How to know my social security number: Everything you need to know

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Mexicans have one of the largest public institutions dedicated to providing social security, the Mexican Social Security Institute or IMSS.

This body assigns a membership number, the following article How to know my social security number: Everything you need to know, We will try to update you on such an important document.

How do I know the social security number that corresponds to me?

The social security number is of great importance among the working citizens of Mexico.

It is unique data, as well as permanent and cannot be transferred. It is assigned to manage the registration of workers and insured in the IMSS.

The enjoyment and enjoyment of this benefit, both for the holder and for his family group, is linked to a constitutional right.

can be obtained via Internetin digital desktop from the electronic page of the Mexican Institute of Social Security or IMSSwith the CURP number and an email address.

There is also the option attending the Subdelegation or Auxiliary Office of Affiliation and Collection, closest to the address of residence.

They have office hours, Monday through Friday, between 08:00 and 15:30.

And in this digital age, the IMSS has tried to keep up with these advances, in order to facilitate registration in social security:

  1. Downloading the app Digital IMSS in iOS either Android and go to the menu.
  2. Locate the fieldprocess
  3. Choose Obtain or query NSS.
  4. Register your CURP and your email address.
  5. When you complete the steps, your SSN will be displayed on the screen. With the option to send to your email; select it and you will receive a pdf file, which you can print at your convenience.

What do I need to get my social security number?

To apply for a Social Security Number, in person. The following documents are required:

  1. The certified photocopy of the document certifying the birth data
  2. Possess the Unique Population Registry Code, known as CURP.
  3. A valid document with a photo that certifies identity, among them, the voting document, the passport, the National Military Service card or the professional credential
  4. The full address of the residence, certified in a document.

while by the Internetdocuments are not requested, it is required:

  1. The number of CURP
  2. The email address

How to get my SSN for the first time

To complete the process of obtaining the social security number for the first time, by Internet, CURP and personal email address are required.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the website of the IMSS
  2. Locate the section Beneficiaries, pensioners and the general public
  3. Select Virtual Desktop
  4. Locate the field Social Security Number Assignment
  5. Click on Start Process
  6. Place the CURP, email, email confirmation and solve the validation code
  7. Select Continue
  8. Enter the home address
  9. Continue
  10. It will immediately show you the SSN or Social Security Number
  11. The SSN and the associated card will be sent to the email address
  12. It can be downloaded and then printed

In case of carrying out the process of requesting a Social Security Number of form presencehe must:

  1. Gather the required documents
  2. Attend the Subdelegation or Auxiliary Office of Affiliation and Collection, closest to your place of residence. Request the SSN at the Pre-enrollment service window.

What is the IMSS

Is he body in charge of managing health care services for Mexicans. Through research and medical practice, managing the financial resources for the retirement time of the insured and their family group.

It was founded in 1943 and is cataloged as the government institution with the greatest presence in the social protection of Mexicogenerating stability and peace of mind for familiesbefore the risks that are specified in the Social Security Law.

This made up of a tripartite: the state, employers and workers. It identifies its affiliates with the well-known Social Security Number.

social security law

In the current Social Security law, it was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation under a decree of December 21, 1995, its last reform being published on June 4, 2019.

They are the laws that define the operations of the Mexican Institute of Social Security or IMSS.

It states that social security and protection has the purpose of:

  • Provide health services to its members
  • Ensure the protection of livelihoods.
  • Create and implement the social services that are required for individual and collective well-being.
  • Guarantee the allocation of a pension amount to its affiliates, who meet the established requirements.

As a way to meet its commitments, Social Security has two modalities: mandatory and voluntary:

the one of the rcompulsory regimerefers to the obligation of the employer to affiliate the worker, when starting the employment relationship.

While the rvoluntary scheme, refers to the affiliation condition of an independent worker, who must voluntarily and independently make the respective contributions to the Mexican Social Security Institute.

Social Security Benefits

be affiliated with Mexican Social Security Institute generates a series of benefits, which we will try to summarize:

  1. It represents a guarantee of quality of life for the worker
  2. Guarantees medical attention, in various situations, such as work accidents, illnesses, maternity, disability.
  3. Guarantees the allocation of a pension, for retirement, unemployment and old age, after meeting the requirements
  4. Provides childcare services and social benefits
  5. Provide life insurance for its affiliates

How is the social security number (SSN) composed?

When the worker is affiliated by his employer or self-employed to the IMSS, he is assigned an NSS or Social Security Number.

This number is made up of eleven characters, which originate, for example:

46 – 14 – 89 – 0946 – 2

46 – Number of administrative office or affiliation sub-delegation

14 – Year in which you joined the IMSS

89 – Year of birth of the worker

0946 – Digits assigned by the IMSS

two – Verification number of the worker before the IMSS

Wishing I have helped you and that your process is successful!

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