How to know my RFC: What is it, How to obtain the Homoclave key and what is the RFC for

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Citizens, this information is like a glove, read completely How to know my RFC: What is it, How to obtain the Homoclave key and what is the RFC for, It is very valuable to understand a little more about the Taxpayer Registry.

If you know your CURP, it is easier how to know my RFCbecause you will get it from the comfort of your home, you only need to have an internet connection.

What is the RFC

With the purpose of having an instrument to control the payment of taxes to the treasury, the Federal taxpayer registration, known by its acronym as RFC.

This RFC identifies taxpayers, whether they are companies or individuals.

It consists of a key of letters and numbers, with thirteen characters.

For natural persons, the RFC is made up of:

  • First and second digit, correspond to the first letter and first internal vowel of the first surname
  • The third digit corresponds to the first letter of the second surname
  • Fourth Digit is the initial letter of the first name of the taxpayer
  • Then the date of birth in yy/mm/dd format
  • And finally the homoclave, which is calculated with a public knowledge algorithm, with a verification digit to avoid repetitions, assigned by the Tax Administration Service or SAT.


  • Name: Pablo Free People
  • Birth: August 10, 1979
  • RFC: PULP790810RH7

Meanwhile he RFCs for Business either moral people, consists:

  • In the event that the company name is made up of three words, the initial letter of each one is used.
  • If it consists of two words, then the initial letter of the first word is used, and the initial two letters of the second.
  • Then the date of incorporation of the company is used in the format yy/mm/dd
  • And the homoclave, assigned by the Tax Administration Service


  • Name: Hard Wood Industry SA de CV
  • Constitution: March 15, 2001
  • RFC: IMD010315E60

How to know my RFC with Homoclave?

The RFC is made up of some of the letters of the taxpayer’s name and their birth data, while the last three characters of the RFC are known as the homoclave.

This homoclave is assigned by the SAT, through the use of an algorithm. For the calculation of the homoclave, several factors taken into account by the tax agency interfere, including numerical or alphanumeric systems.

A number from 0 to 9 is used for those who were born before the year 2000. While those who were born after the year 2000, a letter between ‘A’ and ‘Z’ is used. When there is already an input record with the same first characters, the SAT modifies the homokey to avoid coincidence.

What is the Homoclave for?

The existence of the Homoclave is very important for the identification of the taxpayer, since makes the password unique before the SAT.

Prevents the RFC from being repeated, because it is possible that there are many names and surnames, with the same letters that are used for their creation. Including the date of birth.

The Tax Administration Service, calculates the RFC with homokey, based on the person’s name and birth data, then calculates the algorithm to assign the homokey. In this way, it guarantees a unique and different password for all taxpaying Mexican citizens.

Requirements to process the RFC

To obtain the Federal Taxpayer Registry or RFC, original documents are required for the first time, according to the type of person requesting it.

For natural persons who have CURP or Unique Population Registry Code, the procedure is carried out online. It is not necessary to present documents in any office.

to process the RFC for minors The person who acts as the minor’s representative is required to appear by appointment, at the SAT offices, with the following documents:

  • In original, the document where the minor’s birth data and their identification document are verified.
  • If applicable, the certified copy of the judicial resolution or document issued by a notary public in case of parental authority or guardianship
  • The original of the declaration of consent of the parents, indicating that one of them will act as the minor’s representative, with their original valid identity documents.
  • In the original of the identity document of the person who acts as the representative of the minor.
  • The original of a document that certifies the fiscal address.
  • If applicable, a certified copy of the power of attorney, where the character of legal representative is certified. Or failing that, the power of attorney signed before two witnesses and the signatures ratified before the tax authorities or before a notary or notary public.

For the Minors from the age of 16, with their own identification and who receive only a salary:

The procedure is carried out in person at an SAT Office, prior appointment registered in the SAT portalpresenting the following requirements:

  • The curp o Personal Identity Card
  • The statement in writing, before the Decentralized Administration of Taxpayer Services, signed by the minor, in which he indicates under protest to tell the truth his willingness to register in the RFC with the purpose of exclusively performing a subordinate personal service and that he will not have activity until he turns eighteen.
  • In original a document that certifies the fiscal address
  • The valid identity document.

For legal entities or companies:

The process begins with the pre-registration on the SAT portal. It is mandatory that you present yourself at the SAT office so that it can be official. By appointment, within ten days of sending the electronic application, with the following documents:

  • The document that certifies the pre-registration in the RFC.
  • The certified copy of the notarized Constitution Document.
  • In original a document that certifies the fiscal address
  • If applicable, the certified copy of the Power of Attorney that certifies the character of legal representative. Or in original, a power of attorney, with the signature of two witnesses and their certification, before the tax authorities or a Notary Public. Given the case that it was granted abroad, it must be apostilled or legalized and formalized before the Mexican notary public, in the Spanish language or translated by an authorized expert.
  • The identity document of the legal representative.
  • The valid RFC key of all that are linked in the incorporation document. If they are not declared in the articles of incorporation, the legal representative must present a document that has the RFC keys.
  • If the constitution as a company has a special character, it is possible that some additional documents must be presented, see in detail the file 43/CFF.

Whoever is a legal representative must have the capacity to respond to the details requested by the agency, in relation to the fiscal situation of the legal entity to be registered.

Steps to carry out the RFC process from the SAT Portal

Currently, natural persons, from the age of eighteenwhich need to be registered in the RFC, which are taxpayers or not, they can complete the entire process online.

With the only requirement of having the Current CURP and complete the address and email information, that are requested, completing the following steps:

  1. Enter the electronic page of the Tax Administration Service SAT
  2. Locate the “People” tab
  3. Display the «RFC Procedures» menu
  4. Select «Get your RFC with the Unique Population Registration Key»
  5. Place your CURP and the validation image data
  6. Press Continue
  7. complete the data, very important, place the email. If in doubt, open the question marks.
  8. Press Continue
  9. The document with the RFC and CURP appears immediately

Download it to your device and print it at your convenience.

Who should process the RFC?

Mandatory, all taxpayers:

  • Workers in companies or in the government
  • Those who own companies, under the Tax Incorporation Regime
  • All freelancers

What is the SAT RFC for?

In addition to tax obligations, it is necessary for other procedures, such as:

  • The opening of a Bank account
  • Get Credit cards
  • Have the option to social programs or scholarships
  • In case of sale of properties
  • To access the social Security
  • Opt for participation in Afore (Administrators of Retirement Funds)
  • Also to access the services of Infonavit (Institute of the National Fund for Housing for Workers)

Can I get the RFC for free?

Based on the provisions of the Taxpayer Defense Attorney, known as Prodecon. Yes, it is feasible to obtain the RFC for free, it is available to any citizen of Mexico.

Without this generating any tax obligation, or submitting any statement to the treasury. Until an economic activity is started that requires the payment of taxes.

What is the Generic RFC?

When invoices are generated for sales to the general publicsuch as sales over the counter and the client’s RFC is not available, the Tax Administration System encourages the use of the Generic RFC.

Structured by the body, in:

  • Sales to inhabitants of Mexico XAXX010101000
  • Residents abroad XEXX010101000

What is the IMSS RFC?

Plain and simple, to Mexican Social Security Institute RFC IMS421231I45 corresponds to it.


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