How to know which IZZI service to choose in Mexico: Internet, Telephony, Television

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Today people hire telephone, Internet and television services, but there are times when you cannot have all three or you want to choose the same ones but from other companies, as help will be explained How to know which IZZI service to choose?

How to know which IZZI service to choose in Mexico?

To know which service to contract, you must first be clear about what is needed. It is important to know what the company offers IZZI about these services, in order to make a good choice.

First of all it is better to be informed of everything it offers IZZI on the Internet, telephone and television in this way you can choose which service suits your needs or the way you want to be entertained in the place where you want the service to be installed.

For what has just been mentioned here, it will explain how it offers, so you can better know which service to choose. Do not forget that this telecommunications company offers service packages, making its service more attractive so that everyone wants to have it.

These are the services offered by the IZZI on telephone, Internet and television:


The Internet is sent to subscribers through fiber optics, allowing customers to have a connection that goes from 5Mbps to 300 Mbpsalthough it may vary depending on the place where the connection is going to be made, since it is a domestic or industrial place.

Why it looks is a very attractive service, it can also be very useful for those people who require the Internet to survive, that is, those who work through the Internet.


For telephony there are service plans where you can make unlimited calls nationwide, it also offers a service to make calls in America and Europe, although it is only for the areas.

It is necessary to inform that not all calls are imitated, there are certain calls in Mexico, the United States and America


Digital television where people have access to all the channels that viewers request the most.

service packages

Now that you know the services it offers, but for those people who want everything mentioned and for this reason the plans they have will be indicated IZZI. These are the plans:

  • IZZI Double play plan (Internet and telephony only):
    • 10 Mbps, unlimited national and international calls for 400 pesos.
    • 20 Mbps, unlimited national and international calls for 440 pesos.
    • 100 Mbps, unlimited national and international calls for 800 pesos.
  • IZZI triple play plan (only Internet, television and telephony)
    • 10 Mbps, unlimited national and international calls, digital television, for 520 pesos.
    • 50 Mbps, unlimited national and international calls, digital television, for 790 pesos.
    • 60 Mbps, unlimited national and international calls, digital television, for 990 pesos.

How to check my account statement at IZZI?

By reviewing the account statement you can find out all the movements you have made with the service, but above all you can see how much you have to pay.

But each subscriber can see his account by entering the portal of the IZZI where you can see everything, from the invoice for the service offered, to the movements that have been made in the corresponding periods of time.

In the case of not being able to enter the page you just have to make a call to 01800 120 5000you have to pay attention to the interactive voice instructions so that you can solve the problem using the corresponding options.

Make the payment of your IZZI services

To make the payment of the account in IZZI It is something important, since if you do not pay, I will tell you about the service and goodbye to the benefit of being able to make all the calls you want, watch digital television and the Internet, of course if you have all three, but you will only be charged for the services that you have affiliated the subscriber.

But before making the payment, it is good to know how much the service debt is and for this it is going to say, what it is that has to be done to be able to know this information. The balance inquiry can be found by entering the portal of IZZI.

It should also be clarified that all subscribers are sent an email with an invoice for the month, apart from a text message with the day and month they have to pay for the service.

Now to make the service payment it can be done if the credit or debit card is affiliated to the account that is created in the IZZI portalyou can also make the payment the customer service stores IZZI. On the other hand, payment can be made by bank transfer, in pharmacies, bank agencies, even in Walmart, but the service is activated at different times.

When is service restored after payment is made?

Everything will depend on how the payment is made, which will define when the service will be restored and it will happen as follows:

  • When payment is made through credit or debit card the service is restored immediately,
  • If payment is made by IZZI storesthe service is also restored immediately.
  • You can pay for the service through a pharmacy and bank agency You will already be using the service one hour after paying for the service.
  • By the time payment is made at walmart or payment is made by bank transferit is done only on business days and must be activated the next business day after paying in this way.

What is the IZZI about?

IZZI is a telecommunications company, which is responsible for offering an internet, telephone and television serviceis a component of Grupo Televisa, is listed on the Mexican stock exchange under the name CLAVE.

Service coverage extends to more than 60 cities throughout Mexicowithout counting that the service of IZZI it can be enjoyed in the country’s metropolitan area and in its most important cities.

You can choose the service according to your needs or what you really want to have at home or in the place where you can install the service. Although the truth is that with this you already have help to answer How to know which IZZI service to choose? So it just depends what you really want.


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