How to know the balance of my saldazo card: How to acquire it and its use

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Oxxo offers all those people who are not banked a great payment alternative that is quite safe, and that is accepted worldwide, The Saldazo Citibanamex Oxxo card.

Although you must repeatedly hear that this card is a great payment alternative, surely even your head must ask what is it? Is it really convenient for you to apply for this card? How does it work? .

Below we clarify all those doubts you may have about this plastic and if it is the proposal you were looking for.

What is the Banamex Transfer

It is not just that one bill that allows you to pay in businesses in which you are affiliated, as well as send and receive money without any need to go to the bank.

We can find two means:

Through Transfer (telephone cedular) or with your debit card only.

How do I open my Transfer Banamex Account and what do I need?

  • You only need your official identity number (INE) it must be current
  • ID number
  • Email
  • Personal information
  • Generate your Transfer PIN (six digits).


If I already have my Saldazo Card, do I already have a Transfer Banamex account?

Yes, your money is in an account with the name Transfer Banamex. The saldazo card is nothing more than a device which you can use your money, it also allows you to use your cell phone to deposit, pay, and withdraw through text messages or the Tranfer App.

How can I use the Saldazo Card?

  • One of the most common uses of the saldazo card, is the ease of payment in establishments that accept cards, instead of carrying cash.
  • It also makes it easy for us to deposit at any OXXO or Citibanamex Branches, just by using the card number.
  • Like we can withdraw from any ATM in OXXO and Citibanamex ATMs when necessary.

Requirements to obtain the Saldazo Card

First of all you must go to some OXXO store, since it is not possible to request the saldazo card Banamex in a bank. Already being in said store (OXXO) the requirements to get the saldaza card are as follows:

  • Voter’s Credential (current)
  • Applicant’s full name
  • Applicant’s date and place of birth
  • Full address
  • Cell phone number of any company

How to check the balance of the Saldazo Card

In order to consult the balance of your saldazo card, you can download the App transfer from the cellphone. This is the simple way you have to check your available balance at any time of the day.

Another way to check the balance of your saldazo card is by calling the number 01 (55) 4631 2669 customer service transfer.

How to deposit on the Saldazo Card

By entering OXXO or Sucursal Banamex, with only your saldazo card number, you can deposit and instantly receive the voucher.

Also if a family member or friend needs you or wants to send money, providing them with your saldazo card number, you will be able to receive your money and proof instantly.

It is Iimportant know that the maximum you can deposit in your saldazo card It is $ 18,000 monthly pesos which is equivalent to 3,000 UDIS.

  • You must pay $ 5 pesos of commission for deposit to Saldazo Card.
  • Each amount of the Transfer Account, Citibanamex is managed in UDIS, the value of this varies, for each maximum deposit amount per day.

For more information you can enter the following link.

Benefits of using the Saldazo Card

The Benefits what’s up saldazo card offers them are nothing more than allowing them to make purchases anywhere without having to carry cash (not only in OXXO stores), in addition to this you can easily withdraw cash from OXXO stores.

You can also download the App tranfer (free), with which you can deposit money to any account and recharge the balance of your mobile phone. In addition to all these benefits that this App offers you, you have the option of reviewing all the movements you make on the card as long as you want.

Fees for using the Saldazo Card

In the following image we show you the commissions of the saldazo card that citibanamex, established when carrying out operations with it OXXO:

Frequent questions

How does the Saldazo OXXO Card work?

First of all you should know that this card is prepaid level 2, this means that it is a variation of the credit cards, which is linked to Citibanamex, also it has a greater advantage of being able to obtain it easily and simply without having to go to the Bank.

This card is backed by a visa, is accepted by thousands of merchants around the world, and has the facility to make deposits of up to $ 18,000 per month in OXXO entities and in any Citibanamex ATM.

You can also withdraw cash at either of the two places mentioned above or at any other bank ATM.

Difference between an OXXO Saldazo Card and a Saldazo Transfer Account?

We must know that when it comes to the saldazo card, it refers to the plastic, with which one has access to deposit accounts, called Transfer Banamex account.

If we have this product, we have the possibility to link it with the so-called “App trasfer”.

Which allows the user to manage the account from the comfort of their cell phone, thus offering to transfer money to other transfer accounts or banks, to be able to check the balance you have, the movements you have made, recharge the balance, block and unblock the account.

And also withdraw cash without needing the card and even make payment of Citibanamex credit cards.

Can I use my Saldazo Card at PayPal?

Yes. You have the possibility to use the OXXO saldazo card in a Paypal account.

It is particularly recommended that you use a debit card that I have still requested directly from the bank.

I forgot the PIN of my Saldazo OXXO Card, what do I do?

This is very easy to solve, if for any reason you forget or want to modify your PINAll you have to do is go to the customer service offices of a Citibanamex branch, with only your official identification and Saldazo card.

How to change the phone number of the Saldazo Card (Transfer Citibanamex)?

In order to change your cell phone number which you registered in your transfer account, you must follow these three steps below:

Step 1: call customer service 01 (55) 4631 2669.

2: You must withdraw from the services of the App tranfer, which was associated with the previous phone number.

3: Finally, you must go to a Citibanamex branch and ask for the request to link a number to your Saldazo Card

How can I find out the name of the holder of a Saldazo Card?

It is not possible to know the name of the owner of a OXXO credit card

You must be wondering why? It is always this strictly confidential information from the bank.

Can it be transferred to Saldazo from the account of other banks?

Users usually believe that you cannot make a transfer from other banks to a balance, and they are wrong, this is easier than you think.

With only the 16 digits that the saldazo card has on the front, you can transfer money from any other bank.

Another way of doing this is by requesting the plastic interbank key, to be able to request this key you must go to the Citibanamex branch, carrying official identification and postponing the saldazo card.

How can I activate my Saldazo Citibanamex Card?

This process is activated only, once you finish the process of requesting said product in OXXO.

Thank you for reading our portal, we hope you have success with the completion of your procedure

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