How to know my RFC: Data, Get it for the First Time and MORE

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The importance of knowing your RFC or better known as the Federal Taxpayers Registry is vital in the life of every citizen. Through registration, you can access your tax page in Mexico. So if you ask yourself: How to know my RFC, you have come to the right place.

The contribution system is always on the lookout for this, because failure to do so could lead to crimes such as tax evasion. That is why take note of everything that we will talk about here. Attention, we begin!

How to know my RFC?

The first and perhaps the most famous way to know my RFC It is through the Homoclave. That is, if you know the basic data of a person, or yours, preferably, you can calculate their RFC.
By calculating, we refer to the system created by the Tax Attribution System (SAT) to obtain a Federal Register for Taxpayers in an automated way.
It should be noted that the website does not store personal data. So don’t worry about it.

Then, you must fill out a form, which is only allowed for natural persons. Once the process is finished, the result will be displayed. Said material will only be validated once the procedure to obtain your RFC in the SAT (official body that governs this matter).

Otherwise, the calculation does not make sense, because your password does not exist in the SAT database. It will be as if you have never done it, although between you and I we know that you have.

How to know my RFC: RFC data

Now, let’s talk about the data they request to obtain your RFC. You should know that the system that generates this number takes into account the person’s data to create their particular password. Be careful, it does not record information, it only uses it to generate the password.

The most frequently requested data are the following:

  1. First and last names of the person.
  2. Failing that, it will be the name of the company.
  3. Date of birth of the person.
  4. Failing that, date of incorporation of the company.

Once the data is collected, a part of the key will be generated. Then to that one the famous “Homoclave” is added, that is, the last three digits, which is also calculated with an algorithm that everyone knows.

Throughout this process, a number is added that works as a verifier. This digit is assigned by the SAT to reduce the probability that a person will repeat the same code by homonymy.

With all of the above, the first part of the key is generated, to which the homoclave is then added (the last three characters), calculated with a publicly known algorithm, which includes a verification digit assigned by the SAT to avoid repetitions of the key due to homonymy.

How to know my RFC: Get it out for the First Time

The first few times of a procedure can be tedious, so it is best to know in detail the steps to follow. So no time or enthusiasm is wasted. That is why we will tell you the step by step to process your RFC for the first time.

This process applies to individuals who are of legal age, as they are the ones who process the RFC more frequently. Follow these steps to make the whole procedure easier for you:

  • Enter the web.
  • Enter your required security code.
  • Enter your CURP.
  • All the data saved about your identity will appear.
  • Check them out.

Verification is vital, as an erroneous information can have repercussions on subsequent contributions. He is very aware of it. We continue:

  • Enter your location or area where you live. It is recommended to use the postal code as a reference.
  • A series of questions will appear on the following: amount of income, tax residence, frequency of economic activity.
  • Answer the questions.
  • A preview window will open where you can see and verify all the information supplied to the system up to that precise moment.
  • Confirm the data to finalize the application for registration in the RFC.

Finally, after completing all this adventure, you will be given a message confirming your registration in the RFC. There, you can view your Tax Identification Card.

How to know my RFC: Print it

Once you have gone through the entire process of obtaining your RFC, it would be very sad not to be able to print it. Thus, you will have an extra receipt that you carried out the procedure, apart from the fact that it can be requested as evidence for another legal procedure.

Therefore it is vital to know how to print my RFC, we will tell you in the simplest way possible. However, it should be noted that the document that really validates and certifies your RFC is the well-known Tax Identification Card (CIF). Also called Proof of Fiscal Situation.

It is very easy to do, check this out. We will teach you in the most traditional way possible. Follow these simple steps:

  • Once you see the screen where the process ends, press the “IMP PNT” key.
  • Go to the Paint program.
  • Right click and select “paste.” You can also press CTRL + V.
  • The screenshot you took will be displayed.
  • Cut it out at your convenience.
  • Save it as PDF
  • Print it at your nearest home or stationery store.
  • Ready.
You see it? The process has been extremely simple. In addition to the above, you can always check the history of vouchers that you have issued on the port.

What is the SAT?

We have talked throughout this article about the SAT, better known as the Tax Administration System of Mexico. But what exactly is this entity?

Well, it is an official government institution in charge of ensuring that individuals and legal entities contribute the amount that corresponds to them in terms of taxes according to current legislation on tax and customs provisions.

One of its main functions is to generate strategies and tools so that taxpayers can easily access the fulfillment of their duties as contributors to the country.

That is why this entity will be in charge of demanding the due amount from all taxpayers that corresponds according to your income at the annual invoice level.

In the event that a natural or legal person refuses or evades their duty, the SAT has all the powers and legal properties to carry out the corresponding legal procedure. In such events, the person has 20 business days to deny and prove his innocence for the accused. In case of failure, you will have to pay.

What is the RFC?

The RFC, as we have explained it well, is the Federal Taxpayers Registry. It is a unique and special key that delivers the Tax Administration System of Mexico to any person who wishes to carry out an economic activity. Logically, a percentage of these activities must be taxed to contribute to the public spending of the nation.

The unique password is usually 13 characters long, made up of numbers and letters. It usually begins with the initials of the natural or legal person who obtains the RFC. It is followed by the date of birth or the day the registered company was created.

Ends with three digits called “Homoclave”. This is awarded by the SAT. In addition, it ensures that the code is unique, otherwise there may be problems when contributing to the Mexican nation.

What is it for?

Well, you might be wondering what is the use of having the RFC or the Homoclave. You may even have doubts about the functions of the Tax Administration System of Mexico. Everyone is free to believe what they want. But here we will tell you why the RFC is important and what it is for.

As already mentioned, the RFC is crucial for any type of economic activity that you want to carry out. Why? since it allows you to perform the following actions that are vital to the life of any Mexican:

  • Tax payment.
  • Fiscal obligations.
  • Access bank accounts.
  • Get credit cards.
  • Access social programs.
  • Participate in the programs of the Retirement Fund Administrators (AFORE).
  • Use resources from the National Housing Fund for Workers (INFONAVIT).

Do you see how important it is to obtain your RFC? Without it, none of the above would be possible. Don’t be left out either and get your RFC the moment you start to carry out economic activities in a professional and serious way!

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