How to Know Which AFORE I’m Enrolled in: Queries, Numbers and MORE

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How to know in which AFORE I am enrolled, many citizens nowadays do not know how to manage the funds that are in AFORE, since it can complicate when carrying out any transaction.

For these reasons, in the following article we explain how to find out in which AFORE you are enrolled, to enjoy all the advantages and benefits offered by this institute affiliated with the Mexican Social Security.

How do I know which AFORE I am enrolled in in Mexico?

Certain part of the population does not know that Afore is enrolled or which one is best for you, if you belong to this small group, there is no problem.

Usually the National Commission the Savings System for him Retreat (Consar) It will assign you to an Afore, taking into account your data in order to choose the one that will offer you the best performance.

However, you also have the possibility of change institute if you are not satisfied with the performance it has shown.

For this, you will only have to follow the following steps that we will name you below:

  • Have available a cell phone with an active line and with available balance.
  • Open the call option, to later dial the Call center by SARTEL.
  • Dial to: 55 1328 5000.
  • Wait for them to answer you, once you have established contact with the operator, you should present your case and follow all the indications exactly as they are presented to you.

There is also the possibility of knowing in which Afore you are registered using through the Internet, here we mention the requirements it asks for.

  • Have connection to stable internet.
  • Have in possession of the social validation number (CURP)
  • Drive a email fixed and official.

Later we will give you more specific details to achieve check your Afore by the methods that we have just mentioned.

How to know which AFORE I am enrolled in: Consult by phone and online.

Once the requirements to access the methods outlined in the previous point have been confirmed, now we can tell you correctly how to know your afore by using a cell phone:

  • Open the call option
  • Dial without mistake the following number: 1328-5000 SARTEL
  • On the touch keyboard, press the number 2.
  • Then choose the first menu option that will appear on the screen, this in order to know the location of the individual accounts.
  • Proceed to type the 11 digits of your social validation number or CURP.
  • Carefully type the symbol: «#».
  • The answering machine will let you know if you have one account affiliated with Afore, as the institute belongs to.

If you do not have a telephone and you want to know in which Afore you are registered, you will have to use the option by virtual medium, the steps to carry out this process are the following:

  • Opens your browser of preference (recommended to use Google Chrome).
  • You must enter the web portal E-SAR officer.
  • Press the section that says «Locate your Afore»
  • The page will send you to a space where you will be assigned a form.
  • In the form you must put in order the social security number (SSN)) and the virtual mail that you most frequent and handle.
  • Then you will see a message on the screen that indicates that all the information of interest has been successfully sent to the email that you placed in the form.
  • Exit the page and enter the mail service in which you have your account (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, among others) and quickly check the inboxThe information you requested should appear, especially to which Afore you are affiliated.

Keep in mind that, if you are registered to any Afore, you will always receive 3 times a year your assigned account statements directly to your home.

How to Know in Which AFORE I Am Enrolled: How Much Money Do I Have?

When you already know in which Afore you are registered, another problem will immediately arise, because now you will need to locate where your fund savings account.

There is a way to solve this situation and it is by requesting information directly from the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (consar) using your mobile app.

In Mexico, 8 of the 10 Afores operate using Afore Mobile, in the following list we name them:

  • Afore XXI Banorte:
  • Invercap
  • Inbursa
  • Principal
  • PensionISSSTE
  • SURA
  • Future
  • Citibanamex

When you have already downloaded the application through google store, you must carry out the following instructions:

  • If you do not have an active account, you must select the option to register and enter all the data that it asks for until the end of the process.
  • Later, when you are registered. You must enter the system by entering the data of section start already chosen in the previous phase.
  • The application will recognize the data and will give you access to the platform, there you will be able to review your profile and verify how much money you have in your savings account.

What Afores are there in Mexico and what are their numbers?

First, you should know that in the national territory there are 10 Afores that concentrate the total of workers in Mexico that are listed before the IMSS and ISSSTE.

Therefore, it is very safe that your savings are in the Afores named and described below:

Afore Azteca: It was created in 2003, and has a great position in the national market, if you need to contact them you can do so by dialing: 800 112 13 13 and 55 3099 8031

Citibanamex: The contact number of this administrator is: 55 2262 3673, their hours of operation are Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 20:00.

Afore Coppel: This agency is affiliated with Coppel, a company dedicated to the sale of products through credit. To contact their customer service you should call: 800 267 7352 and 667 7589 110 (Culiacán).

Inbursa: Its main feature is the sending of account statements at home, its telephone number is: 55 5447 8000.

Invercap: It has 76 branches distributed throughout the national territory, if you are interested you can contact them at the following number: 55 4747 8000.

PensionISSSTE: He specializes in the pension system, if you need to change to this Afore, you can communicate by calling the following number: (55) 5062-0555

Principal: It is the institution that fulfills the main functions of investment of funds Among all the Afore, you will be able to know more about her here.

Future: It is one of the first Afore to launch an official mobile app, if you require their contact you must dial: 800 715 55 55 (internal toll free) and (55) 5809 6555

SURA: To contact this institute you can write to their official servers at:

How to Know Which AFORE I’m Enrolled in: Changes to AFORE.

Frequently, AFORE users ask for institute changes to try new options or possibilities that help increase the service performance.

In that case, to change your Afore you must make sure you first comply with 2 factors fundamental:

  • To have used for a whole year any Afore.
  • Make contact with the Afore you want to switch to.

Having already confirmed that you comply with these, the procedure to change the Afore is:

  • A person will come to your residence and show you your electronic identification file, with some personal information, it will also ask you for 2 personal work references, as well as who benefits from your money, along with their cell phones.
  • When the information is verified you must sign the certificate request for handover.
  • The process will be validated and you will receive a password, once finished you will have to enter the E-SAR website and transcribe password that you received, when you are on the platform you must print your proof of transfer.

It is worth mentioning that the agent will take facial and biometric data, which will be added to your file.

What is AFORE?

The Retirement Fund Administrator (AFORE) it is a private rating institution.

Its main function is manage funds for the retirement of workers insured to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS)

It is regulated by CONSAR, this administration monitors that the following things are fulfilled:

  1. Guarantee at all times the security of your resources.
  2. Make the rules assigned to manage the SAR operation.
  3. Make sure your AFORE always informs you about your services, transactions, among others.
  4. Issue the punishment appropriate if these standards are not met.

By knowing how Afore is structured, we can understand that we must always be aware of our individual accounts, if we join an AFORE we can manage our own worries without worry. stored funds.

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