How to know my SAT Password: Generate it, SAT and MORE

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How do I know my SAT password? National tax systems are of great importance as they include taxes related to the nation. In this case, Mexico has implemented a system known as the SAT for the control and regulation of taxes.

Like any system, it has its steps to follow and instructions to carry out the pertinent procedures, and here we provide you with everything you need to know about this important matter.

How do I know my SAT password?

If you need to know if you have password (old CIEC code) in the SAT to access the online services they offer and you are a natural person, called a worker, employer, landlord, commission agent, etc.

You can verify directly on the SAT page if you or the accountant have ever processed the password in the SAT.

The password it is an access mechanism. Your username is always your RFC and the password is a keyword, to access various applications and services provided by the SAT on the Internet.

To do this, all you need to do is know your federal tax record and follow the steps below:

The key to know if I have one password to request a reset.

  1. For this we access the portal of the SAT and in the “Procedures” section we see two options that lead us to the same process as when inserting “Reset Password”
  2. They ask in this section if you have FIELD and you choose NO (even if I have it) and insert the RFC (only for individuals).
  3. When you enter the RFC, click on “OK”.

How to Know My SAT Password: Possible System Answers

By clicking on “accept”, we will have 3 possible answers of the SAT.

RFC NOT registered, contact any local Taxpayer Services Authority

This may appear because the RFC was misspelled or because, as the applicant’s RFC indicates, it is not registered in the SAT, if you acquired this RFC from your employer or a program that calculates the RFC it does not mean that you are in the SAT database.

There was an error resetting your password.

Try it again later. This usually happens because if the RFC is saved but has not generated its password to access SAT online services. It is recommended to treat it directly in the SAT.

Option to reset email password

If this option appears, if you have a password and can get it back directly from the SAT page and for that they will send you a link to your email.

You need to choose the email or emails you want to send the password reset request to and click accept.

You will receive a email with documentation. CA @ sat. mouth. mx so that you can locate it in your inbox or in SPAM.

Finally, it will ask you to assign a new password and when you click accept, the following message will appear:
To access this service, you can do it from the following link: Reset SAT Password

How to know my SAT Password: Generate and Update it

The procedure for edit or create password can be done in the following steps:

  • If you are online, go to the portal website SAT.
  • Click on the Start button inside.
  • Select the option according to the type of account (with e. Signature).
  • When entering, add the RFC (Federal Taxpayers Registry).
  • Enter the captcha code.
  • Enter the personal email address provided in the personal documents.
  • Then enter the path sent to the email.
  • Complete the form sent on the official website.
  • Print the password generation coupon.

You must follow the steps below when you are in person:

  • Go to the Tax Administration Offices (SAT) or, otherwise, to the Tax Service Modules.
  • Submit the requested requirements.
  • You will receive the password confirmation

What is the SAT Password for?

The password of the Service tax administration (SAT) was previously known as CIEC (Confidential Electronic Identification Key).

It corresponds to a mechanism for accessing different applications and various online services provided by the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

The password is made up of the RFC (Federal Taxpayers Registry) plus a password to identify it.

Through this password you can carry out the different procedures through the web or smartphones:

  • Toast comfort and ease for the taxpayer to fulfill its function.
  • Allowing the issuance of invoices, making monthly statements and updating personal data.

How to Find My SAT Password: What is the SAT?

The SAT represents the Tax Administration Service, corresponds to a body attached to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

It features various activities and functions, including tax legislation and customs activities.

In addition to supervising public spending in accordance with fiscal provisions, it is responsible for facilitating voluntary compliance and is in charge of providing information on fiscal design.


The Tax Administration Service (SAT) was created in 1996 through the Law of the Tax Administration Service. It is decentralized by the highest tax authority.

In mid-1996, the authorization and registration of the new organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit was obtained. Its creation is derived from the change of name of the General Administration of Audit, Development and Evaluation.

All this through the General Administration of Information, Development and Evaluation together with the General Directorate of Income Policy and International Tax Affairs. All this with the intention of having an organism that encompasses the various functions performed by other entities.

In addition, to attribute the characteristics necessary to cover the country’s tax system, the functions of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) began in 1997, replacing the functions exercised by the Revenue Undersecretariat.

Due to the high activity time and the various functions of the Tax Administration Service (SAT), activities have been reassigned in the areas of revenue policy, tax policy and customs. Because he had activities conferred by the normative internal.

Therefore, in order to maintain the coherence of the economic and social policies of the country. Over time, the agency reduced its internal structure until the complete disappearance of the General Audit Management, attributing the activity to the country’s Internal Comptroller.

In mid-1999 changes were made in the structure such as the disappearance of the social community, tax control, legal collection and customs, among others. With this, the creation of the General Administrations of the great contributors among other.

In 2001 the body of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) continued with the changes in the structures. Carry out the creation of various General Administrations and new internal regulations.

Services offered by the SAT

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) is the body in charge of all formalities tributaries of Mexicans.

To do this, use the appropriate system to find improvements in functions and services.

A service is all the functions that are tangible or not tangible by the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

Among the various services what can you offer the Tax Administration Service (SAT), the following stand out:

  • Collect taxes from Mexicans, contribute to improvements in federal products and uses.
  • In charge of directing the different customs and inspection services.
  • Represents the interests of the federations and, in turn, tax disputes.
  • Collect and settle the various federal contributions and benefits.
  • It is in charge of shaping international treaties with Mexico, the powers are exercised by the tax and customs authorities.
  • It offers public, national and public bodies and institutions, national or foreign.
  • Ensures compliance with tax and customs legislation.
  • Exercises the different powers of fiscal controls.
  • Consult the federal government to exercise tax and customs matters.
  • Prepare lists of taxpayers to expand the country’s tax registry.

What procedures can I do at the SAT?

At this point, you might be wondering what procedures you can do in the SAT in addition to paying taxes.

The main services offered by the agency are:

  • Registration in the RFC (Federal Taxpayers Registry).
  • RFC-related notices.
  • Process and validate your CURP (Unique Residence Registration Code) in front of the National Population and Personal Identification Registry.
  • Process your registration as a natural person in the SAT.
  • Register your company in Mexico.
  • Get all the material you need on insights and conclusions.
  • Get the help you need to process your electronic signature and electronic invoice.
  • Your tax returns, payments and guarantees.
  • When starting your business, you have to deal with some procedures that confirm the character of the employer, performed by the SAT.
  • If you want to provide your employees with food or gas vouchers, it is recommended that you provide the electronic wallets provided by SAT. First of all, if you want to withdraw the food stamps, you can do so only if you have provided them with an electronic wallet.

As we have seen, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) is in charge of collecting the tax and customs resources required by law and providing the taxpayer with the necessary tools.

In addition, it must be a modern facility that promotes voluntary compliance with these regulations through simple, fast and accessible processes for all.

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