How to know who a phone number belongs to: In Mexico, everything you need to know

Currently There are many ways to know who a phone number belongs to, and thus identify the person who sends you messages or calls you. You want to know more? Keep reading!

Ways to know who owns a phone number in Mexico

If calls or messages are received from a phone number unknown, and you want to find out the name of its owner; There are several ways to obtain this information:

1.- By internet search engines, especially Google. Must be:

  • Write the phone number that you are looking for in the box.
  • This number must be enclosed in quotes. “ ”.
  • By enclosing a number or word in quotes, you tell Google, to present the answer on that word or number.
  • When writing the number, you can vary with spaces or by typing a hyphen – .
  • Immediately the required information will appear on the screen.

2.- Through web pages.

There are some web pages that specialize in searching for the identity of a person, through your telephone number; some of them are mentioned below:

  • Who called me? Who called me. On this page it is not necessary for the person to register. Is free. It has the phone numbers from all over the world in its database.
  • spam list. It is not necessary for the person to register. Is free. This page works in Spain and Latin America.
  • Who calls me. Com. This page is free. In addition, registration is not required.
  • White Page. It is a page in English is free and without registration.
  • In addition to indicating the name of the owner or owner of the phone, this page indicates the location where that person is located. It is free and registration is not required.
  • This page has the classification of the area codes from all over the world in its database. This indicates that a person’s data can be known by their phone number wherever they live. It does not require registration and is free.
  • in your database the most wanted spam numbers are containedscam numbers, most searched digits and area codes.

For identify a person knowing the number of your phone by any of these pages you must.

  • Must be enter the internet browser.
  • Write the website name what is sought
  • when it appears, you must write the phone number unknown.
  • Then click Find, which is Find or Search, which is Search.
  • Wait for the screen to display the information that was requested

3.- Through the applications (App), of your cell phone.

There are many applications installed on your cell phonethey can help you identify a person by their phone number:

  • true caller. It is a free application. You can download it from the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. It tells you if the phone number belongs to a person or a company.
  • Trap Call. Although it is cheap, you have to pay a monthly payment. It was created by Tel Tech Systems Inc. In addition to presenting the name of the person who owns the unknown phone number, it also allows you to unblock private numbers.
  • This application has the phone numbers fraudulent in its database, so you can quickly find out who is calling you, if the phone number is unknown.
  • It also automatically locks unwanted phone numbers. Is free. It is known as White Pages.
  • Whos Call. It has a platform available for Windows, Android and iPhone.
  • Call Controls. It works on Android and iPhone. It blocks not only unknown phone numbers but also spam messages.
  • Should I Answer. Is free. You download it from the Play Store.
  • Robo Killer. This application is available for iPhone. It has a free version for 30 days, then you have to pay for the service. Presents the complete information of the incoming call from an unknown number.
  • Call Bliss. It is available for iPhone. Categorize the contacts in Family, Friends and Work Team.
  • Submit an “Excluded List” and “Remove Calls”. It is a very expensive application.
  • Norton Mobile Security. It is available for Android and iPhone. This application is necessary to buy it in the store.
  • Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus. Is free. Block unwanted calls and messages.
  • This app is free. It is compatible with Android and iPhone. . It extracts the information it has in its database from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Gmail, Google, Whatsapp, Tango, Skype, Yelp or Google Place, to identify the owner of a phone number.

Some of these applications are already downloaded from the storebut if not, you must follow these steps:

  • Download the app.
  • then you install it.
  • You can search the information desired.

4.- Through Facebook.

Through this social network you can know the identity of a person with their telephone number, for this you must:

  • Login to Facebook.
  • Write the phone number in the Facebook search engine.
  • give it a look.
  • The screen will reflect the name of the owner of that phone number.

5.- For the guides issued by the country’s telephone companies.

Although it is not the most accurate method to know the identity of a person by their phone number, can also be used.

Indications in case of receiving calls or messages from unknown telephone numbers

If a call is received from an unknown phone number It is necessary to follow certain indications:

  • Do not attend to her immediately. don’t accept it
  • If the call is missed don’t return it.
  • Find out the name of the person who owns it. of that phone number by whatever means you have at the time.
  • If in doubt, proceed to block the unknown phone number.
  • If it’s a message, Do not reply until it is known who sent it.

Because it is necessary to know the ways to know who a telephone number belongs to

Phone scams are on the rise today.are started when the hacker or marketing company selects people’s phone numbers, then calls them and sometimes hangs up, so that the missed call appears and this person calls back.

For a person’s phone number, hackers can:

  • Access and obtain information about your bank accounts, your cards and manage to carry out robberies or fraud.
  • Obtain information about your personal document identity card or your passport.
  • Send threats to her or the family and request money in exchange for not fulfilling it. Extorting the person in this way.
  • Know the numbers of this person’s contacts and call or send messages to them to extort money or scam them.
  • In addition also the inconvenience of calls from telemarketing companies is avoidedoffering their products and services.

What to do if repeated calls from an unknown phone number?

Yes identity could not be ascertained from the person who owns the unknown telephone number or these calls are made continuously, and the person’s safety is put at risk; In Mexico there is CONASE, the National Anti-kidnapping Coordination.

In this Coordination the person can be assisted, receive guidance on the steps to follow and how to file a complaint. To do this, you can dial the Single Emergency Number 9-1-1.

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