How to know the weeks quoted in the IMSS: Necessary documents

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People have the right to know how many contributions they have accumulated in the Social Securityfor this reason it will be explained How to know the weeks quoted in the IMSS? So do not miss the opportunity to read this article so that you are aware of everything.

What is the Certificate of weeks quoted in the IMSS?

You already know that you have to be aware of all the weeks that are being quoted in the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), but since everything looks prettier on paper or in a digital report to be more current. This health entity created a document known as the record of weeks quoted.

Is proof of weeks quoted in the IMSS, It is a document that shows the number of weeks that a person has Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)in this way the insured is aware of the weeks he has until the moment he makes the query and how much remains to be able to enjoy his retirement.

Remember that in order to retire you must have fulfilled the 60 yearsyou have to have a cumulative 1250 quoted weeksso you can enjoy your retirement without having problems with the pension.

Who can request the certificate?

The certificate can be requested by any person who has the Unique Population Registry Key (CURP), The Social Security Number (SSN) and the member’s email.

So it is not necessary for the insured to be the only one with the power to know this information, apart from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), it can be done by a friend or even by the employer. Best of all, no one outside of the IMSS has the power to modify this information, so it doesn’t matter who sees it.

Where I can make the process?

This procedure can be carried out in two ways, so that the person who makes the query can do it according to the needs that they have at that moment that they want to know the information.

The forms in which the query can be made are in the form face-to-face and in lineyou can do it as follows.


This would be the most comfortable way to perform the query, since is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a yearyou just need a computer that has Internet access with a browser to be able to do the query.

Follow these steps to see how easy it is to do this type of query:

  • In order not to search too much in the portal of Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)enter directly through this part of IMSS digital services.
  • Now place the Unique Population Registry Code (CURP), The Social Security Number (SSN), the member’s email and the characters in the image in the corresponding box. Then press the button continue.

  • Wait for the system to analyze the information, so you can see the form where you are every week quoted by the insured.

All this is done by the official of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)only that here only the direct access where the query can be made is indicated.


In case you cannot make the consultation electronically No problem! anyone can go to a sub-delegation to make the query. Only these can only be done from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.

You just have to do this to be able to make the consultation in person:

  1. He goes to the delegation that is closest to his home.
  2. Tell the person who is going to assist you that you want to know how many weeks you have quoted.
  3. Give the person who is offering you the documents you need to consult the quoted weeks. Later it will be mentioned what you have to deliver.
  4. Once they have already reviewed the weeks that the insured has in the system, they let the person who makes the query know and that would be all.

And it is how the consultation is carried out in both places, you only have to make the consultation that you have at hand certain documents that are going to be mentioned below.

What documents do I need?

The documents you need will depend on the place where the consultation is going to be carried out, since, as has just been seen, the consultation is carried out in a different way and this logically requires somewhat different documents. This is what is needed for each query:


In fact, what is needed to carry out the online procedure are not documents as such, rather they are data which have already been mentioned to me, but nothing happens if they are remembered so that this procedure is more than clear:

  • Email.
  • Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).


Knowledge How to know the weeks quoted in the IMSS? It is a query that can be done in two ways as mentioned above, but it remains to indicate what you need a person who wants to make the query in the form face-to-face, since the agents who live in the delegations need something to look for information.

As in the system Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)there is a sea of ​​insured, the following are needed to know how many weeks a person has quoted when consulted in person.

  • Original identification document.
  • Social Security Number (SSN)it has to be in an appointment book or in a card, try to bring a document where you can see this information.

Necessary information before carrying out the procedure

It has already been said how and what is needed to make the query about the weeks that are listed so far, but something that has not been mentioned and it is important to know before making the query.

To go straight to the point, what you have to do before doing the process about consulting the weeks that have been quoted is the following:

  • of course the Social Security Number (SSN)in which only the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).
  • Have the following documents valid:
    • Passport.
    • National Military Service Sheet.
    • Professional ID.
    • ADIMSS credential.
    • In the case of being a foreigner, you must have the identity document that is normally used in the country of origin and the form issued by the National Migration Institute, FM2 or FM3.

They are documents that can be requested at any time and therefore it is recommended to keep everything that has just been mentioned up to date to avoid unpleasant problems.

Social Security Law

The law, as it is already known, is to impose norms, but its own definition and those it protects are also found in the same. The same goes for the Social Security Law.

Of all the articles contained in this law that even describes in its legal terms, how each procedure required by Social Security must be carried out. So it is recommended that you validate with the law any procedure that is going to be carried out. Although the one explained in this article is only a query, the law also has participation in it.

The participation the Social Security Law especially in the article 314 which says the following:

Any fraud carried out in the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)applying the sanctions dictated by the Federal penal code.

This refers to anyone who uses false documentation and carries out procedures that only belong to the insured. In the case of committing these illegal activities, you must be responsible according to the acts you carry out..

In this and in any area of ​​life it is better to continue laws, thus avoiding consequences that no one wants to experience, not even have to be responsible for them.

Cost of the procedure

The procedure itself only wastes your valuable time, which is not that it takes a lot of percent, but in itself in monetary matters the service is totally free. If you do the process online, you only have to cancel the Internet service, that is if it is not free.

It really is very simple to carry out this procedure and with this you already have the answer to the question: How to know the weeks quoted in the IMSS? Even down to what is needed to make the query.

Thanks for reading and we hope the information helps you a lot!

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