How to know who owns a vehicle: Everything you need to know

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It is important to know that just by knowing the license plate of a vehicle you can know the history of owners who have owned a motor vehicle. You want to know more? Keep reading!

How can I know the ownership history of a car?

Through an Autofact report, just by knowing the license plate of a vehicle you can know the history of owners that the car has had.

It will also be possible to know if these former owners they have been individuals or companies, and the time each one has had with the vehicle.

It is to be noted, This is a very useful tool, since it will help you to know all the information regarding the used vehicle that they are going to acquire, and beyond what we have just mentioned.

At the same time, you can also know the number of technical revisions through which this vehicle has passed, as well as the records of pending payments.

However, here is another way to find out. the history of owners of a vehicle, and it is nothing more than, through the Public Vehicle Registry (Repuve).

That is, it is in charge of keeping a control and vehicle registrationin which the inscriptions, cancellations, registrations, infractions, thefts, losses, postponements and recoveries of the vehicles that are assembled, manufactured or travel throughout the country are reflected.

Notably This process is totally free. You need the NIV (Vehicle Identification Number) as well as the license plate number and the Registration Certificate Number, obtaining as a result the following:

  • enrollment check.
  • Information and general characteristics vehicle.
  • I compare with Repuve information system.

Vehicle invoice

If you want to know the history of owners of a used car, you must have the invoice of the vehicle at hand, if it is the case that the vehicle has only had one owner, this person must have the original invoice, and in this, there will be a detailed and detailed description of :

  • Vehicle agency name.
  • Number of consecutive folio.
  • Details of both the seller as the buyer.
  • Federal registration of both taxpayers.
  • Detailed description of the vehicle.
  • Unit and total cost.

invoice endorsed

In this case, if the car has had several ownersthe seller, whether a legal or natural person, must have an endorsed invoice if the person is a natural person.

Otherwise you must have a copy of the original invoice and a re-invoice if the seller is a moral person, where the name of the former owners will be reflected, the dates of the transfer of owners on the invoice and a brief summary with the car rights session.

How can I make a vehicle inquiry through Repuve?

everyone at some point we have been seized by fears and doubts for not knowing the origin of the vehicle, the functionality, the physical aspect and all these details that would allow us to more easily choose which vehicle we want to acquire.

For example, in Mexico, if you want to have clarity in the information that is obtained from a vehicle at the federal level, Repuve must be accessed, since it is the best way to have accurate and detailed information on the unit.

To know the status of a vehicle must be:

1. Enter the website

2.- Locate the option «Know the situation of your vehicle».

3.- You should choose only one of these criteria:

  • Plate Number first (no spaces, no hyphens).
  • Then the Vehicle Identification Number (NIV).
  • And finally the Registration Certificate Number.

understanding the NIV as the number made up of seventeen (17) alphanumeric characters that identify vehicle models after 1998, located in most cases on the driver’s door frame or on the vehicle’s dashboard.

In the cases of vehicle models prior to the year 1998 this same alphanumeric component was located on the left door of the vehicle and was called serial back then.

However, it is also important to note that the Enrollment Evidence Number (NCI) is the only number that Repuve grants to each vehicle once it is registered, this code consists of eight (08) alphanumeric characters.

Other options

Another option to know the history of a vehicle is to go to any transit office with the seller and the car, and thus certify its background, in order to carry out an exhaustive review and investigation of the car.

With the above described, we will have the following: serial revision of the engine with that of the car, documentation analysis, and theft report, if any.

Also through Vintra by the following link: page specialized in issuing an automotive report, with a cost of 90 pesos.

What are the advantages of buying a used car from a single owner?

There are countless advantages to be gained when acquiring a used car that has only had one owner, of which we can mention some of them:

  • We’ll find only one way to drive it.
  • We will have direct contact with the owner vehicle.
  • We will know the specific and concrete information vehicle.
  • we will get the original invoice of the vehicle duly endorsed.
  • We will also have the facilities to contact the owner in case of any inconvenience or if we need any other document.

In general terms, we could say that the history of the vehicle will be known without any fear, about the possible uses that could be given to it prior to the acquisition, or if it was involved in any type of problems.

Now, already owning the car, You will enjoy the security and peace of mind that this information provides you, and have the full freedom to use, enjoy, and dispose of the vehicle.

What if the car has been used for public transportation?

When a vehicle is used as public transport It generally presents a more intense use than normal, which in the long run, could have consequences on its operation, a fact that you should take into account if you plan to purchase a vehicle in these conditions. That is why you must bear in mind that a car travels between 15,000 and 20,000 kilometers a year.

What procedures must I comply with to be the official owner of my newly acquired car?

To achieve that a newly acquired car is placed in your nameyou must follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, the seller must perform in the endorsement of the invoice.
  • Then TYou have to make a purchase-sale contract.
  • And once you have completed these first two steps, You must go to the Vehicle Control Services Offices and make the change of owner, there you must present all the necessary documentation.

It is of utmost importance that you do not take any point for granted, you must do them all without exception to prevent said car from being repossessed by creditors of the previous owner or being sold twice.

Also, you will have security and peace of mind that you will be able to enjoy, enjoy, use and dispose of your new acquisition without any inconvenience because you have already carried out all the pertinent legal procedures, leaving all the documents in order.

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