How to know your RFC with the Unique Population Registry Code in Mexico

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In the event that people who are required to pay taxes have to go through various procedures to comply with their tax obligations, but this time we will only talk How to know your RFC with CURP?

How to know your RFC with the Unique Population Registry Key (CURP)?

For those who don’t know what it means RFCis he Federal Taxpayer Registrywhich must be done by all persons who are required to pay tax.

You just have to enter the portal of the Tax Administrative System (SAT), but first of all you have to have created Unique Population Registry Key, since it is necessary to be able to carry out this type of procedure. In case you already have active the curp You just have to do what this line indicates below:

  • Select the option of RFC procedure.

  • Now after choosing the option with double clip, all the procedures that can be done with the Federal Taxpayer Registry will appear in the window, choose Get your RFC with the Unique Population Registry Key.

  • Then you have to fill out a form that the system will tell you in parts.
  • Immediately after filling out the entire form, the system will ask to confirm the information that has just been entered into the system and everything is correct, press the confirmation button.
  • Finally, the receipt will be generated where the identification card, the RFCa guide to paying taxes and a two-dimensional barcode (QR).

Who presents it?

Any person who is over 18 years of age, who is required to have the Federal Taxpayer Registry and already have active Single Population Registry Code. By this he means anyone who needs this type of registration can do it without any inconvenience, they just have to have what has just been mentioned and that’s it.

The truth is that this procedure is more than anything for those people who have the obligation to carry out tax procedures, although it may be the case that people require this type of registration for any other procedure other than tax.

When does it show up?

In the event that people who are going to start an economic activity, they have to register in the following month after having specified well what the activity to which they are going to dedicate themselves.

For those who need this registration in another procedure that does not come as a taxpayer, you can make this registration when you need it most.

It is worth noting that registration can be done at any time, all thanks to the service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Legal Basis

As in any civilized society, everything that is considered lawful has its own rules and regulations, for this reason the laws and rules that govern this will be explained. Federal Taxpayer Registry, to which everyone has to be clear to avoid reprimands. These are the rules and regulations:

  • Fiscal Code of the Federation, article 27, first paragraph: It talks about the people who can do this procedure, it even says that the people who have to apply for loans or do a bank diligence something that had not been mentioned and finally also indicates what are the items to make a change or something related RFC.
  • Regulation of the Fiscal Code of the Federation, article 22: This is where all the inscriptions are indicated according to the conditions that a person has, which are these:
    • joint venture.
    • Escrow.
    • Natural persons both with nationality and foreign.
    • Partial spin-off of companies.
    • Merger of companies.
  • General Population Law, article 67: Well, the legal basis on what is mentioned above about the fact that in every civilization there are norms that society has, in this article indicates that everyone has the obligation to carry out this type of procedure.

As can be seen, all this procedure is backed by law so there is another question regarding these laws, you can search for them so that you are better informed with the laws.

What is the RFC usually used for?

So far it has already been said what you have to do to be able to belong to the Federal Taxpayer Registrybut everything that has been mentioned above is to know, it is necessary to mention what exactly it is used for is a type of registry, something that for people who have heard about this registry in their lives, it is good that they know.

Although of course you can only hear from this request and it can be in these conditions:

  • When it is to apply for a scholarship or participate in a social program.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Be a member of the managed Afore retirement fund.
  • Do all the procedures that can be done in SAT, especially on its website.

From what you see, it is important to process this registration, since it is used for many things, it also does not require much to get and according to the request, it does not require much, especially now that you already have the answer to the question How to know your RFC with CURP?

Can I get proof of my RFC

The voucher can be obtained in two ways, one of which is the time to create the record that is already mentioned above, but the second is more than anything for those people who already have the record, they only have to enter the portal of the Tax Administrative System (SAT). You just have to do what the following lines say and that’s it:

  • Choose RFL procedure.
  • When you are already in the registration procedures, you have to select reprint your RFC acknowledgments and generate your tax status certificate CIF.

  • The system will then ask you for the RFCthe password and automatically e.portable signatureplace everything in the corresponding boxes and press the button continue.

  • Once you are in the system you have to select the option to print the certificate RFC.
  • Wait for the system to generate the certificate and print it. If you don’t have it printed at that time, you can save it and print it when you get the chance.

This is one of the advantages you have for knowing How to know your RFC with CURP? You can print the certificate when you need it most and you do not save the receipt that the page generates when you register.

How is the RFC key constructed?

The construction of the same will depend on the type of people who make the registration, at least in the case of natural persons, the key is created as follows:

  • The date of birth with the number of the day, month and year.
  • From the paternal surname the first letter and the first vowel are placed.
  • First letter of the taxpayer’s first name.
  • In the case of the maternal surname, only the first letter is used.
  • And the homeclave that is granted by the SAT.

In the case of moral and legal persons, the key is formed in this way:

  • The first letter of each of the words that forms the name of the company or society is placed.
  • The date when the company was formed, only the number of the day, month and year is used.
  • Finally, it is also formed by the SAT homekey

Now, with this article, it is already explained what has to be done to obtain the Taxpayer’s Federal Registry and, most importantly, the answer is already How to know your RFC with CURP? That has been mentioned throughout the reading.

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