How to know when to pay the predial and everything you need to know

In the article that we present to you today, we will explain to you in as much detail as possible about what the property tax. When and how you must cancel it to avoid penalties:

How and when to pay Property Tax

East tax must be canceled and calculated each year. It is always done in the first months of each year. Preferably in January and February to avoid surcharges.

It is totally clear that there are various forms of payment. This is because each state will apply the forms and tax benefits that best suit them to collect them.

Due to this, the payment of the same is enabled on a bimonthly basis.

However, you should be aware that some people are free to do this payment or on the other hand, they only pay a small fee. This group includes the elderly, pensioners and retirees.

It is also quite common for discounts to occur for those who make the payment on time. These percentages may vary with the speed of payment.

East tax It is normally used when valuing the cost of properties, whether urban or rural. The land, facilities and fixed buildings that comprise it are considered as property.

The payment or collection, respective administration and control of your tax corresponds to the Municipality of the District. Where is located what we have called property.

In the same way, in order to determine the value of each property tariffs for land and values ​​per building unit are usually applied. That have been in force at the end of the previous year. Tariff costs are used as a base value. To be able to calculate the cost of the land based on the cost of its location and its dimensions.

Difficulties usually arise when the age tables and the correct state of conservation are used. As regards the cancellation of the property taxare the subjects that are obliged to pay, as owners, responsible or holders of said properties.

It is also important to mention that each of the entities has its own web page where you can consult the Cadastral keyso we can pay the payment in the corresponding municipality

Where to pay the predial?

The payment or collection, respective administration and control of your tax corresponds to the Municipality of the District where what we have called is located. property.

What is Predial?

Is called property tax to the contribution that is made annually by the owners of some property, this is done in the form of a tribute.

It must be paid in the first two months of each year, except for those people who have received an exception for any of the reasons mentioned above.

But in the same way it is mandatory that each of the owners is up to date with each of the payments that must be made, the state must know how to use these payments for improvements in the area and therefore in the urban Development.

Its main function in this payment is to generate the resources that the municipal government may need in order to be the provider of good services at your local levelAmong these services you can find lighting, garbage collection, paving and others…

You must remember that being this a tax municipal, then the collection of this tax must be the responsibility of your municipality of the district where your business is located. property.

The Secretary of Finance for its acronym called (SEFIN) in Mexico City was in charge of informing that the basis of this tax is the value cadastral who has a property.

East cadastral value It depends on two other values, which are the value of the land, which refers to the location of the property, and the value of the construction, which implies the type of property chosen, the number of floors it has, its surface area. land and construction, in some cases also your property.

How will the Predial 2019 be paid?

Here we will name the way in which the payment of this tax will be made in two cities in the current year, however you must take into account that this information is subject to modifications

in chihuahua

In this city a general appeal was made to the population of delinquent This so that you can take advantage of the discounts that is being offered to them in the surcharges that may have caused the delay in payment.

These discount options actually consist of 100% being granted to all those who owe less than 100 thousand pesos. 75% of discount to those who are between 100 thousand pesos up to 200 thousand. Only a 50% discount if you owe more than 200 thousand pesos.

If you want to know how much your property payment in this entity, you can access the following link (Click here). There you can see the value of your debt.

In Mexico City

In this city, on the other hand, a 100% discount is announced on all fines. Those that could exist as well as in the surcharges that will be made in the month of December.

Which in turn means that all taxpayers can get a discount from the 20th in the following year.

Predial is charged to Airports

Yes, they are also charged for this tax to the airports, in fact the senators of the PRI, PRD and the PAN filed lawsuits against the airport groups for the evasion of this payment to their respective addresses.

All airport groups usually have all the sufficient resources so that they can really comply with this tax, since inside they carry out a commercial life in the terminals, thus obtaining the finances they need.

However, there are still groups that resist canceling the property taxfor them there are serious conflicts in the courts.

Although we have already explained everything you need about this type of tax, if you have any questions, you can visit the official portals. Success!

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