How to know my Telcel number: Get all the information

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Telcel in 1996 it was the company that transformed the way of consumption in cell phones and thus allowed its massification, at the time the Amigo system grew, it was the first prepaid system in the city of Mexico and all over the world.

Telcel is the leading wireless telecommunications company throughout Mexico City, learn a little more about this great company on our portal

What is Telcel?

Telcel is known as a company Mexican in charge of telecommunications and added services for América Móvil.

What services does Telcel offer?

Telcel offers the following services


-Intelligent mailbox: 365 days, available 24 hours a day your voice message center.

Waiting calls: Do not miss any call, you have the opportunity to take a second call without having to end the one in progress.

-Collect call: Do you need to make important calls or for fun and talk to your friends and family? And you don’t have enough balance? Call collect to another Telcel number without using your balance.

-Multiconference: This is the easiest way to communicate with multiple people at the same time.

-Abandoned Call Notifier: Remember that if you have active voicemail, you will know who was trying to communicate with you.

-Call transference: you can transfer incoming calls to another phone to save battery or have someone else answer the calls.

Messenger service

-Multimedia messages (MMS): Share, videos, photos, with all your friends from Mexico and different countries, even if you don’t have megabytes.

-Text message (SMS): Send text messages and receive all of them, both in the city of Mexica and around the world.

-SMS Paid Reply: Forget about excuses and send the answers to the SMS you send.

-SMS receivable: Don’t you have balance to send a text message, don’t worry about them, use SMS for Collection! Fast and easy.

Of course

  • Music
  • Videos
  • Drive
  • Games
  • apps


  • google play
  • Apple Music
  • Galaxy Store
  • answerstone
  • Hi, friend

These are some of the services that Telcel offers us, here we leave you its page so that you can find out a little more about everything that this company has to offer.

Click here

How to acquire a Telcel line

To purchase your line Telcel, These are available at Oxxo stores, authorized distributors and customer service centers.

The cost of these is: $116 pesos

In order to locate the closest customer service center to where you are, click on the page indicated at the bottom to start the search for the customer service center Telcel closest.

Click here

How to know my Telcel number

Send collect message with 033:

Sometimes these methods are not as effective, since some unforeseen events may occur that may prevent you from sending messages or making calls.

When this happens is that you have no balance, one of the options that we bring to you is known by many, this consists of sending a text message to 033 followed by the phone number of a friend or acquaintance.

This code will send a collect message, what does this mean? That the other friend will pay. Do not get upset, since it is not necessary to pay to obtain the number, since your friend will receive a message saying that your number wants to send an SMS for payment, which will be accepted or not.

Once the SMS with the number arrives, you can copy it and decline the payment offer that it is going to offer you, just as the task of all this was fulfilled.

Dial *#62#:

Apart from the clever way we have mentioned above, we have other ways to get the phone number.

Another way to get your number is by dialing the *#62# Now go to the dialer keyboard of your mobile phone and type the code and press the key to call.

In a few minutes a message will come out which will not say the phone number.

Find the big card that has the pins and puks:

Another way to recover your number Telcel is the following, look for your card that brings the code pin and puk.

This card is the presentation mode of your telephone number, which has a pin code to access and the code puk to change the pin and mobile phone number associated with the yes

Now, once you look for the card you will see your phone number very easily. Without a doubt, it is a free and quality solution which is very useful for such an emergency.

Always remember to keep that card because an inconvenience like this happens and you don’t know what to do.

How to check and recharge my Telcel balance

Checking your balance is very simple and easy here we explain how

1-Dial *133#

From your mobile phone, dial *133# to enter the Telcel Services Menu.

Now you must press «Send» in the option «balance» In minutes you will receive a text message with all the details of your balance.

2-Enter My Telcel

You can also check your balance at my phone at no cost from any device.

If you want to do it from your computer you can enter, If you are going to do it from your cell phone, go to my phone or you can also download the applications on your cell phone from me Telcel available for iOS Y Android

3-Send a text message to 333

Write the word «balance» in an SMS and send it to 333. In a few minutes you will receive a text message with all the details of your balance.

4-Voice services menu

Dial from your Telcel to *321 and select the number «3», wait a moment and listen to the details of your balance.

to recharge your telcel you just have to do the following

enter from your computer a my phone either Telcel Recharge and pay with your credit card

If you are going to enter from your cell phone through the “recharge friend” application

You can also send a text message to *3434 with the last four digits of your card and the recharge amount

You can activate and send a text message to *4040 with the word recharge followed by the amount you want to recharge

You also have the options of mobile charger chargers, in customer service centers, from banks, ATMs, restaurants, shops, supermarkets and gas stations.

What are the benefits of having a Telcel line

Telcel It has 3 benefit schemes in payment mode, which are:

limitless friend


  • Limited calls and messages
  • Automatic activation of the voice, SMS and data service.
  • Incoming calls at no cost in Mexico City, USA and Canada
  • Availability in all internet services and social networks.

friends per second


  • Use the seconds, SMS and megabytes at the same cost in Mexico City, USA and Canada.
  • Calls from Mexico City to the US and Canada as local, without charging long distance calls
  • If you are in the United States or Canada and you have a call, you are free to answer as it has no cost

Optimal friend plus without borders


  • Use the minutes, SMS and megabytes at the same cost in Mexico City, USA and Canada.
  • Calls from Mexico City to the US and Canada as local, without charging long distance calls
  • If you are in the United States or Canada and you have a call, you are free to answer as it has no cost
  • Your five free numbers to use can be used in the United States and Canada, as if you were in Mexico City


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