social Security.

In fact, this institution of Social Security It is the largest of its kind in all of Latin America, reaching more than half of all Mexican citizens against any risk stipulated in the Social Security Law.

Know how many weeks listed in the IMSS is very useful for the member to obtain a pension of any kind, as well as to know if it is possible to make a partial withdrawal of the pension, due to marriage, unemployment or other reasons.

There are two ways to find out how many weeks it is on the IMSS: in person and online. We will see below what procedures each of these modalities includes.

How to know my Quoted Weeks in the IMSS: Step by Step

As we mentioned before, it is very important that by now you know how many weeks you have been enrolled in the IMSS, since this will give you a clearer picture of the contributions that are missing to get a pension and also be able to ask for explanations, if you do not agree with the number of citations.

So, to know this, you must have your Social Security Number (SSN), the Unique Population Registry Code (curp) and choose between the following two categories:


This is the traditional way of knowing the weeks that appear in the IMSS and you will only have to go to the corresponding IMSS Subdelegation, during office hours, from Monday to Friday.

In addition, you will only have to show your valid official identification and give your SSN to know how many weeks of contributions you have received so far in the IMSS.

Via Internet

With this category, the branch has the opportunity to know how many weeks of contributions it has been in the IMSS until today, just by following these simple steps:

  1. You must first enter the site Web of the IMSS, specifically in the section Weeks of appointments.
  2. Then you only need to enter the CURP number, SSN, your email and transcribe the security code, then click on the Continue button.
  3. Via Internet Finally, you will receive in your email the document in PDF format, where the weeks listed in the IMSS of your last five jobs are specified.

Importantly, both categories are completely free, And one of the advantages of making this application online is that you can do it at any time and any day of the week.

How to know my Quoted Weeks in the IMSS: What are they?

The number of weeks that an employer keeps workers registered with the IMSS is called trading weeks.

Also, these weeks are counted throughout the Laboral life of each worker, including the date of their dismissal and the date of their departure from the IMSS, either with one or more employers.

The IMSS You have an easy way to determine the contribution weeks of each affiliate, that is, dividing by seven (07) the number of years that the person has contributed and then multiplying that result by 365.

How to know my Quoted Weeks in the IMSS: Constancy

The proof of the weeks quoted is an information document, which prints the number of weeks contributed by a Mexican employee who entered the Social Security of the IMSS.

It should contain the following information:

  • The weeks specified.
  • Discounted weeks.
  • Name or business name of the employer.
  • The weeks.
  • Employer registration number.
  • Details of the latest registration and cancellation dates.
  • Salary current base and history.
  • History of movements of the IMSS.

To be able to access a recording of the specific weeks, you just need to go to the section “Quoted Weeks” on the website of the IMSS, as described in “Step by Step” above.

As soon as you are in the system, you have the option to select the weekly verification option specified in the IMSS. There you can also request that your certificate include details such as dates, types of movement and basic salary by clicking on the detailed report option.

A document automatically appears in PDF format. This is the IMSS weekly rate that you can save on your device or print immediately.

It is important to note that it is also possible to request this document at presence of the relevant sub-delegation of the IMSS. However, due to the ease of use and the time you save on queues, it is advisable to do it online.

Recovery of Quoted Weeks

The Recovery of the trading weeks It is applied in the event that the affiliate stops contributing for any reason, the most frequent: unemployment; however, it is totally valid to make a recovery to regain the right to opt for retirement.

Both the Social Security Act of 1973 and the Social Security Act of 1997 stipulate that, to get them back, you have several options:

  • Carry out a process to reintegrate the weeks of contribution
  • Make a Procedure in Afore.
  • Voluntary continuation in the compulsory regime.
  • Retrieve the weeks over time.
  • Carry out contributions voluntary.

The most important thing to recover weeks of quotes is to do it now, as this will ensure that your rights are safeguarded so that you can enjoy an IMSS pension in the future.

What is the IMSS?

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS, for its initials) is an autonomous and tripartite institution of the federal government (state, employers and workers), dedicated to providing health and social security services to the population that is affiliated with the institution itself, therefore called the insured or the person with rights. The insurer obtains a card number or SSN.

It is appreciated as the social security institution largest in Latin America. It was inaugurated on January 19, 1943, by presidential decree issued by the then President of the Republic, General Manuel Ávila Camacho.

Social Security Law

Valentín González Suárez was a great social fighter concerned about all the conditions of the employees, being the author of the initiative that would give rise to the IMSS.

The current Social Security Law, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation by decree of December 21, 1995, is the legislative framework within which the Mexican Institute of Social Security governs its operation.

Currently, the law indicates that social security has the following objectives:

  • Attendance medical.
  • Protection of livelihoods.
  • Social services necessary for the wellness individual and collective.
  • The granting of a pension that, where appropriate and after compliance with the legal requirements, will be guaranteed by the State.
  • To achieve this goal, the social Security It comprises two types of regimes: compulsory and voluntary.

The compulsory regime

The regime required It is financed with contributions from employers, the State and the workers themselves.

There are five types of insurance: sickness and maternity; Occupational hazards; Disability and life; Retirement, unemployment for old age and old age; Nurseries and social benefits.

Are subjects of the compulsory system insurance: employees, members of cooperative production companies and people who are determined by the federal government by the respective decree, as in the case of students, by the Official Gazette of the Confederation of September 14, 1998.

We can define it as that on the basis of which all subjects that fall within any of the regulatory conditions provided for in article 12 of the LSS. Mainly and especially those who are interested in a working relationship.

Also as those who are in one of the fictions of the law (cooperatives) and those that grant the federal government under certain guidelines the right and access to all social security system (occupational risks, illness and maternity; disability and life; pension, unemployment and life; childcare centers and social benefits).

The use of benefits In cash and benefits in kind, they are granted in the individual insurance branches under the conditions established by law, both for the policyholder himself and for his beneficiaries and, in general, for all right holders.

Frequent questions

How many weeks of IMSS contributions do you need to apply for a pension?

To apply for the IMSS pension, it is first necessary to know with which plan you will do it, since there are two: the Social Security Law of 1973 and the Social Security Law of 1997. The first of these establishes that a contribution of 500 weeks; while the second states that you will need 1,250 weeks.

Why do I not appear in my contribution certificate weeks requested on the Internet, those contributions made before the year 1982?

To request a certificate corresponding to that year (and even before that year), by going personally to the corresponding IMSS Subdelegation, to review the files.

If I have already contributed to the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) and now I contribute to the IMSS, will these contributions be added?

Yes, it is possible to make a sum of contributions through a procedure called Transfer of listing rights, with which both contributions will be unified in the IMSS.

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